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Posted by on Sep 30, 2014 in Articles, Nature | 20 comments

Scuba dive in paradise – 13 travelers tell it all!

Scuba dive in paradise – 13 travelers tell it all!

Scuba dive around the world from Asia to Europe.


Scuba Dive in paradise

Animal watching and scuba diving tours are a some of the best activities that focus on the preservation of the marine Eco-system. With scuba diving and snorkeling trips becoming more mainstream, they will hopefully replace some of the fishing/hunting or caging of certain wild animals used for human entertainment.

A group of international travel writers share with us, the best scuba diving in the world, covering different countries and continents.  Grab your mask and enter a brand new world!



Cenote (Cavern) Scuba Diving in Yucatan, Mexico


scuba dive

scuba diving in Cenotes, M]exico


The Yucatan is home to countless cenotes, many of which are available to adventurous divers looking for something new to try. Unlike cave diving, no extra certifications are needed for a cenote cavern dive. I did my first cavern dive in the popular beginner cenote Dos Ojos 2 years ago. I’ve since dove in 2 more of the Yucatan’s cenotes and am hooked! Using a flashlight to guide yourself through the dark yet crystal clear waters is exhilarating.


scuba dive


Each cenote offers it’s own unique experience.. some have blurry areas called haloclines, green algae changing the water color, and others have amazing rock formations.


scuba dive


There are no corals growing here – but some cenotes do have small fish, pockets of air with bats, and even small cayman.

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Respect marine wildlife. Enjoy viewing marine mammals and wildlife from a safe distance. Don’t chase or grab any animal. Remember, you are the guest, the sea/ocean is their home.



scuba dive

Dive Dahab


For the last eight months I have been doing nothing but diving in the beautiful Dahab, Egypt. I am a full time travel blogger, and until I arrived in Dahab, have been on the move constantly for the last four years. Dahab turned out to be one of those places that sucks you in and never lets you leave. How does it do this? It isn’t the amazing desert landscape and scenery, or the extremely laid back and relaxed atmosphere that keeps me here so long, even though that helps too, its the amazing diving all over the area.


scuba dive

Diving Dahab


The best dive sites around Dahab are The Canyon, Lighthouse (my two favorite), Eel Garden, Rick’s Reef, The Islands, Three Pools, The Caves and of course the famous Blue Hole. Each one is unique, but they all offer an abundance of amazing flora and fauna. You will definitely regret not having an underwater camera on these dives.

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“A lot of people attack the sea, I make love to it.”

— Jacques Yves Cousteau, Oceanographe



Diving in Caño Island, Costa Rica


scuba dive


Located less than an hour’s boat ride (around 15 km) from the Osa Peninsula, the Caño Island Biological Reserve offers the best Scuba diving we’ve found in Costa Rica. Swimming between 20-30 feet tall coral reef walls, we rounded a corner to see 7 White Tip Reef Sharks huddled close together, with hundreds of Grass Eels waving gently in the sand behind them.

A Panamic Green Moray Eel peered out from a hole in the reef, while a Bullseye Electric Ray did its best to camouflage itself against the sandy ocean floor. At one point I found myself surrounded by thousands of fish– yellow and silver-striped Grunts, huge Amberjacks, vivid Striped Snapper, cautious Horse-Eye Jacks, and dozens of other species I couldn’t identify– swimming in huge schools. It was just like a scene straight out of Finding Nemo, and it’s one of my favorite memories from our time in Costa Rica

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Scuba diving in Madagascar


scuba dive


Madagascar is not a budget-friendly country when it comes to diving. Most diving outfits are located around the island’s upmarket resorts such as the island of Nosy Be in the northern part of the country and come with a top-dollar price tag.

For budget-minded divers, the best option is heading to Anakao, a great laidback resort in the southern part of the country, not far from the city of Tulear. Anakao offers some great dive sites for all levels. Il Camaleonte is a great diving centre, owned by Andrea, an Italian expat.


scuba dive



Beginner divers (such as myself) will enjoy the shallow waters in the reef near the tiny island of Nosy Ve, easy to reach with a 15-minutes pirogue ride. Advanced divers will love Atlantide, the most spectacular site in the Anakao area, offering opportunities for cave diving.


scuba dive


Anakao is also a great (and affordable!) place for whale-watching; whales are so common between July and Octover that you are likely to spot one on your way to the dive site!

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 Resist the temptation to collect shells, rocks or other underwater artifacts, because they provide homes for sea creatures.



Scuba diving in Iceland


Scuba diving may be the last thing you’d want to do in Iceland in October. After all, we dove on waters that were 2 degrees (celcius) cold!
I’m deathly afraid of the cold. I was hesitant to do this at first. In fact, while I was struggling to put on my dry suit (outside the freezing cold weather, no less!), my teeth were chattering and I had thoughts of “it’s not too late to back out!”


scuba dive


But I’m so glad I persisted. Because Lake Silfra is the cleanest and clearest waters one can dive in. The lake is composed of freezing and sweet glacial water. Yes, I know it’s sweet because I took a couple of gulps
While there were no creatures or any marine life we encountered while diving, what makes this dive so significant is the fact that you are diving between two continental plates (European and American).


scuba dive

The visibility is unbelievably clear, and there were more than 50 shades of blue underneath Lake Silfra for sure.
For someone who is afraid of the cold, I’d still do this over again in a heartbeat!

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Scuba diving in the Mauritius


scuba dive

Scuba diving in the Mauritius


My Scuba diving experiences started when I was certified with PADI open water at age 16 in Dahab, Egypt’s Red Sea. One of the most spectacular places my certificate has allowed me to dive in is Mauritius, an island country off the coast of Southern Africa. I was instantly stunned by the islands beauty, before I even set foot on it’s sandy shores.


scuba dive

Swimming with dolphins


In Mauritius you can dive with pods of wild dolphins, and explore the bountiful coral reef life. The most spectacular underwater moment I ever had was swimming with this pod of over 300 wild dolphins, just off the Mauritius’ palm-lined beach.


scuba dive


The luckiest part is, you don’t even need a certificate or to struggle with all the scuba gear in order to enjoy this! Highly recommended.

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 Once you finish your dive, make sure to carry away any trash you – and others – may have left behind. Beach litter poses a significant threat to the health and survival of marine organisms, which can swallow or get tangled in beverage containers, plastic bags, six-pack rings and other debris.




Scuba diving in the Galapagos


Whether its having a school of Hammerhead Sharks swim next to you or a playful Seal nibble at your fins, the Galapagos is an underwater dream. Famous for its unique look into evolution, the Galapagos is often named one of the top scuba-diving destinations in the world. While the strong currents and cold water are certainly not for the beginner, the Galapagos is something to strive for.


scuba diving Galapagos


My wife and I participated in a week long live-aboard diving cruise with Aggressor, which is really the best way to see everything you’d want to see. While I certainly loved having Hammerhead Sharks to the right of me and a pod of dolphins swimming overhead, I found a child-like joy swimming with marine iguanas, which can only be found in the Galapagos.



Scuba diving galapagos


Rather than a lot of coral, the Galapagos is mostly made up of volcanic rock and although it’s famous for the big creatures, it was pretty special having penguins dart by me as well.

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When diving, be very aware that strong strokes with your fins can damage coral and sensitive organisms. If your diving on very shallow waters, make sure you move gently to avoid harming the co-system.



Scuba diving in Cuba


I once had to opportunity to go scuba diving in Holguin, Cuba and it was an incredible experience.


scuba diving in Cuba


I had never gone scuba diving previous to that so it was my first time. I am now hooked on diving. Funnily enough I don’t really care much for snorkelling, but diving is another experience entirely for me. Since I had never dove before I first had to go through a lesson in shallow waters where I was taught everything I needed to know to go for a slightly deeper dive.


Scuba diving cuba


Scuba diving cuba


I ended up loving it so much that I went diving a second day to a depth of 10 metres. The marine life and coral in Holguin, Cuba is not the best in the world, but it was a nice introduction for me into the world of underwater life and diving in general.

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 Marco Cheelewsky

Scuba diving in Koh Tao, Thailand

Diving Koh Tao, Thailand


I headed to Thailand in 2008 to become a dive master, little did I know a brand new world was opening to me.

I’ve lived and studied in the southern Island Called Koh Tao, the mecca for diving students.  During those intensive 3 months of daily dives, I was fortunate to swim with whale sharks, manta rays, barracudas, banner fish, and all sorts of beautifully colored fish and corals.

Koh Tao is a great place for beginners if you want to learn to scuba dive. The waters are warm and the visibility is great.

My other favorite diving spot are the Andaman Islands archipelago, in India.



Scuba diving in the Easter Islands and Oman


I love scuba diving, I’m totally addicted to it. From the very first breath underwater scuba diving manage to inspire, challenge and surprise me.

Scuba diving in Easter Island

Scuba diving in Easter Island

I have my own little theory, that I experience ‘perfect defect’(theory about Universe expanding) the very first few seconds of every dive.

I’m not one of those divers who madly note every dive in the log book and always brag about numbers. I have dived few times with a man who said that after about 10 thousand dives he stopped counting because it is not the numbers that matter and I tend to agree with him.

Counting not counting I’m always looking for unique diving destinations to check out. I think that two unusual places I have dover are Easter Island and Oman.

Easter Island was super unique, even though there is not much corals and fishes (for those go to Jordan) there the clarity of the water, visibility
and the depth that you could dive where are spectacular. It was like there was no water between me and other divers, you could see that clearly!

scuba dive

Big attraction of sites in Easter Island are numerous caves and labyrinths you can explore, of course you need to be experience enough or go with an instructor not to stuck somewhere unexpected. That would be super dangerous. Oman is one of the best divings I have ever done in my life. I have read somewhere on some diving forum that it is famous for diving! And I was like: What? I have to go there. And I did. I organized a special diving trip in Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserved, please note you need permits as it is national park and it takes a while to get them, so always think upfront.

Scuba diving in Oman

A wild turtle in Oman

Oman is for people who love big creatures. Turtles, huge manta and sting rays, barracudas and sharks. The diving sites are not too deep, max 40m so if you are fun of that you better go to Egypt, Australia or Turkey.

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Scuba diving in Italy

I dived on Ponza island, Italy with Ponza Diving Center. It was my first time diving in Europe and it was pretty exciting. What I loved the most, the rock courtyards. These are spaces where you dive inside a rock tunnel and come out in the hollow, middle part of the rock where the sun is magically shining on it. Imagine rays of sun like you see in movies. The visibility was great, the water was very clear and clean.


scuba dive


There weren’t as many fish in the dive site we went to, but the underwater landscape is gorgeous. It was a site for beginners, but I heard there were more fish on other dive sites. It also wasn’t as cold as I expected it to be. In fact it was actually quite warm.


scuba dive


Appart from diving in Ponza, you can stay longer and explore the island. It’s really beautiful and definitely one of my favorite islands in the Mediterranean. There are alot of things to see and do in Ponza, you won’t regret it.

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Scuba diving in Honduras


Utila is an island located in Honduras in the Caribbean Sea. It’s well known on the backpacker trail for those wanting to learn scuba diving for a much cheaper rate. While it does offer cheap diving, the island and its surrounding ocean are definitely an attraction in their own right. It’s the Caribbean the way it used to be, unlike other islands that have built up to accommodate cruises and other types of tourism.


Scuba diving in Honduras


Utila is part of the second largest barrier reef system in the world, second only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Naturally, there is abundant sea life, including sea turtles, nurse sharks, eagle rays, and during parts of the year the world’s largest fish—the whale shark.
Diving here is wonderful because the water is warm, visibility is astounding, and there is rarely ever a strong current.


Scuba diving in Honduras


It’s a great place to see various types of hard and soft coral as well.


Scuba diving in Honduras


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 Carmen Allan-Petale from Double-Barrelled Travel

Scuba diving in Dominica


The island of Dominica is one of my favorite places in the world and it was here my husband and I were fortunate enough to get PADI certified.

We never learned to scuba dive by dipping our heads into chlorinated pools – it was jumping straight off the rickety wooden jetty and into the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea where we first breathed through a regulator.


Scuba diving in Dominica


Skinny-nosed trumpet fish, bright yellow and blue damsel fish, big-toothed parrotfish and stripy small-mouthed grunts swam around us, coloring the waters with flashes of rainbow.

The corals shone in the sunlight and underneath the odd reef shelf you could pop your head and perhaps sight a nurse shark, as we did more than once.

If you’re lucky enough to get the opportunity to dive at this first-class fish destination, make sure you spend time along The Wall, in The Coral Gardens and at Scott’s Head – some of our favorite dive spots on the island.

You can follow Carmen and her husband Dave’s adventures on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.



These are some examples of best scuba diving in the world. There are many more amazing destinations and marine Santuaries around the world. If you have visited an amazing scuba diving spot, tell us about your experience on the comment section.


  1. My God Talon you are so lucky to not only take this picture but to see the sea horse live, I so want to spot one, but no luck so far! Crazy jealous, they are like my holy grail, so hard to come across!

    • We were very spoiled in Utila. I got to see them a lot of times. To make it even better, there 1-2 that liked to hang out under the docks of our dive center, so you could just pop in the water and snorkel with it. Then there were the whale sharks and plenty of opportunities to swim with wild dolphins, and sometimes they were so curious and playful.

  2. What an amazing assortment of underwater adventures from everyone! Inspiring to dive more :)

  3. Great post, I especially love the photos from everyone!

  4. This post make me think.. why haven’t I scuba dived yet?

    • I ask myself the same question all the time. I live with a dive master, but I still didn’t save enough money to get my open water. It’s an expensive hobby.

  5. Wow!!! Wonderful article. I feel honoured to be part of so many amazing diving stories/photos. Thanks for including me and sharing all this great stuff.

  6. Love love love your photos!! All of these places look amazing!! Have only been diving in Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka so far.

  7. Have you tried diving in Moçambique? That was the best diving that we’ve ever done! Really well preserved reefs, lots of giant manta rays and whale sharks, and clear blue water!

    • Mozambique is on the top of my list, specially because I can speak the language. Some of the divers here have been to Mozambique :)

  8. Great list! Scuba diving in Iceland just sounds cold…

  9. Awesome list!
    I’d also add Byron Bay, Cape Town and The Similan Islands to that too – love diving around the world!

  10. Scuba diving is something I haven’t tried yet but I really want to. I recently went to Koh Tao in Thailand but due to low budget and one year in NZ ahead of me I didn’t do it. I am starting to regret it, after seeing all those photos. I am sure though I will get my chance soon enough.

  11. Nothing in the Philippines or Indonesia, the center of the coral triangle? This list pretty much has no credibility. Try some dives in Anilao, Palawan, Komodo, etc. etc. etc. and get back to us.

    • Sad to know you think an article written by 13 different people who shared their favorite destination has no credibility. The Philippines are included on the best snorkeling destinations in the world though. Different people like different things and these folks showed us some spots no one even thinks of Like Iceland.

      I dont know what “get back to us” means….

  12. In Anilao alone, there are over 290 different species of coral. The *whole* Caribbean only has around 50 species.

  13. I’ve snorkelled in a couple of these, but no scuba diving yet (unless the Bahamas counts). There are some places here I wouldn’t think of if I han’t seen them on this list. Iceland, who knew?

  14. Another sea adventure that will give you the best feeling in your life. Diving beneath the ocean and snorkeling along with the dolphins. This thrilling adventure is one of the best thing to do while diving under the sea.


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