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Posted by on Jun 15, 2014 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

We got a Liebster award!!

We got a Liebster award!!

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster award, what an honor! 

Margherita Ragg from The crowded Planet, one of my favorite blogs (make sure you check it out!) nominated the Heart of a Vagabond for a Liebster award.  Thank you!

It was a wonderful surprise which recharged my batteries.


What is a Liebster award?

A Liebster award, is a virtual award given by a fellow travel blogger, a recognition for our work.

It’s also a way to show your appreciation for the contribution a certain blogger is making within the community. It helps promote begginer bloggers and smaller websites which are truly inspiring.



What’s next?

Next I’ll answer a group of questions elaborated by the person who nominated me. And I’ll have to nominate 10 fellow bloggers I love and admire. That won’t be a hard job!




If you were a country, which country would you be?

I would probably be Spain. I haven’t experienced every country in the world, but from the ones I’ve lived and experienced, Spain is probably the one I identify with the most.

Spain is a warm, laid-back, fun country where people work to live and not the other way around. It’s slow paced, friendly, open minded. You find everything you need there, from lush forests, to warm Mediterranean beaches in the south, to deserts, mountains and amazingly dinamic cities. Spain is, in my opinion the best European country to live.

 What’s your earliest travel experience?

I started traveling to Spain even before I was born. My mother always told her stories about her trip to Sevilla when she was pregnant and how much I kicked!  Spain was right next door, so most of my summer vacations as a child were spent in Andalucia.

Berlin was my first trip without my parents, when I was 16! I called my father and asked him if I could miss my flight back and stay longer by myself, he almost had a heart attack on the phone. I was dead serious.

 What was your craziest experience on the road?

India. Everything was crazy about India. I think I aged 10 years there and was on the verge of having a breakdown.

 What’s your favorite food destination?

India! Maybe because I’m a vegetarian and India offers the best vegetarian food in the world. I love the curries, the spices, the flavors, the textures. The vegetarian restaurants are in every corner and they’re dirt cheap.

What’s your favorite street festival?

I had a blast partying with my Brazilian friends in Newark and NYC during the Brazilian independence day.  It’s something you won’t find any tourist doing, but I was living in the States for a while and had a blast!

What’s the thing you like the best about blogging? And what do you like the least?

I love the travel blogging community. I was amazed by how friendly, tight and how much travel bloggers help each other. The messages I get from my readers always make my day!

What I like the least? Having to have a good camera and a laptop with me at all times. I used to travel without anything expensive or heavy. It was wonderful not worrying about getting my things stolen, this all changed after I started blogging.

My Turkish friend

What would you like to achieve with your blog?

I want to be a reference for Eco- vegetarian and mindful travelers.  I’m creating a travel blog for non-mainstream folks who think out of the box. I want to explore places that are less touristic, more eco-friendly, more alternative and of course, following a vegan and vegetarian philosophy.

I won’t show you Times Square in NY, but I’ll explore the neighborhoods where rock and roll and punk rock were born. I won’t go to the Taj Mahal, but I’ll show you there’s a free Baby Taj Mahal monument complex basically no one ever heard about.

I’m the goofy one with the extended arms -photo: João Raimundo

What’s your travel style?

Very little plans, very little money, very spontaneous. It’s more about the people, the culture and the food than the monuments or museums.

I focus on financially sustainable traveling a lot, since I always find ways of working to keep me going. I’m not rich, so I better use my imagination to generate income.

 What’s your dream destination?

The whole world!

 What advice do you give to wannabe travelers?

Follow your bliss and leave your fears behind. The world is not that scary and traveling is not that expensive! If you don’t have a travel partner, don’t worry!You’ll make a lot of friends on the way!

Graduation day in Thailand with my colleagues


Who will I nominee?


1 – The crowded Planet – seriously! I think their interests and passions are so similar to mine I identify with their work in a deep level. They’re amazing and their photography is to die for!

2 – Goats on the road – I love these two. They were the very first blog that caught my eyes and since then, I’ve been following their adventures. They’re an inspiration.

3 – Mindful Wanderlust – My fellow vegan and ethical travelers write one of the best travel blogs out there. I love their stories and have a deep respect for their work.

4 – A journey of wonders –  A very inspiring blog with a strong identity and filled with humor! I learn something new with each post.

5  Etramping – Agness is one of the friendliest and hard working bloggers out there. Together with Cez they have one of the most original travels blogs for budget travelers.

6 – This American girl – a travel and inspirational blog wrtiten by a girl who left her busy life behind, in order to follow her bliss

7 – Stars on the ceiling – I just found out about Britany’s blog and I love it!

8 – Chasing the donkey – An all Croatia extravaganza!

9 –  Indefinite Adventure – My fellow mindful travel bloggers will show you the world with an ethical twist and a vegetarian spice.

10 – Piggy back ride – An awesome blog, where East meets West. Zara and Ashray will give you an entire new perspective on traveling for easterners and westerners alike.


QUESTIONS for my nominees:


1 – What made you want to leave a normal life behind to become a traveler?

2 – What has changed in your travel style after you became a travel blogger?

3 –  How do you deal with the constant “good byes” and the fact that the attachment/detachment issue is one of the biggest challenges for a nomadic or long term traveler?

4 – Tell me about your worst episode while on the road (you can be honest!)

5  And the best one?

6 – Do you think you’ll ever settle down?

7 – About love…  Our very unique and unstable life style as travelers can sometimes scare people away ( if you’re single) , although I’ve noticed that couples that travel together, stay together longer. What are your thoughts on long term relationships?

8 – What are the biggest lessons the road has taught you so far?

9 – Do you think travel blogs can revolutionize the travel industry?

10 – Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?







  1. Thank you so much for nominating us. We really appreciate it!!! :)

  2. By gosh I am honoured – thanks so very much guys. I’ll look at getting onto this after my summer vacation – happy travels.

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