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Posted by on Mar 14, 2015 in Airlines | 4 comments

Vegetarian meals with SATA

Vegetarian meals with SATA

Vegan and vegetarian meals with SATA Airlines and my overall mixed experience.



The flight was delayed for half and hour, but it was smooth and pleasant journey.

For the first time, I actually forgot to order a special vegetarian meal.

Don’t ask me how this happened, since exploring what vegetarian meals every airline has to offer, is a big part of my blog, but it actually happened. Maybe because after my disappointing experience with TAP, I didn’t bother.

I took some food with me and didn’t think about airline meals, until the flight assistant announced:” Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll start serving a light meal, drinks and tea”.

That’s when I realized, I should have known better!

Fortunately, the flight assistant was very friendly, and got me a vegetarian meal. I was lucky there was an extra one.

Well, for any Portuguese person a sandwich is not considered a meal, but a snack. But maybe because I was not really expecting a meal at all, the snack felt fantastic,


veggie sata


The meal / snack consisted on a VEGAN sandwich with vegetables. It was much better than I thought. The fruit salad was delicious and there were the typical drinking choice of juices, wines. I got an apple juice to go with my meal.

You might not get full with this light cold meal, but it’s a very short flight from Lisbon to Ponta Delgada, so I can say I’m very pleased with the service.

I’m extremely happy with the fact that they have both vegan and Ovo-lacto- vegetarian options., so both vegans and lactose intolerant people, can actually enjoy the food.


veggie sata2


Thumbs up for SATA.



This was a night flight I took to save some money. SATA flight was delayed one more time, but now for almost 2 hours. Same reason it was delayed on my previous flight; it arrived late in Lisbon, and later on there was an issue with the turbines which had to be fixed. What a nightmare. I arrived in Lisbon at 2am, there were no more buses or shuttles, it cost me a lot of money to get home.

Staff was tired, annoyed and grumpy and not very friendly.

I was given a regular meal, staff took a while to find my vegan meal and seemed to be annoyed.

The meal in economy class was served extremely late, way past midnight, whereas first class passangers had already finishing theirs. That was quite unpleasant.


Until now SATA was the #1 airline connecting the Azores to mainland. Most flights were extremely expensive, keeping the Azores, a remote and unexplored destination, even for us, mainland Portuguese.

Here’s my honest experience with my 2 day flights with them.


  • Sometimes they run good promotions and discounts, although you have to book it in advance.
  • Comfy and spacious seats
  • Decent vegan or ovo-lacto-vegetarian snack / meal options on economy flights
  • On my first flight, the staff was friendly.
  • Their aircrafts are the safest to flight and land in the Azores airport due to the weather conditions of the islands (in comparison to the low cost)


  • Both my SATA flights were delayed. From Lisbon to Azores, it was delayed in a bit over half an hour and on my way back to Lisbon, it was delayed for basically 2 hours. Since my flight to Lisbon was a late one, I missed all public transportation option and even the shuttle bust, by arriving at 2am in Lisbon. I was stranded in Lisbon and the money I had to pay for a late nigh fee on a taxi ride to my city, turned my promotional ticked bough 5 months in advance, as expensive as a regular ticked. SATA, can’t seem to land on time. They seem to be quite unreliable with the landing times, which makes me nervous to book with them again.
  • Tickets are usually extremely expensive, you’ll have to search for promotions and buy them many months in advance for a good deal.


  1. Well unfortunately delayed flights are something the people of Azores are used to. Let’s just say it comes with the territory :) And thank you for mentioning the safety reasons about landing! That (and I speak from experience) is a major pro. I wouldn’t trust low cost… but that’s just me…

    • I know Sandra, people in the Azores are used to the delays, but the delays are related to late landing in Lisbon and not in Sao Miguel, which is strange.

      Delays happen once in a while, but I’ve asked other people and they also experience delays with SATA.

      Anyway, the SATA airplanes are the safest ones, they’re bigger, more stable and hold more fuel. I don’t know how Ryanair will manage to do this route with their small half empty tank, if the weather in the Azores is not good than they’ll need to make a few rounds before landing.

  2. Finding tasty vegetarian options on flights can be such a struggle. Glad you did enjoy the sandwich!

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