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Posted by on Jul 14, 2014 in Airlines, Reviews | 5 comments

Vegan and vegetarian meals with US Airways

Vegan and vegetarian meals with US Airways

This was my very first experience exploring the Vegan and vegetarian meals with US Airways. Here’s my experience.


This was a long leg, Lisbon to Philadelphia non-stop flight and back. The aircraft was so old and outdated, sometimes I felt the whole thing was about to fall apart. It was extremely loud and shaky, probably the oldest aircraft I ever flew in (and I flew in quite a lot!).


Vegan and vegetarian meals with US Airways


I ordered a  regular vegan meal for lunch. I regretted once I put my eyes on it.I mean, I would be thrilled if I was on an extreme diet and needed to starve, which was not my case.



* Baked gnocchi with one tiny slice of Zuccini and one tiny slice of egg plant.

* 2 slices of bread

* 1 fruit salad

* 1 vegetable salad.


Vegan and vegetarian meals with US Airways

Lunch meal


The meal was very small, not well balanced (no protein whatsoever!) and I was starving all flight.  It was the first time I really felt hungry after the meal.


My vegan meal on my return flight:

Vegan and vegetarian meals with US Airways

My vegan meal with US airways



* Rice with peas and asparagus

*fruit salad

*vegetable salad


My experience shows that the Vegan and vegetarian meals with US Airways are very poor, not well balanced and the doses are closer to a snack than an actual meal. Although meals tasted good, these were the worse meals I had so far.




* Friendly and relaxed staff

* Comfy chairs



I found more cons than pros during this trip and I will probably avoid flying with them from now on. From all the airlines I’ve ever used, this had the lowest quality and costumer standards. It was quite disappointing.

* MILES POINTS – I was not aware that US Airlines is no longer a STAR ALLIANCE member and stopped the miles points. I was very upset to find out I couldn’t collect any point out of my inter-continental flight. This alone would have been a deal breaker.

* The extremely old and out of date aircraft. It was loud and shaky.

* The violation of basic safety measures by the staff, like putting all their luggage on top of the seats instead of inside the luggage compartment. I had never seen that before and I was really shocked.

* This was the first time I didn’t have a private tv behind the seat in front of me. There was one tv screen for a group of chairs, forcing me to keep a very uncomfortable position if I wanted to watch a movie. It would not be a problem for a medium to a short flight, but made the flying time feel longer without any distraction.

* The selection of movies was a shock. They were really violent, not appropriate for kids. I couldn’t watch one single movie, they were the worse ever. Because there were no private tv’s, there was no selection available.

* The music selection was not working on my return flight. This meant no music, no movies, nothing to pass the time!

* There were a few passengers complaining about having their tables broken and not being able to eat properly.

* The air conditioning was so strong, I almost thought I was in Alaska, in the winter. I used 3 blankets and still felt cold.

* It was the first long leg flight where they didn’t offer ear plugs or eye thing. Since I couldn’t watch any movie I thought taking a nap would be a good idea, but… with all the noise from the cabin, babies crying and light, I couldn’t sleep 1 minute.

*Another detail that disappointed me was the fact that they don’t offer tooth past and tooth brush like other airlines do. I was not expecting that and after all that garlic on my food, I was not able to brush my teeth.



Vegan and vegetarian meals with US Airways

A safety concern – these seats were filled up with the staff’s luggage


All in all it was a very poor experience, the Vegan and vegetarian meals with US Airways are the worse so far and safety rules were broken on my return flight.

Will I ever fly with them again? I don’t think so.


  1. Wow, that sounds like a really horrible experience. :(

  2. Starving has been my experience with almost all vegetarian/vegan meals on planes….I don’t understand why so many people seem to think that as a vegetarian you hardly eat anything and you will survive on a carrot or two. I always make sure I have a bag full of (snack) food!

    • I’ve had always incredible experiences with Turkish airways. Never starved with them :)

      • Never tried them but looking forward to fly (and eat) with them some day :)

        • So far, they’ve been my best experience with food and service to be honest! And, they gave us tons of little Turkish delights which made my day. Love those vegan sweets :)

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