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Posted by on Dec 11, 2013 in Airlines, Reviews | 7 comments

Vegan and vegetarian meals with Turkish Airlines

Vegan and vegetarian meals with Turkish Airlines

As a frequent traveler, knowing what kind of meal options I will find is extremely important. Here’s my experience with the Vegan and vegetarian meals with Turkish Airlines. 

Vegan and vegetarian meals with Turkish Airlines


This is my third experience with Turkish Airlines.  My first one was from Lisbon to Istanbul and the second one from Istanbul to Bangkok. Now I’m doing the reverse, from Bangkok to Istanbul.


Vegan and vegetarian meals with Turkish Airlines

Lunch with Turkish

This time I had lunch and dinner. Once more my experience was absolutely amazing. I’m becoming a big fan of Turkish.

Their menu is extensive, offering many different options for vegans and vegetarians, from Hindu meals, to raw dishes with a great selection in between. I can’t resist the Jain meals and I went for a Jain lunch and dinner. Jain meals are Indian vegetarian flavored but follow very strict rules.

They’re basically Sattvic and avoid garlic, onions and other “emotion enhance” vegetables. I’m not a Jain and I love both garlic and onion, but the harmonic mix of herbs, spices and the fact that it’s vegan really got me hooked.

For the ones who don’t know what Jainism means, I’d recommend you to read something about this interesting “ahimsa” based religious/philosophy.

My lunch consisted of three fresh salads,  a fruit one, and 2 vegetable salads: a raw one with tomatoes and lettuce and the other one slightly cook with baby corn and asparagus. The main meal consisted in Basmati rice, a lentil & pea curry and a pea with cabbage curry. It was so delicious I could had 3 portions!


Vegan and vegetarian meals with Turkish Airlines

Dinner with Turkish


For dinner I had 2 fresh salads, a fruit and a vegetable one. The main dish consisted of Basmati rice, dahl curry and chick pea curry.   I love tomato juice, so that was my drinking choice.


Turkish is not only one of the best companies I’ve ever used because of the food, but the whole service is great. The flight attendants are very friendly, dedicated and try to offer the best service with the highest standards.


The Vegan and vegetarian meals with Turkish Airlines are the best ones I’ve had during many years using different airlines.


  1. Easily the best airline in the world

    • For me it’s the very best, great service, great food, very attentive and friendly staff, lot’s of worldwide routes to choose from. No one does it better than Turkish.

  2. Hi Yara, just stumbled across this on Pinterest. This looks like quite a substantial meal! I get a bit frustrated with the size of meals on planes but this looks fairly big.

  3. Turkish airlines does a pretty good job with special meals. I usually get the vegan meal but I’m going to try this one next time.

  4. Wow, that really looks good. I stopped ordering vegetarian meals in other airlines, because I was either received half of the portion other people did or just beans with rice LOL!

  5. is there dairy or cheese with the Jain meal?

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