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Posted by on Apr 24, 2014 in Airlines, Reviews | 1 comment

Vegan meals with Swiss Airlines

Vegan meals with Swiss Airlines

This is my second experience with the Swiss airline. What did I think about the vegan meals with Swiss Airlines this time around? 

I found a great store at the Airport in Zurich, selling all sorts of soups, pies, salads, natural juices, pastas… A vegan and vegetarians paradise. It was the first time I’ve seen such a great place offering vegan and vegetarian meals inside an airport.

Vegan and vegetarian meals at the airport in Zurich


Swiss Airways does not offer any meal options within the European continent, there’s only a standard meal offered to all economy class.

It seems to me, that Swiss only serves Vegetarian meals, since I was served a simple pasta meal with tomato sauce and a few veggies on my last flight with them. This was great, but unfortunately this time around, I had to starve.

They served pasta with cheese sauce. Although it’s wonderful that Swiss seems to only serve vegetarian food, this will exclude vegans, lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant costumers.


Swiss airlines


So yes, I watched everyone eating their meal, while I starved. This is quite unfortunate, since this is not a low cost airline, the meals are paid by costumers with their ticket purchase, but some get to eat, while others have to starve.

I would not use this airline unless there was absolutely no other option. I’d rather pay a cheap ticket with a low cost airline, which doesn’t include a meal and take a snack with me, than paying more to have a meal I can’t eat. Unfortunately, there are still no low cost flights from Lisbon to Zurich. From now on, I think, I’ll stay loyal to the low cost airlines.

During other experiences with British Airways or Luftansa, they always had a few vegan snacks I could eat. Not with Swiss… Luckly I had some peanuts on my bag, or I’d get home on an empty stomach.


Vegetarian meal with Swiss airways

1 Comment

  1. Sorry to hear you had such a disappointing experience. Did you advise them of your dietary requirements when you booked the flight?

    I remember last year on a long haul flight United didn’t honour my dietary requirement request and that was very frustrating.

    With short haul European flights I do find airlines have limited, if indeed any range of food for these flights. Sadly the options are either take it or leave it.

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