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Posted by on Jun 11, 2015 in German Foods, vegan / vegetarian | 6 comments

The best vegan restaurant Berlin guide!

The best vegan restaurant Berlin guide!

Vegan in Berlin. Best vegetarian and vegan restaurant Berlin guide on a Low Budget!

When it comes to german dishes most foreigners think of sausages and pork knuckles first. But some of them may not know, that Germany is quite international when it comes to food. Especially in Berlin you can get every food you can imagine. Even Berlin locals say, you don’t need to travel a lot when you’re based in Berlin, because each district is unique and has so many different cultural places, foods and experiences to offer.

During my last trip in Berlin I’ve tried different restaurants and uniqe street foods. All the meals were freshly made, healthy and costs under 5,00 €!

Please do not wonder, I have a passion for peanut sauce and got it in almost every meal. But there were always options to get different kinds of ingredients and sauces.

So, where should all the vegetarians and vegans dine out in Berlin?


Best vegan restaurant Berlin guide


Where: Pho Viet Nam, Samariterstr. 3, 10247 Berlin
Dish: Fried noodles with tofu and coconut-peanut-sauce (vegetarian)
Price: 4,50 €


vegan restaurant Berlin

Pho Viet Nam Veggie Food



Where: Pho Phan, Hermann Str. 151, 12051 Berlin
Dish: Xot Lac Rau, rice with salad, vietnamese herbs, vegetables and tofu (vegan)
Price: 4,80 €


vegan restaurant Berlin

Pho Phan Vietnamese



Where: Dong Xuan Center, Herzbergstraße 128-139, 10365 Berlin
Snack: Deep-fried sesame balls, stuffed with coconut-cream (vegetarian)
Price: 10 pieces for 2,00 €.
Unfortunately I’ve been too greedy to take a picture before I ate it.
It took only a few minutes till all landed in my stomach. 😉


Where: Sahara, Reuterstr. 56, 12047 Berlin
My local friends just called it „Peanut Bomb“. It’s a Falafel filled with loads
of freshly made peanut-sauce.
Dish: Falafel with vegetables and peanut sauce (vegetarian + vegan)
Price: 2,50 €


vegan restaurant Berlin


Where: Smyrna Kuruyemis, Oranienstr. 27, 10999 Berlin
Snack: I tried different nuts and can suggest the wasabi and honey cashew nuts
Price: starts from 1,00 € (vegetarian + vegan)


vegan restaurant berlin

Dried fruits


vegan restaurant Berlin



On my last day in Berlin in tried the „Vöner” which is a vegan Kebab.

Where: Vöner, Boxhagener Str. 56, 10245 Berlin
Dish: Vöner with bread and salad (vegan)
Price: 4,50 €


Vegan restaurant berlin




vegan restaurant berlin


It was definitely a tasty trip to the capital city of Germany and I’m looking forward to my next one.




Sarah Kriebs solo abroad

About the author:
Sarah is a solo traveling backpacker and a vegetarian for 8 years now. On her Travel & Lifestyle Blog she’s giving you tips about different countries and travel hacks. Her mission is to show you how to travel the world easy and cheap.

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  1. Oh hey, found some new ones even though I live in Berlin! I was a bit confused since the title said vegan Berlin, but the article vegetarian. Does the “vegetarian” mean that the restaurant calls if that, but it’s actually vegan?

    • All vegetarian restaurants serve vegan food, it’s up to you if you want to add sauces that have dairy or not. The original word on the article was “veggie” and not vegan, but i changed it. Maybe that’s why you got a bit confused??!

  2. I just found your lovly blog! Love it! Thank you for that great Berlin vegan Guide. I am new in Berlin and I am still exploring this city.

    Other great vegan eateries I discovered so far:
    Let it be vegan Crêperie in Berlin Neukölln.

    I also LOVE Lauma in Friedrichhain. So yummy Burgers and smoothies, raw cakes…

    I discovered it at the vegan tour Berlin which totally awesome bytheway. It is a city walking tour combined with a vegan food tour.

    I have been to Vöner, but it was too gross for me. I will check out that Penaut-bomb Sahara you wrote about! I love peanuts so much. Sahara, here I come!

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