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Posted by on Dec 9, 2013 in Thai Foods, vegan / vegetarian | 9 comments

Vegan and vegetarian food in Bangkok – Lumpini park and Hang Dong area

Vegan and vegetarian food in Bangkok – Lumpini park and Hang Dong area

The Lumpini Park area has an extensive street food market, fresh and varied every single day. It’s very cheap to eat here since only a few tourists come over here, but hey…  is this a vegans paradise?

Unfortunately, most of the street food has either meat of some sort of fish sauce. The vegetarian options are limited (well, not that limited!) to fruit stalls and waffles. This is no different form the rest of Thailand or Bangkok, since Thais are not vegetarians by nature.

If you’ve read my last post on how to avoid Khao San Rd and experience a different Bangkok, away from the tourist ghetto and dunk nights, then you might be leaning towards staying at Lumpini Park, which is extremely well connected by metro/subway and offers so much more!

This is a nice area, so you’ll find what you want near by or within a couple of metro stops. So what vegan and vegetarian food will I find in Bangkok – Lumpini area??






Vegan and vegetarian food Bangkok
Street food near Lumpini park


Vegan and vegetarian food Bangkok


street food bangkok
Cockroaches, crickets and other little bugs


Vegan and vegetarian food Bangkok
All sorts of vegetarian sweets


Vegan and vegetarian food Bangkok
There’s never shortage of fresh tropical fruits


For the ones who love more refined and exquisite cuisine, you’re on the right place! Lumpini Park has some of the most modern and sophisticated malls with incredible restaurants serving food from all over Asia.

Remember, this is the financial distict, so most people here are young professionals, who love healthy fresh foods. There are a many vegan and organic options here, as well as western food, like bread, cakes, sandwiches, etc.

Here’s the famous restaurant Arya, a 100% vegan organic one with great prices.


Vegan and vegetarian food Bangkok
Vegan and vegetarian food Bangkok
The Hang Dong area is an extremely interesting neighborhood, filled with sky scrapers and a trully amazing food variety, from street food to expensive stores selling western dishes.


The Hang Dong avenue is a must.




Vegan and vegetarian food Bangkok
Near the Metro station and just outside Lumpini Park


Vegan and vegetarian food Bangkok
Pastries for all tastes


Vegan and vegetarian food Bangkok
Garlic bread


Vegan and vegetarian food Bangkok
Cakes with fresh fruits


Vegan and vegetarian food Bangkok
Pistachio cakes and pastries
Vegan and vegetarian food Bangkok
Real ice cream made or fresh fruit


You won’t starve if you stay in this area, because you have great options around, within a walk or a few metro stops. There’s a great variety of vegan and vegetarian food in Bangkok and you should go out and explore it!

I LOVED this area! Near Hang Dong there’s a huge market as well where you can buy all sorts of cheap things. I would definitely advice you to stay at Lumpini Park or Hang Dong area. Some of my friends how followed my tip and stayed here told me they were happy to have chosen Lumpini Park.




5/3 Soi Ngam Duphli, Rama IV Road, Thung Maha Mek, Sathorn, Sathorn, 10120 Bangkok

I’ve stayed at the ETZZZ hostel for a whole week. It was really nice, clean, with great views over Bangkok’s skylight, a wonderful rooftop, free wiffi and computers and a very nice older crowd who are not there to go wild but to explore the city and the culture.

You can book it here 


  1. Some of it looks stunningly delicious, other are on the scary side. Thanks for the info!

    • Yes! It was interesting to find some of the most delicious and yummy looking foods side by side with really strange things. Still, Bangkok is a great city for a vegan to explore without being scared of going hungry. Although Thais are not vegetarian (not even the Buddhist monks!), there’s a growing number of vegan and vegetarian options everywhere, from the fanciest restaurants to the street foods serving rice and tofu.

  2. It’s incredible how many healthy vegan dishes this place has to offer! I’m not vegan, but I love to eat healthy and the local street food! The prices are also low which makes it even more awesome!

  3. Bangkok is easily one of our favourite cities in the world and the amount of Vegan food is incredible. Every time we are there we have our certain places we always go to. Thailand is heaven for Vegans!!! :)

    • I know. I was so happy not to starve when I went to Thailand, the only annoyance is the fish sauce, which pushed me into eating at vegan and vegetarian places only. :) Penang is another vegans paradise and the food is even cheaper :)

  4. I miss the amazing vegan food we had in Bangkok, there is so much choice there, it’s definitely an easy destination for vegans and vegetarians!

  5. Thanks for the information. We are also planning to stay in Lumpini area. Previous trips we stayed around Sukhuvit soi 11, where we eat streetfood for breakfast (noodle soup, rice dishes) and sometimes dinner. Could you please tell me where we can find that exactly in Lumpini? We’ll be staying very close to BTS Sala Daeng.

    • This amazing street food in Lumpini can be found around the corner of the ETZZZ hostel, 20 seconds walk or less. It’s the main avenue in Lumpini. The food there is extraordinarily cheap, since there are very few tourists.

      • Brilliant. Thank you! :-)

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