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Posted by on Jun 9, 2013 in Airlines | 4 comments

Vegetarian meals with Turkish Airlines

Vegetarian meals with Turkish Airlines

Vegetarian meals: no wonder Turkish Airlines won the price as the BEST European airline in 2012!

What can we expect of the vegan and Vegetarian meals with Turkish Airlines?


I´m flying with Turkish Airlines from Lisbon –> Istanbul  – Istanbul –> Bangkok and return with them.

I was amazed, not only the prices of the tickets were very affordable, but the friendliness of the staff and the variety of vegan and Vegetarian food with Turkish Airlines.

 vegan and Vegetarian meals with Turkish Airlines
Heading to Istanbul

This beats all the other airlines by far!

  • AVML (Vegetarian Hindu / Asiatic Meal )Spicy vegetarian combinations with limited use of dairy products.
  • FPML (Fruit Platter Meal)Contains seasonal fresh fruits.
  • HNML (Hindu Meal)
    Vegetarian food prepared in an Indian style which does not  contain beef and egg. (We serve Hindu meal choices  in our India  flights for YC services.)
  • RVML (Vegetarian Raw Meal)Contains only raw vegetables or fruits.
  • VGML (Strict Vegetarian Meal)Strict vegetarian meal (No milk products)
  • VJML (Jain Meal)Hindu Vegetarian  food prepared in Indian style, based on Jain customs.
  • VLML (Vegetarian Lacto Ovo Meal)Does not contain meat, fish or seafood. May contain dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese etc.
  • VOML (Vegetarian Oriental Meal)Prepared with  vegetables and fruits.
If you’re a frequent vegan or vegetarian flier, you won’t get bored with TA! The vegan and Vegetarian food with Turkish Airlines are not only incredibly tasty, but the portions were filling as well, unlike other airlines.
You can order different types of vegetarian meals every time you flight and discover the amazing delights Turkish has to offer.
Well, I have to say they won my heart with the pure extra virgin olive oil they offer with their meals. Forget the butter, the jam or margerine, TA offers high quality olive oil to eat with the whole bread. A little Mediterranean treat I loved.
I ordered the Jain meal. I always do!
The jain meal is based on the jain concepts of Ahimsa, non-violence and prepared in strict ways. It´s an Indian tasting meal, 100% satvic and fruitarian. No roots, meaning no onions, no garlic, etc.
It tastes amazing!
 vegan and Vegetarian meals with Turkish Airlines
My amazing vegan/fruitarian jain meal


Here my super vegan lentil curry, with basmati rice and baked aubergine on sauce.

A fruit salad and a vegetable salad.

To complement, pure olive oil and whole bread. .. and tea!

I absolutely loved the meal and I can´t wait to see what the next meal from Istanbul to Bangkok will be.


But now, I have a day in Istanbul, a perk only possible with TA. I managed to get a 24 hour layover in Istanbul, without paying any extra fees.

This way, I will manage to see a bit of Turkey for no extra cost. I will have a 3 day layover on my way back home, at no extra cost as well.

So, if you´re on a tight budget like me, this is a great way of getting to see 2 countries and pay for 1 flight only!


I’m extremely happy and please not only with the  vegan and Vegetarian food with Turkish Airlines, but with the friendly and attentive staff.


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  2. Hi, I shall be travelling with Turkish Airlines in a month’s time and am trying to ensure that I get one of those delicious vegetarian meals that you describe, but there seems to be nowhere on their website that I can do this. Are you able to help, please?


  3. How did you order Jain meal? I could not find on their website.

  4. It was part of my booking process along with choice of seat, window, isle etc.

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