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Posted by on Mar 28, 2014 in Articles | 10 comments

Travel tales according to a nomadic dog’s perspective

Travel tales according to a nomadic dog’s perspective

Forget about all those posts about traveling with your pets, today we’ll share our travel tales on how it feels for us (dogs) to travel with YOU humans! 

Hi there! We are Pogo, Tuxa and Krina 3 Portuguese good looking traveling dogs. During our lifetime, we’ve traveled more than many humans. This is because our human pet Yara, adopted us a few years ago and took us along in her adventures.

If you thought only humans like to travel, that’s because you still haven’t met us yet! We’re the most passionate nomadic dogs in the world and today we hijacked Yara’s blog to write about our traveling tales!

Traveling with pets? Yes, we do travel with our human pet frequently!


Our Yellow van parket at a remote beach

TUXA: I’m a very well traveled dog and I’m the senior one in the family. I’ve lived in Barcelona, London and Lisbon and visited countries like, France, Spain, Holland, Italy, UK.


On a windy day at the beach


My human friend Yara has an incredibility comfy van, which she affectionately calls “my sweet yellow van”. She purposely bough this van and transformed into an RV, so she could bring us along her adventures.


After 4 years living in a small cage with no freedom or love, getting adopted by Yara changed my life from being an abused canine to a travelers best companion. Together we explored desert beaches in Spain, amazing lakes in Portugal, forests and wineries in France and I almost fell into a canal in Amsterdam, which was one of the scariest accident in my life! I can’t tell you if I’m more of a city or a nature dog, but I have to admit, nothing excites me more than entering our van in point A to exit later on at a bran new destination.




Once I fell in love, while living in Spain. I found out I was a lesbian…. She – a Polish dog named “Oika” was also a traveler dog, but a life of a nomadic girl is like this…. Nothing really lasts forever… To make things worse, Oika found out she was a heterosexual (true story!). I left Barcelona broken heart, es la vida de viajar con perro….


Traveling is now part of my life, I’ve tasted delicious dog foods from all over… Some more tasting than others, I have to admit, but nevertheless a perk very few dogs manage to experience. I have a comfy bed under the table and often get lots of love from people who meet me on they way and tell me how cute I am.


I’m now 14 years old and our travels have slowed down a bit. We still go to the beach together and other near by places, let me tell you that my age doesn’t reflect my adventurous spirit! Traveling with a human is fun, It’s great to have company 24/7, exploring new cities filled with new smells always makes my day. Water, food, shelter and love come for free on a daily basis and I can only say, that a human is a dog’s best friend!


KRINA: I’m the laziest one in the bunch… Life for me consists in sleeping and chasing cats, which I know is not politically correct, but… hard to control my most primal instincts.

I’m so sexy!


I was adopted by my human companion, one year after Tuxa and I have to admit, I took over! I took over her bed, I constantly stole her food and I always made a mess in Yara’s van, but once more… a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Yara thinks she owns me, but between us… I do what I please! It’s obvious to me who’s the boss in the family and it’s not Yara! I was born to be served by humans and I’m not shy about that!


I love traveling! I’m a traveler by heart, I love laying down near Yara’s leg and take long naps during our long road trips. Unlike Tuxa, I actually like water, so rural trips always win my heart. I will enter every fountain, lake or sea  I can get hold of. Rural trips are always more fun than city breaks. I manage to get a lot of freedom to run and… of course.. sleep!


Taking a long nap and drooling on Yara’s leg during our road trip


My motto is live life fully without regrets! Explore as much of the world as possible and don’t worry about being polite or politically correct, life is too short for that! For me, the road is my home, literally! No sedentary life will ever compare to the adventures we all live together, in our cool yellow van!

Life is good! At least mine is!


POGO: I’m Pogo the hippy one in the family and the only male around.  The highlight of life for me is to be near my human companion, which is Yara and trying to please her 24/7. Unlike Tuxa and Krina I don’t have the traveling spirit and for many years after being adopted by Yara, I lived a peaceful life in her farm, together with other dogs and cats. Now, we found out I have a chronic disease called Leishmaniosis and depend on pills to keep my disease stable, so… Yara has no choice, she has to drag me with her everywhere from now on.


Me and my best friend Yara waiting the Ocean over the cliffs

I know this situation puts a lot of stress and limitations on her nomadic lifestyle, so I try to please her even more and reward her with my loyalty.


Let me tell you I panicked with the car in the very beginning, I felt sick on my stomach and vomited all over her van twice! She had to drive back home for more than 2 hours with a van filled with vomit…  It was so embarrassing, since Tuxa and Krina seem to embrace every trip with so much excitement, but I’m a mellow dog and I have a background of violence, so I get scared easily. Now, after trying to copy tuxa and Krina, I feel more at easy during our road trips and actually start to enjoy it. I even swam like a duck (yeah a duck!) when we spent an afternoon by a lake in southern Portugal.


On my first long trip – the world is so big!

Yara sais I make too much noise at night and that she can not sleep with me around. Apparently I have strong dreams and run and bark while I sleep, making tons of noise. I think the life of a traveling dog is still something new for me and an idea the whole family is still trying to adapt to. Although I don’t like the part of the van thing (too much shaking, makes me a bit nauseous) I loveeee arriving at a new place!  I love smelling other canine’s rear ends as well, so I can understand the excitement of a new destination.


All in all life is good and I’m very fortunate to have such a fun and silly traveler family and feeling so integrated and loved. I’ve heard Yara rescued a chicken a few days ago… I wonder if she’ll come over with us or not, I’m pretty sure Krina would eat her in 5 minutes! I would be happy enough with the eggs, I’m a hippy you know…  I wouldn’t kill a chicken!

So… shall we go or what??!! Ready for another adventure on our yellow van!


  1. I just loved this post! I would love to travel with such companions! Didn’t you have any problems with getting accomodation for you all or they just sleep in the van?

    • We all sleep in the van :) That’s when Pogo is not barking and running during his sleep! Or when Krina farts all night long! They always sleep better than me, hehehe

  2. Great post. My dog also blogs :) She’s written about moving from Dubai to Thailand, missing camels and life in her new home country.

    • :) Hahaha I was cracking up non stop after the post got published… those dogs are very talented writers!

    • Hahaha, she never feel in love again, true story :) So many yeas have passed by, but she still responds to the name “Oika”. She searches around, when I say Oika is coming. Poor Tuxa….

  3. this is so adorable yara! I love your dogs. I miss my Huck and would give anything to have him back! scared to get another dog in goa and love it so much :/

    beautiful story.. it lightened my day

  4. Thanks for the awesome read! I’ve been debating on getting a travel companion on my trip around the US. Your dogs posting this makes me lean towards the right decision :).

    • I was terrified when I adopted Tuxa. I was scared my lifestyle would change too much, but the joy of having a canine companion was so overwhelming, adopting Krina and Pogo later on, ended up triplicating that happiness.

      If you have a car, go ahead and get a furry friend. As they said themselves, they love their nomadic life!

      My suggestion? Adopt a dog, don’t buy them, they’ll be 100x more grateful and loyal.

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