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Posted by on Mar 2, 2014 in Inspirational | 19 comments

Travel inspiration – Can traveling really make you a happier person?

Travel inspiration – Can traveling really make you a happier person?

A travel inspiration article that will brighten your day.   Can traveling bring happiness into your life?

Nowadays there’s a boom of travel bloggers and lifestyle design has never been so popular, inspiring others to quit their jobs and chase the dream. But will that really make you happier?



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Wait… traveling the world and living adventures will not make me happy? How come?

I have been traveling for longer than most travel bloggers and during these 16 years I’ve experienced most of the good and the bad of  living an unstable, unpredictable life. I admit that probably 95% of it is wonderful, but then there is a downside to it too. And it’s not for everyone, specially the long term, nomadic lifestyle.

Ayurvedic medicine – the classical and traditional Medicine from India – is very clear as far the 3 constitutional types of people, which includes the physical, mental and spiritual structure of each individual:

* The fire type

*the earth type

* the wind type


The Wind types, are the nomadic, the travelers, the explorers. They need to move like the wind and expand their horizons. Those are the ones who feel the pressure when they’re stuck in a place for a long time.  They need the free movement and constant fluidity to be happy. They get bored easily, so excitment and creativity are vital for them. These are the types that burn out the fastest, usually slimmer than all the other types and sometimes hiper active.

The earth type – These are the folks who love stability and routine. They love to gain roots, just like a tree and feel extremely happy to be part of a small but tight community. They need to plan their life and have security in all areas. They’re not really into traveling or epic adventures, they’d rather find enjoyment in every day life. They have a very solid structured life. They tend to feel lonely and lost out of their comfort zone and have a hard time adapting to new situations.

The fire type – The fire types are the natural born leaders. Highly intellectual and organized, they’re the typical tourist who carries their maps, GPS, lists of things to see and do, a total travel plan and itinerary. Everything is planed to the minimum detail to make sure nothing is left unseen.  They love to see new things, but need a stable home to come back to.



Traveling brings excitement and stimulation, but not happiness. Happiness is a state of mind, a peaceful inner state that doesn’t require any geographic location of stimulation to be present. Many people travel to escape something. Happiness has to come from within, there’s no country, culture or exotic food that can offer happiness. That is something you have to work out yourself.

Can traveling enrich, fulfill you life and make you grow as a person? Definitely! No questions about it!


travel inspiration



When you travel you’re more likely to meet like-minded folks who will turn into good friends. You’ll be exposed to other realities, other cultures, other ways of viewing the world. You’ll get out of your comfort zone and get your boundaries pushed every single day and that’s where growth comes from. From the challenge! From the adventure and from feeling deeply alive!


travel inspiration


The world is a big school, probably the most dynamic one you will ever stumble upon. But if you’re unhappy and empty inside, it can actually add more loneliness to you life and make you feel lost, drifting from place to place.

Happiness is deeply rooted in inter-relation with other people. Traveling can help you understand it and work on it. Some of the happiest people I’ve seen in my life , were Indians. Some of them living in extreme poverty, but always seemed to be happy somehow. They live in tight communities and have no idea what loneliness and isolation means. Some of the happiest people in the world are not the wealthiest ones, nor the ones that travel the most… the happiest people are usually the ones who understand that without deep relations of friendship and love, nothing else will matter.

“Happiness is about finding your place in the world and within your community.”


One of the hardest things about traveling is leaving my dogs when I’m not allowed to take them

Although most travel bloggers don’t talk about it, there are lonely times during our travels. Sometimes, I feel like I know people all over the world, from all walks of life, but… I actually have very few long term friends, because I never stay long enough in a place to form that deep bond. And it’s hard sometimes. It’s hard to go back home and realize all your friends married and have kids, have no time for you anymore, that life moved on and you’re far from you fellow travel friends. Sometimes I do feel un-rooted.

travel inspiration

I’m definitely the wind type. I thrive out of my comfort zone, I adapt extraordinarily easy, I need the freedom of movement, but… That comes with a price.

Overall happy people are the ones who cultivate their dreams, follow their passions, find meaningful and strong connections with others and appreciate life no matter where they are, or what lifestyle they choose to life.

And you? Which constitutional type are you? Do you think you need to travel to be happy?

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  1. This is very interesting, Yara. I am probably somewhere between a wind and an earth type, which feels like a contradiction! Of course, not every moment of travel is wonderful and full of amazing experiences, and people often seem to forget that there are ups and downs just like in regular life!

    • No Sam, it’s not a contradiction at all, no one is pure wind, fire or earth. I’m a mix of wind and fire and if you think fire needs air to exist and wind expands with fire (heat) so they’re totally entangled and intertwined. And yes, traveling has it’s good and bad things, just like any other part of life.

  2. Really interesting post, though kind of feel like I’m in all three categories! I’m planning on starting my long-term travels later this year, and am not sure if it is going to be right for me. However, my line of thought is that if I don’t try it I will always regret it, and if I do find that it’s not right for me I can always come back home!

  3. That’s such an inspiring post! My answer is YES it can! Al least it made me much happier since I hit the road in 2011! I’ve met incredible people, learnt so many languages and seen places that I could only dreamed about when I was a little girl!

  4. Beautiful and honest blog post! I think I’m the extreme or earth and wind… not a good mix lol I think… a part of me like comfort and love of grounding my home space but then the wind part makes me extremely restless… for this reason, I’m slowly working on being a part-time traveller again as I have been mainly earth for a long time in London. Great blog and refreshing to read a very holistic angle on things :)

  5. Damn, hmm.. my wind’s on fire… lol I think I’ve come to terms with the loneliness. I’d rather it come devour me somewhere exotic than in the dead space between four office walls.

  6. How interesting post!!! I do agree with u!!! I think it depend on culture and personality to make people who are wind, fire or earth…:)

    • Absolutely, different people have different needs and it’s incredible how accurate the Ayurvedic body types are.

  7. Traveling certainly makes you see the world with a wider scope. This in turn can make you really happy. Would not want to miss it!

    Btw just followed you on Twitter as well – great travel blog you have :) Looking forward to connect!

  8. Pretty interesting piece indeed! I consider myself a wind type as well, but to make things even more complicated, I find certain tendencies in the earth and fire type as well. So maybe I’m sort of a gleaming nomad tree or something… :)
    I think travelling and happiness pretty much go hand in hand cause the life on the road tends to feel much more intense. And I also agree with your observation that happiness has nothing to do with wealth or possessions, maybe quite the contrary. Happiness is feeling “light” and not sensing “the weight of the world” on your shoulders or your mind. Travel is a marvellous way to take a plunge into the unknown and breathe pure life…

  9. Very interesting perspective, Yara. Can’t say I agree with all of it but it sure gave me a lot to think about, I loved it!

  10. Can you change over time? I float between fire and wind. I could say I have elements of earth within me but not strong enough to keep me grounded for long. I like the control aspect of fire – in truth, I love the planning and researching before we head off to a new country but I am not so restrictive that we follow a list and have a must-see itinerary I just really like to know about where I am going. That’s not to say I don’t like to get off the beaten path I do but I don’t think there is anything wrong with walking in the footsteps of others either.

  11. I love the way you say “the world is a big school”, very fitting. It is true that travel can be a very lonely experience but then as you mention you can meet some great people. Thankfully I’m happy in my own company and the good company of others.

    Like the Indian medicine you describe, there are some fits better than others.

  12. You are so right about happiness coming from within! Travel gives you the opportunities to grow but we all have to take them and make the most of what’s on offer.

    Love your thoughts on the different types of people, so interesting to relate this to travelling.

    Great post!

  13. Yara — There’s an old saying that money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy things that make you happy. In the same vein, maybe you can’t travel your way to happiness, but you can travel to have experiences that make you happy. I think happiness comes from within, but many of us need experiences (like those that come from travel) to understand this.

    Thanks for the inspiring post. And like you, I’m a Wind.


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