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Posted by on Feb 9, 2015 in Inspirational | 11 comments

Travel inspiration: A journey to inner peace

Travel inspiration: A journey to inner peace

Its usually said that when one door closes a window opens…. The problem is that sometimes, the fall is so bad, that even this logical sentence feels like a lie.



And that’s how 2015 started for me, it was a massive fall, in every possible way.

It seems like the Universe was conspiring to crash absolutely all my plans and dreams. On top of that, I lost all my sources of income at the same time. I got in such a financial struggle, I thought I would have to miss all the flights I had already bought, because I wouldn’t be able to afford any travel expense. I  wondered how the heck would I manage to go through this year.

I got so down I couldn’t write. I dropped my blog for a whole month, and for the first time ever. I packed my bags and took off to my mother’s house for a few days, because I simply couldn’t be alone. I had to ask my friends for help.




One thing many people don’t understand, is that with my lifestyle, you’re always meeting exciting and interesting people, but… you rarely create very long lasting relationships, or at least your friends are rarely around you. So when things go bad, you find yourself totally alone.

Bu I have some new friends I made through Cs here in Portugal, and I sent them all an email saying: “I need HELP! I’M CRUMBLING DOWN” the amazing thing, is that they came for me immediately.


Travel inspiration

Hiding my face after a long, long crying session Photo: Luísa Lourenço


A couple of hours of intense crying and many hugs later, I felt better. If you need help, ask for it! People will come :)




Something amazing happened after that night. Although everything was bad and I had no idea how I’d get out of it, I was not as alone as I thought I was. There were actually people who cared.

Once I started seeing the positive within the negative everything changed. The tears were still falling down without control, but there were more dry times in between.

Out of the blue, Sabrina, my fav. travel blogger from Just One way ticket, sends me an urgent message on FB: “ the flights to Manila are costing 30€, book yours NOW!” She was insisting I had to book it immediately, barely allowing me to think. Fortunately, I did!


Travel inspiration


That’s when I realized, “I just got my ticket to the Philippines, which I thought was 100% impossible, now I HAVE the obligation to move my ass and make everything work out for me. No more crying around!”




So in order to fix my serious income problem, I had to head towards southern Portugal. Although this might sound like an exciting thing to do, it is not, when you have to spend a ton of money on diesel, to cross country.



Travel inspiration

My home at the top pf the cliff on the upper right side of the photo!


So I left in a mix of excitement and worry. Odd thing, the diesel price had a massive fall the day I filled my tank, this was the cheapest I paid in 10 years!


Travel inspiration

Pogo and I exploring the beach in Algarve


And then the second ray of light came in. It was fun to drive cross country like in the old days, and this time I had Pogo with me. Wow, traveling always changes my mood!




Traveling around with no fixed time to arrive, was a bliss. Home was everywhere I parked my van and everyday my home was either facing a forest, a beach, an almond field filled with flowers….


Travel inspiration

The amazing view to the Ocean from my home!


Together Pogo and I had a blast, exploring the different beaches around. In fact, we had so much fun I totally forgot I had been depressed.


Travel inspiration

The city of Albufeira


The world is so beautiful, so majestic, how could I waste my precious time feeling depressed? Yes, I’m struggling with money like never before, but…. How blessed am I to have food on the table every single day, a roof over my head, being healthy, having the eye sight to see the beauty of the world….. How lucky I am.




One afternoon my handyman came over to fix a cabinet in my kitchen.

As the always smiley Brazilian handyman enters through the door, I grab Pogo, who is famous for not being a big fan of men (he was a street dog and had been beaten multiple times by guys, I guess he has a trauma). Pogo is usually my “aura reader” machine, or in other words; if he likes someone, that person is great if not…. stay away! He’s very accurate and only a handful of men managed to pass the Pogo test.

Pogo runs towards the cute handyman and licks his arms and face in absolute excitement, as if you had just given candy to a child! That had never happened during the 9 years he’s been living with me!

I tell the handyman that Pogo had never liked someone so fast. “They like me. I always had dogs. I’m a nice guy you know.” and smiles.  I definitely can see that!


Travel inspiration

An afternoon at the beach


So we started chatting and the conversation turned into a very deep dialogue about life, love and relationships. We talked for hours, till the sun went down. He told me:

“ How come an amazing girl like you is alone????”

I replied: “ I’ve been on a very stable relationship for more than 13 years . I was actually convinced it was forever. Now he moved to another country and I’m dwelling on what to do with my life. .”

I told him that with my crazy lifestyle, filled with traveling, “a relationship is where I find stability, peace and warmth.”

He said with a huge smile: “ your wandering ONE is already on your path. 2015 will be your year my darling. Just open your heart to life and everything will pour in. Trust in the Universe. Let life flow through you and enjoy whatever comes along.”

We talked about the fear men usually have of getting married and he was surprised I actually don’t want to get married. “Marriage is good, although you have to know how to keep sex alive. I was terrified of marriage, but then… I got over it!”

That night I went to my van and slept like an angel. You know what? 2015 really will be my year, and yours as well, if we open our hearts to life. The key to happiness is to trust in that everything will be ok and even the worse experiences happen for a reason. They all come with a precious lesson!


Travel inspiration


When everything goes wrong, just surrender…. Be like water :)




I’ve been working really hard lately and my blog is finally taking off. Soon, I’m becoming financially sustainable, which is crucial for the survival of this website. So, this is quite exciting!


Travel inspiration

Winter flowers in Algarve


My trip to Manila is booked and I can’t wait! The Philippines have been on my mind for at least 4 years now.

I was one of the chosen travel bloggers, to attend the New media conference in Bucharest, Romania, a great opportunity to meet new travel bloggers, and see some old ones. I’m extremely excited and grateful for this opportunity. Life is not so bad after all.

Right now, life is good. The next chapter awaits!


  1. Txii encontrei o teu blog ha um par de dias e deparo-me logo com um post destes. Pelos vistos estas no caminho certo, abriste o coracao e agora e esperar que venham as coisas boas =) E esse brasileiro? Veio mesmo do nada… ou entao nao. Parece um mensageiro. Uma vez quando estava na India, uma russa que tinha conhecido ha uns dias pegou na minha mao e disse Listen to your mind. A partir desse momento a minha vida mudou.

    Tambem sou viajante a tempo inteiro e rejo me em muitos dos teus posts. Vou estar aqui deste lado a acompanhar te!

    Ps. A conferencia em budapeste e quando? E aberta a todos os bloggers? Adorava ir a uma coisa do genero =)

    • Sle mudou radicalmente o meu estado de espirito e a gente riu muito, durante horas. Que inspiracao! Algumas pessoas entram na nossa vida, e so’ trazem alegria :)

      A convencao de Bucarest esta aberta a todos os bloggers que queiram vir, aqui vai o link:

      Brigada pelas palavras positivas e um abraco gigante de Portugal :)

  2. Sorry to hear that your year started on a low note.. But waking up to those sights! WOW! You’re right, you are very lucky… To have a beautiful dog, caring friends, a van that makes everywhere home and eyes to see the world for the crazy, magical place that it is. Wishing you all the best for 2015!

    • Hi Nikita, that’s what I thought to myself: Wow, how can someone not enjoy life when waking up to those sights every morning???

      Having to go on that road trip was the best thing I could possibly do. In fact, I loved it so much i miss all the driving around and sun baths with Pogo. Nothing makes me happier than a new trip to recharge batteries.

  3. Thank you for sharing so that others may be inspired. I haven’t been in as difficult a situation as yours (knock on wood), but your insight gives thought to everyday situations too. Be open, stay positive and keep moving forward…we each have a mission to fulfill in this life, so let’s go! : ) Wishing you a fruitful journey.

    • Yes Sarah, I totally believe we all have a mission to fulfill in this life :) And one thing I have learned over and over again: Life doesn’t give us want we want, it gives us what we need!

  4. Thank you for sharing this. Sometimes the struggle is hard and we forget how beautiful life is. I’ve recently had several challenges, and my blog HAS NOT taken off. The magic moment will come, I believe. Your sharing gives me hope and inspiration.

    • We forget to see all the good and positive things that surround us every single day. Sometimes the best things of life are so “basic” we forget to be grateful for them. Being healthy, having food on the table, a roof, friends and a sun shining outside, is all that matters. So many people in this world struggle to just survive. I’m even starting a gratitude journal, and every night, I write down 10 things I’m grateful for.

      As far as blogging, it’s a myth that blogging is easy. It is NOT! I work more than 12 – 15 hours a day, on things most people don’t see (the behind the scenes), and only after 1 year and 7 months, I starting to succeed. Don’t lose your hope and don’t give up, it’s all a matter of time :) It is extremely hard, eventually you’ll get there.

  5. I’m glad you are turning things around after a horrible start to the year :)

    Best of luck for the year ahead!

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  7. Dear Yara,
    My name is Delaney and I’m a sixteen year old living in the US. I’ve had a life long dream of traveling the world (as I’m sure almost everyone who contacts you does) and a few years ago I started exploring the thought of traveling right out of high school. Ever since then I’ve spent my nights researching tips and tricks on how I can afford and survive travel on my own. From doing so, I stumbled upon your blog which has not only helped educate me but has really kicked this dream of mine into full gear. After reading that you started your travels at 18 years old, I immediately felt compelled to contact you. Of all the things that have come up from trying to make my dream a reality just one thing that’s holding me back: my age. Ive read countless blogs, including yours, which encourage solo female travel, but I have yet to find one that speaks to such a young age of travelers. If my goal is to start my travels say a year after high school while Im 19 years old, is it smart for me to just go off on my own? Am I being over ambitious? Will I even have enough common adult knowledge to work my way around booking accommodations and flights, or managing money, credit cards and expenses? Ive been told from countless people that there are programs and groups I could join as a student that would allow me to travel but it doesn’t seem like the right thing for me. The majority are too expensive and even the more affordable ones seem pointless because I know I could stretch my money to experience so much more than they offer. I would enjoy having a person to share my memories with but with everyone going off to college, it seems as if I’ll have no choice but to go on my own. I should also mention that at the moment I have very little interest in going to college, therefore studying abroad would not be ideal. Although it seems like a great experience, I believe that I could learn so much more from being exposed to different cultures and experiences than I could from thousands of dollars worth of textbooks. Overall I believe life is too short to not pursue my dreams and living an average life (going to college, getting a normal job) is too expensive for what I feel I would get out of it. I would really like to make this dream a reality and thought contacting an expert like you to get some advice would help me get over this hurdle. It would be much appreciated.

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