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Posted by on Dec 30, 2014 in Europe | 24 comments

Top European destinations for 2015!

Top European destinations for 2015!

Top European destinations for 2015, from historical cities to marvelous nature, here’s my top 10 list!

Seems like 2014 is coming to an end! It was a great year, filled with work, new experiences and growth for most of us.

But 2015 is looking very promising for me, with many travel destinations, many exciting plans and experiences awaiting.

In 2015 I’m teaming up with Eurail, in order to cross Europe by land from the westerner point in Lisbon, till Turkey, where I will then fly to Asia. This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever had and a dream come true!

These are some of the many cities and villages I will visit during my long trip through Europe!




The Azores are a group of islands, situated on the Atlantic ocean and part of Portugal. This is the only European destination I will fly to.

Top European destinations


I’ve been wanting to visit the Azores for more than a decade. The Azores are famous for the lush green and unspoiled nature, as well as the surreal volcanic sceneries.

I got my ticket already and on the 4th of March, I’m off to some of the most beautiful islands in Europe. These islands with a long tradition in the hunting of whales, are not the most famous European spot to watch these magnificent animals, as well as swimming with wild dolphins. So, gues what I’ll be doing there? Yes! Whale watching!



Costa Brava is part of Catalunya – Spain, and a place where the Mediterranean sun and natural beauty walk hand in hand.


Top European destinations


I’ve been to Costa Brava many times. When I lived in Barcelona, Costa Brava was my favorite escape from the stress and pollution of the city. I used to grab my van and my dogs and without a map, just drive along the coast, till I’d find a desert beach with turquoise clean waters. And I always did!

I’m returning to Costa Brava after many years away, and I’m excited!  This time, I won’t miss my chance to indulge into the wonderful foods from Spain!


Capital of Romania, Bucharest tourism is still small which means, the city is quite authentic. This city will be an extraordinary experience for its extraordinary food and the vibrant Bucharest nightlife!




I’ve always wanted to visit Romania. Maybe because of the endless tales and stories about count Dracula, or maybe because of the incredible nature and culture that is still very unspoiled in this part of Europe.

I’ll be visiting Bucharest with a group of fellow travel bloggers, catching the most beautiful spots and flavors in beautiful photos for you guys!



A popular Mediterranean Island for party seekers, but is that all Ibiza has to offer?



Photo: Binu Nair


Ibiza is one of the top European destinations for the party seekers. I would even say Ibiza is the Cancun of Europe, but is partying the only attraction of Ibiza?

Not at all! Ibiza is a beautiful Island filled with natural wonders, incredible beaches and small picturesque cities. And this is my goal, to explore the natural beauty of this Spanish Island.



Located in the Linguria region of Italy, Cinqui Terre is one of those places that should be on everyone’s bucket list and on the top European destinations for 2015!


Photo: Wallvision


If you’ve been to Italy before, you might know that the whole country is gorgeous! Italy is probably the most beautiful country in Europe, in my personal opinion. Cinqui Terre is one of those spots that will leave you breathless.

A Unesco heritage site and a delight to the visitors who fall in love with this picturesque area of the Italian Riviera.



Meteora is another incredible UNESCO heritage site awaiting to be discovered, in beautiful Greece.



Photo: Marina & Henrique CC License


Meteora is a unique place in Greece. Considered a Unesco heritage site, this place has stolen the heart of some of my friends who visited this beauty. I’ve been wanting to visit Meteora for a while and 2015 will finally be the year when this dream will come true.

And according to my friends Margherita and Nick, the Meteora Sunset is something to die for!



The capital and largest city in Slovenia, and according to what I’ve heard so far, I will fall in love with the city.



Photo: Fromthenorth CC License


Considered one of the least explored gems in Eastern Europe, Ljubljana is a city that is waiting to be discovered. I wonder what kind of vegan and vegetarian foods I will find here.


Budapest, the capital of Hungary and one of the biggest cities in Europe.


Photo: Frank Schmidt CC License


Famous for the impressive monuments and history, it’s incredible I still didn’t manage to visit the pearl of the East.  Lonely Planet nominated it one of the top destinations of Europe. I can’t wait to finally explore the vegan foods of Budapest.



The Elbe Sandstones are a mountain range located between Germany and Czech Republic.

Look at this incredible site, what do you think? Amazing, isn’t it? Well, this is one of the most incredible natural European destinations on my bucket list.


One of the most Iconic cities in Turkey, Istanbul is one of my top European destinations for 2015.


The beautiful sunrise lights over the blue mosk

The beautiful sunrise lights over the blue mosque


This will be my second visit to Istanbul, one of the most culturally and historically fascinating cities in Europe. Istanbul is a bridge between the East and the West, an exotic city that leaves no time for boredom.

The Spice Baazar, the beauty of the mosques and the smells and sounds of this city, made me fall in love once. I have no doubts I’ll fall in love twice.


These are my top European destinations for 2015 and I can’t wait to finally explore each one of them.  Is there a destination you think I should add to my trip? Let me know on the comment section bellow.


  1. I love Budapest and Ljubljana and would love to see Meteora and the Azores. Nice list, Yara!

  2. Istanbul is one of the few cities I would love to revisit! I also fell in love with it the first time and I’m hoping to pop back there again this year. I’m looking forward to hearing if it’s just as good for you the second time around!

  3. Please don’t let Bucharest spoil your image of Romania. There are many other cities much, much more beautiful than the filthy, grey capital where you’re so very likely to get robbed. Try to catch a glympse of Cluj, Brasov, Timisoara, Sibiu, Sighisoara… (and this list could go on and on). Seriously, it’s a beautiful country and the capital is one of its worst parts :(

    Oh! And in Costa Brava you should really take a day or two to explore the Bay of Roses. Cadaques was Dali’s inspiration, Empuries is the oldest town, Roses is plain mesmerizing… (again, could go on and on).

    Anyway, great list, cool places, best of luck to you and don’t make us wait to long for the amazing pictures! 😉

    • I’m sorry if you had a bad experience in Bucharest but I dare say your opinion is exagerated. Bucharest is one of the safest capitals in Europe. Of course there are parts that are considered dangerous but if you go there as a tourist without a guide or a local then you are looking for trouble. You may not have liked the capital but calling it the worst part of Romania is rude. And since I am a Bucharest tourist guide I have to tell you that until now all my tourists found Bucharest charming and fell in love with its history. And if you are a Romanian shame on you!

      • Hello, I was reading you are a tour guide in Budapest?
        I’d love to get in contact with.
        while it would be nice to hear from you via twitter or instagram, or even facebook, you may contact me through email
        [email protected] or
        [email protected]

        I am hoping to ask you some questions about your tour.
        Thanks in advance.

  4. I never knew about the Azores, seems to be a great place with lush greeneries.

    • Albania is high on my bucket list, I’ve heard great things about it!

      • Drop us an email if you make it, got a vegan chef in Tirana, couple excellent slow food restaurants and most of the produce is organic. Not to speak of inspiring landscapes and cultural peculiarities. :)

  5. I have my eye set on Costa Brava this year. I hope I can make it happen.

    • I’m here right now. It can be extremely crowded and touristy in certain areas. Lloret for example, is too much for me, but other parts of Costa Brava are paradise on earth.

  6. Yara, I love the choice of destinations you have! I miss Ukraine here, this is my Motherland, and I would like to invite you! I am sure you would appreciate Kiev, Kharkiv cities, Dnipro mighty river and biggest European river island Khortiza! And also you should visit Lviv, this city is incredible! I like your blog, and would thank for your opinion on my photo aggregation project at . Keep good travel! Daria

  7. I’ve spent all day searching for the info on the Azores as I got this idea today to go and see the islands. I saw some tv documentary a long time ago and was really impressed. I’m glad to see it on your list – I think I’ll add it to mine for this year,too :)

  8. Yara! What a beautifull article! Ljubljana is my favorite here. It’s time to go there again. Have you been to Potsdam in Germany? Would be a nice addition to your list. Thank you for the insights!

  9. Haven’t yet went through you full blog to see if you ‘ve already visited the places I would love to suggest below accept my apologies if you already did….
    Passing by Greece you should visit Chios on the East side and Zante on the west side. Chios because of its remarkable landscape, the amazing Nea Moni monastery, part of UNESCO list of world heritage monuments, the medieval village of Mesta and of course Mastiha, the cultivation of which has been inscripted as intagible human heritage of UNESCO.

    On the other side Zante is well known for its remarkable beaches, the Shipwreck beach among them, one of the most photographed beach in Europe while Careta-Careta has its refuge in Laganas bay, a protected area in which birth of new species it taking place.

    If you can find time to do a google search or visiting and maybe youl be convinced that those two places are worth to be added to your excellent list…

    Regards and look forward to see your posts througt this journey…

    • Great tips! Greece is one of my favorite countries in the world and I feel I haven’t explored it to the fullest :)

  10. This is a pretty good list … but no France?

    • I will pass by France really fast on my way to Italy, but I have no plans to stop by. I’ve been in France multiple times and it’s a very expensive country :)

  11. I’ve already visited Istanbul this year and I would love to see the Azores! Let me know if you want any recommendations for Bucharest, as this is my home town. 😀

  12. Although you already have two Spanish destinations in the list, I would also recommend you to check out the Basque Country, a unique and unexplored region in northern Spain and southern France. Here you will find big cities (Bilbao, San Sebastian, …), beach resort towns (Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz, …), quaint little villages (Getaria, Espelette, …) and much much more.

  13. Great list! I’ve always felt the same way about Italy – in fact, I’m heading to Cinque Terre myself in the summer! I always used to think Florence was my favourite European city that I had seen but since visiting Ljubljana and seeing how pretty and friendly it is, I think I now have a joint favourite ☺

    • Yeah Italy is one of those countries that is hard not to love! Ljubljana must be a great city because everyone is falling in love with it!

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