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Posted by on May 27, 2015 in Articles | 29 comments

TOP 83 European bloggers you should follow in 2015!

TOP 83 European bloggers you should follow in 2015!

TOP 83 European bloggers you should follow in 2015!

A lot is said about the fact that the most successful and famous travel blogs are run by Americans and Canadians. The truth is that internet was way more developed and common there back in the early days.

When I took off in 1998, I heard about something called internet once or twice, vaguely, but had no idea of what it really was about. But in the year 2000 I moved to the US and came across a brand new reality – the internet –  just to get disconnected once again, after I returned to Europe.

Europeans have been traveling extensively since… well, since “we” invaded the new continents a few centuries ago. Traveling has always been part of our culture with our 30 days of paid vacations and something we always took for granted.



Travel bloggers united in Greece! Photo by The crowded planet


Although most European travel bloggers are not as famous as our fellow Americans ones, we’re out there living our passions and sharing our dreams with the world in many different languages.

Here are some of the coolest European natives and European permanent residents who are sharing their forever travel life with all of us..



Sab is one of the most successful European travel bloggers, and also one of the most talented photographers.

Although she doesn’t report every single trip she makes, she has been all over and the love for the road runs in her veins. She’s known for being one of the friendliest, most helpful and humble girls out there. Her posts always make me laugh!




Sam and Zab write one of the most interesting vegan travel blogs out there. With a love for new experiences, these two have been traveling the world and eating some of the most delicious foods. They’re a location independent couple who has taught English in different countries and learned how to make a living while on the road. Their vegan guides are to die for.




Clelia is an inspiring travel blogger from Italy. She’s a great example of someone who believed she could live a more fulfilling and enriching life. So she left her well paid job in London and took off to explore the world.

Apart form her incredible travel experiences, she’s also one of the friendliest and interesting persons I’ve talked to.




I still haven’t been fortunate enough to meet Joao in person, although we’re both Portuguese travelers with many years on the road.

Joao is a reference for anything and everything related to traveling, from the most popular destinations to the most exotic ones. Filled with tips and great stories, he definitely runs of the most comprehensive Portuguese written travel site and a serious off the beaten path English blog. I really hope we bump into each other one of these days.







Inma is a gypsy by heart and a girl whose personality fills up the entire room. Living a conventional life would probably kill her and you can see her passion and love for the road through her breath taking photos.

She’s Spanish by birth, but a true citizen of the world and I wonder if she ever stops and takes a rest?




Yes, they’re an Anglo-Italian couple and a reference for everything related to slow, deep travel with a vegan taste!

No one scores better house-sitting and pet-sitting deals than them and according to what they’ve told me, their heart breaks every time they leave their new pet friends behind to chase another adventure.

Dale and Franca created one of the best travel blogs out there, they’re on my top 10 travel bloggers of all time and every single post I read, I learn something new with them. The quality of their writing and their stories is hard to match!




An Italo-Slovakian couple that managed to create one of the top travel blogges out there. Gianni, a professional photographer captures some of the most beautiful landscapes and sceneries, while Ivana is one of the best storytellers I know. Their posts are filled with meaningful info, emotions and stories you’ll want to live as well.

Nature lovers and ecologists by heart, they’ll take you with them through some of the most beautiful places on earth.



Laurel is a nature lover, running an adventure travel blog. Although she is Canadian, she lives in Munich, Germany. The title of her blog comes from two of the things she loves most. Her goal is to inspire you to add more adventure to your life!

Laurel’s blog is absolutely beautiful, her photos will make you want to pack and leave immediately. She will show you Germany in many different perspectives as well as all the other parts of the world she has been to.




Paula and Daria, are probably the funniest couple in the blogosphere! Their videos make me laugh hysterically and they’re 2 of the most talented Vloggers I’ve ever met!

Paula is Brazilian and Daria is Italian and for the time being, they both live in London with their cute cat.  They run really inspiring videos that deal with several LGBT issues. But don’t think their work revolves around LGBT issues only, as most of our challenges in life, either they’re related with our intimacy and relationships or not, are actually very similar and their goal is to inspire all of us to overcome our fears with humor and a light heart.





Ezio Totorizzo, is a Food lover, Puglia addicted e Mr Lifestyle. “I love travelling, laughing until I feel jaw pain, reading and chatting with a cup of tea.”

Ezio will take you through the stunning cities and landscapes of Italy and the world.  A wonderful Italian written travel and lifestyle blog with some of the most beautiful and inspiring photos you’ll ever see!




I LOVE this blog! I absolutely love how I lose sense of time and space when I go through the crowded planet.  Margherita is Italian and the most talented writer and storyteller I came across in the blog world. She’s brilliant and through her stories, i can almost feel and smell all the places she is telling me about.  Nick is a very talented Australian photographer who can capture magic like no one else. With his photos, he has the ability to carry you on their journeys around the world and thanks to their stories I have spent more time online than I wanted :)

Definitely a must!




Alex is from Slovakia and probably one of the first European travel bloggers I’ve heard of.  She’s been writing consistently for some years now, sharing her adventures and passions with the world. She’s a vegan and fitness health coach with multiple talents.

When someone writes for a long time, you can see their evolution and changes which can be quite fascinating. As she says on her bio: “…if you are looking for just one thing on my blog, I have to disappoint you. I would get bored doing the same thing all over again, so this blog is about crazy travel, fun adventures and sexy photos. It is about spa, swimming, snorkeling, massages, adventures, flying, beaches, hiking, animals, city breaks and other experiences around the world.”




“We are two adventurous tramps, best friends – Agness and Cez, from Poland. We call ourselves tramps, because we live without permanent home and for under 25 bucks a day, since 2011. While travelling the world, we find the time to write about it, share the tricks to do it cheaply and even help other people do the same.”

Agness and Cez has built a solid name within the travel blog world. I’m always fascinated by the amount of hard work and energy they pour on their blog. If you’re traveling on a budget, they will be your best reference for tips and ideas.




Sabina is a rare case in the travel blog world, where personality meets talent. While many travel bloggers hide behind their blogs, Sabina shines through. Her blog has a very personal voice.

On her bio, you can read: “I’m 21. I’m a blogger, student and international troublemaker. I have a passion for fashion, I revel in travel and I’m always in the mood for food. I also have a weakness for delicious cocktails and cute animals (boys included!). I’m trying to make the whole world my home and this website is my progress report.”




This is a one of a kind blog, and its uniqueness is an inspiration and reference for many single parent families who desire to travel with their kids.

Talon is a born American, but European resident and single dad, with a multi passion for everything challenging and fun, whether it is scuba diving, cycling or running.

According to him: “, on 4 May 2011 I left my traditional work life and embarked on life as a full-time nomad, traveling around the world slowly with my young son (aka Tigger), who was 9 years old when we began our new life.   I “world school” Tigger, teach languages, write, do photography, teach scuba, and do other online work along the way.”




Marcela and Filipe are a Brazilian couple living in Berlin and together, they’ve created a stunning blog that captures incredible photography and the best tips to enjoy and explore Berlin, no matter if you only have 24 hours and a month!

“Our idea was to inspire people from all over the world that live in Berlin and don’t really know the city. Our idea was to mix our passion for photography together with the fact that, since we never lived in Berlin before, we needed to explore where we decided to call home.”




Stefania is a dutch living and enjoying the wonders of Malaga, Spain.

She will share her multi passions on her fantastic award wining blog, where she describes herself as: “Serial expat, child of two cultures, I live in Malaga, the south of Spain from where I travel the world when budget and time allow me to do so.

Blogger, Entrepreneur, Economist, Psychologist, Traveller.”




Boredom is probably a word that Will forgot a long time ago. If he’s not climbing, trekking, getting painted or couchsurfing, he’s probably sleeping and getting ready for the next adventure!  The broke backpacker could only be written by this cool British dude, because his personality shines through in a very unique way.

“Hi! I’m Will, a wandering adventurer, travel writer and amateur photographer. I like to get muddy, naked and painted. I first started backpacking when I was eighteen and was instantly hooked by all the inspiring people I met whilst hitching, camping and couchsurfing around Europe.”



Not a typical travel blog, but a series of guides to several destinations, so you can plan your adventures wherever you go!

Written in Spanish and covering different countries and cultures, these are the must guides for any independent traveler.




Although Polish by birth, Anna really is a citizen of the world, who can’t identify with one culture or country alone.

“Hi, I’m Anna! I’ve been traveling & living in different places around the globe for the last 10 years. I don’t let a full-time job be the reason not to travel, but I don’t think you have to quit your job to be a traveler. I have a passion for movies, love wildlife and I’m always in the mood for food.”




Can a traveler who never intended to travel become an inspiration? Meet Denis, a fun adventurous German guy who will inspire you to move. “Hi, my name is Dennis Kopp and I am not only the author of what you are reading, but also the eyes in which you are seeing the world that is portrait on this website. It seems strange now, but for most of my life I was actually never much of a traveller. In fact, I never really liked to be away from home and for many years I did not even go anywhere when I had time for vacation…”



Pam is a bombastic blond, a really sweet girl I had the chance to meet in Greece. She’s a part time blogger, full time dreamer. Free spirit. Welcome to her world!



I’m Manouk, sassy girl, ‘travel mastermind’ and founder of this travel blog ‘Bunch of Backpackers’ (BoB). I love to travel independently and I am always planning a next adventure. In Asia you may find me in a karaoke bar. Happy travels! Love, Manouk.




A reference for everything related to beautiful Croatia.
“We’ll guide you to the best of Croatian travel, food and culture.  Plus we share stories about our life in rural Croatia.
Hi, my name is SJ. I am a Mum, wife, and Australian expat. Welcome to Chasing the Donkey. I packed up my very typical life in 2013 and shifted it along with my Croatian husband and son to rebuild the old house we inherited in Croatia to make it our new dream house.”




DJ is a freaking sexy Filipino resident in Germany. He’s seriously passionate about Europe traveling and has a sharp sense of humor.

“I am a gypsetter. I have been traveling the world for almost 7 years now. I backpacked all over South East Asia for almost 2 years before moving to Europe in 2009. Since then I have lived in Warsaw, Stockholm and Cologne.”





“Hope is a waking dream.  – Aristotle House of Anaïs is about living the good life. Here I share my family’s inspirations on lifestyle, travel, design, food and things we do with our three little kids …”




Paula and Isaac are a Spanish couple living adventures around the world while inspiring their Spanish speaking readers to follow their dreams.

Their blog is beautiful filled with incredible photos and stories.




José is a Spanish speaking traveler who believes the road is the best school of life.

He’s been virtually everywhere and challenges you to do the same.




“Ever since I was a small girl and since I remember I was travelling. My parents used to drag me first around Poland and then, around Europe. Each summer was spent visiting mountains, seasides, lakes, cities and so many other beautiful places. That gave me a serious travel bug that is getting worse and worse with time…”


Fran is a travel fanatic I was fortunate to meet in 2 different occasions.

His blog was born in 2008 out of his passion for traveling and it’s now a reference for the Spanish speaking travelers.




Marysia is one of the most energetic and fun bloggers I’ve met so far. Born and raised in Poland, she’s now a citizen of the world and a person who will turn every event into a wild party! I absolutely love her!

“It took me a while to understand what my real passion in life is. I have studied to be a lawyer. Took a degree in fashion design. Lived and partied in Spain and England. Whole my life I had an ‘on and off’ affair with art, hand-made decorations and restyling furniture. I love foreign languages. I had fun working for an entertainment news agency. But those were typical romances. Amorous. Even concupiscent but always, after a while, I was burned out. I needed a new fling. A change.”




“I’m Agata and I travel a lot. It’s not only about miles crossed. Not about far far away places. Not that much about the places I go to. Although I traveled around the world last year (again!) I think MEETING people and DOING things are much important than just WATCHING landmarks and touristic sites.”




Lauren is an Italo-American resident in Madrid and forever passionate about Spain and Spanish food! She’s a reference for everything related to traditional Spanish cuisine and she will even guide you through the favors of Spain with her Food tours!

“I’m Lauren, a food lover and traveler, and I’m happy to share my tips with you! From where to eat in Spain to simple Spanish recipes, you’re in the right place.”




An Italo-Spanish couple who have been traveling the world since 1999. They took off with 4 friends with no organized plans or route. That’s how these 2 began their travel adventures that have taken them to far away places like the Antarctic.





Cyra is an Aussie by birth, but now resident in Sevilla, Spain. I met Cyra in Lisbon and later on we were temporary roommates in Spain. She’s an awesome girl with a serious passion for food and adventure.

“I’m just a girl with a severe case of wanderlust who has no shame in favoring meals over museums, tapas over trekking and drinking wine for lunch. I truly believe that food is the catalyst for the best travel experiences, and good food doesn’t mean “fancy with a high price tag””


Maria is a Bulgarian travel blogger and we met in Greece in 2013. I was thrilled to meet a blogger from a country that is not famous for exporting travel writers.

“You can’t quit your job right away but want to visit every single place on Earth? I thought that’s imposible, too. But then I put myself together and changed that! And I’m going to show you how I successfully balanced 9-5 job with travelling to Paris, Istanbul, London and other magical places.

I’m also in love with my home country Bulgaria, so I’m going to tell you about all the best places and all the things you can do here. ”



“We are Ashray and Zara. Best friends, travel companions, musicians, partners in crime and much more! Until 2011 we were living in a far away land called Dubai. It was where we met and fell in love. However, for a number of reasons, life in Dubai no longer appealed to us, so we decided to sell all our stuff, pack our bags and travel the world! We are travelers with a mission. Our mission is to circle the globe and TAKE YOU WITH US! That’s what Backpack Me is all about.”






“Urban Travel Blog is a collective blog of expert travel writers, reporting on trends/culture, experiences, eco-tourism as well as nocturnal adventures in cities around Europe and the world.

“We publish lovingly-compiled ‘Long Weekend’ city guides to all our favourite destinations, as well as fresh and insightful feature articles on the quirkiest crazes, the most intriguing experiences and the best nightlife our boundless curiosity can uncover.”




Veronika is a Czech travel blogger who fell in love for travel.

“In this blog, I am writing about my travels about the world (mainly Europe and Asia so far) and I would like to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and travel, too.  Travelling is awesome! It always helps me to gain news perspectives. As Henry Miller said: “One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.”




João is a fellow Portuguese travel blogger I’m dying to meet. This guy doesn’t stop and his photos are to die for! I feel jealous of his amazing adventures.

“Growing up in Coimbra, a small city in the center of Portugal, I was never a big traveler on my teen years, apart from the typical five days getaway to London or Paris. I always had a big desire to travel and discover new cultures, meet new people, everything that makes travel the most unique experience you can have in life.”




Nani is a journalist specialized in tourism, and a storyteller.  She writes her blog in Spanish and her goal is to inspire you to travel.




A fun and adventurous family who love the outdoors and are always ready to explore the world!



“Hi, I’m Sofie. I used to have a stable, predictable career and lead a comfortable life. Then I quit my job.
I realized security and certainty weren’t enough. I needed to create my own path and follow my passions. This blog is about finding out where those take me by exploring my home country Belgium and the rest of the world while I’m at it.”





Probably the most complete guide of Romania in Spanish language!



An Italian written travel blog.




An awesome team producing fun videos and posts in Spanish.  They have a sharp sense of humor and they seem to have traveled everywhere! An absolute must!




Sabine a dutch blogger, Likes to discover the world, far away and close by. New places, different languages and cultures. Gets inspiration from luxury, hospitality, design and gastronomy and an arty or architectural touch.




The Travel Magazine is a travel portal with highly informative, upbeat and inspirational articles for people who love to travel. We are storytellers.

Our editors are passionate about travel and are regularly interviewed on TV, radio and in the press about travel trends, destinations and budget travel.



Víctor Gómez is a Spanish traveler who will give you all sorts of tips and inspiration for you to get out of your comfort zone!




In my mid-40’s I quit the corporate job, sold my house and, without a big budget, moved to Europe to expand my horizons. As Curious Cat Expat I share my experiences as a non-stereotypical expat & independent female traveler with my stories and photography.




A Romanian blog that focuses on many topics from fashion to society and travel.




Viorica’s personal travel blog, written in Romanian since 2013. She loves traveling and her goal is to inspire people to learn more about many tourist destinations.



Cezar writes an awesome Romanian travel blog that goes beyond the typical destinations. You can find some of the lest explored, off the beaten path destinations through his writing and photography.




Hi, my name is Milou! On my I want to inspire you to make the most of your life. I believe you can achieve your dreams and live a bad ass life on any budget. There is so much beauty waiting for you to be seen in this world. From one budget babe to another. Read my blog in Dutch or English.



If you are not a German speaking person, you were probably wondering what “Herumtreiberin” means. Well, let me tell you, it is somewhere in the lines of roamer, wanderer, globetrotter. Because that’s what I am: A wanderer. Always on the move, always wishing for my next travel adventure to start as soon as possible.




Who is “The Travelling Colognian”? I am Vanessa, a young female in her thirties, working as a journalist and photographer for a regional daily newspaper close to my hometown in Germany.

I would call myself a curious, open-minded, adventurous, but sometimes also thoughtful person, as someone, who loves to meet people from all over the world and to explore other cultures and countries.



On the surface? It’s about cool places and people.

But really? It’s about having an open mind and seeing possibility everywhere.
It’s designed for people who want something more out of life  — people who struggle to find magic and adventure in their everyday lives.




A family travel blog in Romanian.




A Romanian travel blog.



A Romanian travel blog.



Hi! My name is Sara. I’ve been traveling since I was a kid and this blog is where I write my travel experiences and try to give advice to people like you so you can travel to the destination of your dreams.




Wanderwings started in 2013, when I (Henar) moved to Germany, as a way to keep track of life, and experiences; a place to look back and remember amazing times, like a travel diary, and also a way of sharing these experiences with you all, from cheap on a budget travel possibilities, to concerts and reviews, all marinated with a wonderful mix of photos and humor.



Travel around with Henriette from the Netherlands.




A family friendly travel blog from Italy.




A food and travel blog from Italy since 2008.






I’m Barbara – I’m a Biologist, traveller and curious person. I’m passionate at Photography, Nature and Travelling of course! This blog is a place for make you dream about next travel destination, discovering the Nature Power all around the world!



EuroTribe is an online travel website with focus on European destinations and all things European worldwide. Topics generally revolve around budget travel, culture and photography. Articles don’t just include travel tips and advice but also product reviews, adventurous activities, cultural scene and local experiences.



An awesome French travel blog with a strong focus on nature and Ecology.






A Romanian travel blog by Simona Stanescu.

“I like to challenge what I think I know! I like to travel for the challenge! I travel because it makes sense. I travel because this is life for me!”



A Romanian travel blog.



A German food blog.




Claudia Ottilie writes a German travel blog.


Since we started this blog in 2014, our writing and photography have evolved to focus a lot more on our travel experiences (the people we meet and how they express themselves through art, the History and heritage behind the destinations) and a lot less on “how to’s” and “guides”. You will still find these posts on the blog but not as frequently.



There’s little I enjoy more than hopping off a train in a new city, not knowing what’s around the corner. I’ve lived in New Zealand, Norway and the USA and have visited well over 100 of the UN member countries. Or, depending on how you count a country, 154 countries and territories. Do I think that’s fun? I kinda do.




I am a London-based travel writer and consultant. Originally from California, I graduated from Brown University in Rhode Island and began my career in finance. I spent several years working for Goldman Sachs and a hedge fund in San Francisco before moving to the UK and launching the A Lady in London blog in 2007.



Well, hello! I’m Abi, a writer and photographer who swapped a career as a doctor for a life on the road. Inside the Travel Lab started as a home for the places I loved and the people I’d met that didn’t fit into the world of mainstream media. It pretty much still is.



We are Becky and Gray the UK-based duo behind GlobalGrasshopper – a global magazine and resource for independent travellers. We’re also joined by a team of self-confessed travel snobs and together we’re on a mission to discover the world’s most underrated and beautiful places. Subscribe to our news feed forphotography, guides and travel inspiration with a slightly off-beat outlook.




I’m Monica and I’m a British travel blogger.I began travel blogging in 2009 when I left the UK to travel for two years. I bought a backpack and a one-way ticket to Australia and had the most amazing 2 years of my life as I travelled through Asia and around Oz in a battered old campervan. From the moment that ticket was booked I was hooked on travel and I’ve barely stopped ever since.



I grew up in a beautiful village in the midlands until moving out at 18. Before this I hadn’t been far, a few holidays in France and a school trip to Turkey about covers it. And although I dipped my toe in the water with a holiday to Greece with friends the summer before university it wasn’t until I worked on a kids camp in New York that I truly got bitten by the travel bug. It was those ruddy Ozzies that did it to me!



We’re Kirstie & Stuart. We share an adventurous spirit, a passion for indie travel and 3 kids. The Family Adventure Project is our long term experiment in doing active, adventurous things together.



I’m a freelance journalist and blogger specializing in family travel. I’ve lived and worked in Italy and Spain and am now based in rural south-east England with my husband, adoptive and birth children, dog and cat.



Family Travel Times is a whole family blog, which means it’s written by all four of us – Sarah (who is a journalist), Brian (not a journalist!) and the children, Jess and Robert.

We are lucky enough to have visited some wonderful places, both on day trips and for longer periods of time, at home in the UK and beyond. We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and that we inspire you to travel more too.




Determined to combine parenthood with her love of travel and the great outdoors, Kate founded Baby Routes in 2012 after the birth of her first daughter.

Now with both a toddler and a new baby to take on her adventures, Kate continues to test out family friendly walks, share travel tips and put outdoor gear for parents and tots through their paces.






  1. Hey – what about us? Haha just kidding … great list, already knew most of them, but will check out those that I didn’t…

  2. So many cool bloggers, we are honoured to be among them! Thanks guys.

  3. Bookmarked for future reading. Too many to digest in one go. :) Keep up the good work everyone!

  4. Next year I promise to myself I’ll make it to your list with my new travel blog :)

  5. I met Will from the broke backpacker in 2011 and traveled together in india, weeks later our paths crossed in nepal. I love this growing travel bloggers community =) I just interviewed Talon from 1dad1son, he is suuuuper awesome! my blog is

  6. Great list, thank you!

    Another travel blog with beautiful photos – the guy is from Romania –

  7. Hey girl!! Oh thanks so much for having included me in this awesome list!!!! You’re just a doll <3 And I agree on the other entries, some great guys in here :)

  8. Thanks for including me Yara :) I’m honored!

  9. This is truly an amazing list, Yara, and it is very impressive to discover so many fantastic european Travel Blogs. Thank you so much for including my Blog to this website – that’s absolutely awesome. :)

  10. Aaah thank you so much sweety! It means so much to me! Always happy to get featured from you <3 Hope to meet you some day…

  11. Ah, so many great resources for travel inspiration (and some good language practice too!). I know some of these great people already and am looking forward to discovering more of them. Thanks for taking the time to put this list together! Btw, you can keep me in mind for the next one; I’m based in Geneva, Switzerland :-)

  12. Hi, wanted to include my blog: The European Mama. Although it’s more expat than traveller, hope you’ll check it out.

  13. Wow, just discovered this list! Thank you very much! Promiss I will work on the site looks very very soon & that I will post more articles in english!
    Also, a new & big adventure is coming in 2016! Stay tuned! :)

  14. What about this one:
    I found here so many useful stories and offers from around the world!

  15. Any European bloggers who DON’T travel? Like normal people? This only perpetuates the stereotype that living outside North America is “glamorous”. Sorry, most of us have the same issues and lifestyles as the rest of you. And I would like to hear about them since I don’t live in North America and can’t relate to the brands and much of the advice.

  16. Surfing on internet and…. a blog list :) Congrats!! I have a good friends and partners in this list :)

  17. Wow! thanks for this list. It is of great help to those who loves to travel to different destinations and food ideas. I will recommend this blogs to my friends.


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