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Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 in Articles | 28 comments

My top 9 travel blogs for 2014

My top 9 travel blogs for 2014

My 9 favorite travel bloggers of 2014!

Just like last year, I decided to make a list of my very favorite travel writers, that for a reason or another, have inspired me, made me laugh, opened my horizons and gave me new perspectives.

This is not a list based on numbers or statistics, because if there’s one thing I have learned lately within the “blogosphere” is that numbers don’t mean a thing. This is a very personal choice because of these folks talent, uniqueness and incredible personalities.

The list is organized by alphabetical order and I hope they’ll inspire you as much as they inspire me.



Dale and Franca, are a couple of vegan travelers with a lot of passions: Traveling (of course!), animal rights, great vegan food and art.




I was lucky enough to meet them in Spain and hand out  with them for a few days. They’re amazing and I absolutely love them!

Their blog is filled with informative and original articles such as the “Tips for cheap living with housesitting” and each one of them is loaded with beautiful photos. I admit their posts about food always make me drool! Seriously!

I believe they’re really talented and passionate about what they do. Very few travel blogs have so much depth to it. I always learn something new from these 2  and I really hope our paths cross during 2015, because I’d love to meet them in person and get even more inspiration from them.



I love their work with all my heart!  Nick and Dariece are a Canadian couple, with a wanderlust bigger than life and… They’re hilarious!


Photo credits: Goats on the road

Photo credits: Goats on the road

I found their work through their Youtube chanel and I remember they made me laugh so hard I had to check out their website. From that day on I became a big fan. I have been following their stories for a really long time now (probably the travel blog I read the longest) and they just keep on inspiring me more and more.

They explore off the beaten path destination like Central Asia and are a true reference for unconventional travel. If you’re planing on doing the Silk Road, don’t miss: “ Goats on the Silk road


Bret Love and Mary are a true inspiration. Their dedication to follow their ethics, to respect the environment by taking conscious choices, is what sets them apart from basically everyone else.

Photo credits: Green Global travel

Photo credits: Green Global travel


They are unique nature lovers, and once you read their blog, you feel like there’s so much more to travelling than just being a tourist passing by. You want to be part of a whole new experience that combines the love for sustainability and adventure. Their professionalism and vision for the future goes beyond the established limitations.

Bret and Mary are currently starting the #JustOneRhino international campaign to help save the Rhinos in South Africa, I’ve learned a lot of facts after reading this incredible Interview with Dereck Joubert from Natgeo.


Rachel is a nurse who left everything behind to live her dream, and little did she know that India would become her home.

Photo credits: Hippy in Heels

Photo credits: Hippy in Heels


She runs a beautiful travel blog filled with funny stories and great photos, mostly about India.  And because India never gets boring, Rachel is now a reference for travelers seeking all sorts of Info about the beautiful Indian sub-continent.
I love how original her work is, and all the anecdotes and humor around her stories. Everyone who has been to India or plans to go should definitely follow her and read; the “10 common mistakes to avoid in India”.



Sabrina says she’s the worst travel blogger in the world and that writing doesn’t come naturally. She writes way less than most of us, but let me tell you something: Her work is stunning and addictive!



Photo credits: Just one way ticket


In my opinion she’s one of the most inspiring writers out there and probably the only blog I follow religiously. Her personality shines through her posts and her uniqueness is her greatest asset. When I read her adventures around the world, I almost feel she’s telling me all her tales personally.

Her photos are to die for, and her sense of humor always makes me laugh. Apart from being an excellent and very unconventional blogger, she’s a wonderful person with a great heart.



I usually find out the travel blogs first and get to know the person behind it later on…. In this case, it was the other way around. I started chatting with Clelia and connected with her immediately. She is so friendly and generous I had to check out her work. That’s when I found out about the Keep calm and Travel, a stunning bilingual travel blog filled with very informative and up to date travel articles.

photo credits: Keep calm and travel


The moment I set eyes on her guide to the Sardinia beaches, I wanted to get on the very first airplane with a one way ticket. And I might!


Cody and Giselle are the queen and king of the vegan travel blogger crew.  They’ll take you with them on their amazing and inspiring journeys of self discovery, as well as a deep compassion for all living beings.


Photo credits: Mindful Wanderlust


They became vegans after visiting an Elephant sanctuary and decided to use their love for animals and nature to fuel their travel blog.  I truly believe their work educates people to a reality most folks don’t know about: the impact we Humans have on the world, the Eco-system and animals. Their post “The truth about Elephant tourism” actually made me cry and from that day on, I kept a very close eye on their work, following their vegan adventures and love for all the living beings we share our planet with.

They’re one of a kind and I admire them deeply.


An incredibly talented couple who loves exploring the most ecological and low impact ways of traveling.

Photo credits: Nomad is Beautiful


I’ve met this incredible couple 3 times, in Greece, in Spain and in Portugal. They’re honest and down to earth, which I admire immensely.

Their love and respect for nature while traveling, has distinguished them from basically all other travel bloggers. When you read their blog, you can almost travel the world without leaving your chair. This is because Ivana is a wonderful writer while Gianni will leave you breathless with this photography.


Margherita and Nick, write what I always call: the soulmate of my Heart of a vagabond. We share such similar passions and love for the unconventional and beyond the mainstream destinations and activities.


Photo credits: The crowded planet


Margherita is a very inspiring writer, that makes you lose the sense of time and place and takes you with her through her global adventures, while Nick, with his incredible photography skills will tempt you to leave everything behind and conquer the world.

They’re incredibly professional and passionate for what they do. And behind their work, are two amazing people with a great heart. Their posts offer the most interesting destinations, especially for us who love Nature life.




  1. Thanks so much for including us, Yara, and for your kind words. I’m truly touched! Appreciate the #JustOneRhino plug as well! 😉

    • Thank you for leading the way for a total new perspective on the value of travel blogging, for inspiring me and let me understand that limitations are supposed to be broken and challenged. You two are a real source of Inspiration and in many ways, a great motivation to keep focused.

  2. What an incredible crowd to be amongst! Can’t thank you enough for including us. It really makes both Franca and I proud to be included amongst a list of great travellers and travel writers :)

    • Yes, what a wonderful crowd! I love your work and I think you have to stop publishing all those photos of delicious vegan foods. You torture me! Let’s meet in Costa Brava in 2015!

  3. Thank you so much for includng us in your top 10 travel blogs of 2014. We are honoured to be amongst such passionate and caring people includng yourself! We hope to cross paths with you when we visit Portugal in 2015!!

    • It is a pleasure and thank you for trying to make the world a better place, for ALL! Hope to see you in 2015 for some Portuguese vegan adventures :)

  4. Great list, follow many of them ourselves. And so on about it’s not about numbers and statics!

    • Yes Hannah, sometimes I just feel some “top 10” or “top 20” lists are too repetitive, bringing nothing new, all about how many followers some bloggers have (with basically no interaction) and how many talented, brilliant and interesting people with smaller blogs never get to see some recognition. All of these folks are amazing, one way or another.

  5. Oh my gosh what a nice surprise to wake up to! Thank you so much for thinking of me for this list.. it means the world to be on here with so many inspiring travel bloggers! Thanks girl!

    • How could I forget about you India queen? You’re a reference for everything Indian. I laugh so much with some of your posts, It takes me back on time to my 6 months around India, You are very unique and I love that.

  6. Aaaw… that almost made me cry :9 You’re such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for the feature, very honored to be featured in this list! Will share <3 ! I hope to see you soon! Hugs from Chiang Mai!

    • I think you’re the only person in the world who thinks your not a good writer :) Besides being incredibly inspiring, you’re a wonderful person. Always friendly, generous and humble. I love how unique you are as a travel blogger. Hope we bump into each other in 2015!

  7. Nice list! I follow most of these people. :-) Nice to discover some new ones too!

    • These guys are top quality, both as talented writers / photographers and human beings. I admire them so much!

  8. Great list! I love that you didn’t use stats as part of your criteria. I’m looking forward to checking out some of the blogs I didn’t know.

    • I don’t believe stats and number of followers alone, are always an expression of talent. There are incredible smaller blogs out there that never have the chance to shine. These guys rock the travel blogging world :)

  9. Yara, your words just made me realize how strong the community of travel bloggers is and how many friends we’ve found on the road. The people we stand with in the list are incredible inspiration also for us, so we’re very honoured to be included.
    Keep up your great work, too, dear friend :)

  10. Other travel bloggers have become some of my biggest inspirations and I learn from them every single day. I already follow some of these bloggers and and excited to read the others now that I have found them. Thank you for making a list and for saying that you didn’t focus on stats alone. I am a new travel blogger and it is nice to see a list made where smaller bloggers are just as considered as the bigger ones.

  11. Cool Top 10 list. More travel inspitation and more great blogs to follow. I knew most of these fantastic blog but not aĺl of them. Thanks for the update.

  12. Great article, a few new ones in here too for me to follow along as well so thank you!! :)

  13. Solid top 10! I love all of these travel bloggers, especially Anglo-Italian. very inspiring people and great writers.

  14. Ah I love most of the guys you listed here! Some among the best travel bloggers on scene :) we clearly have similar taste :)

  15. You are amazing and so is this list of bloggers :) We’re so surprised and honoured to be listed among all of these awesome people. Thank you so much for thinking of us.

    Cheers from Mexico!

  16. Fantastic list Yara. 7 of these have been on my long term blog reading list so I can vouch for absolutely everything you say. You have however added 3 more to my read list! Great to see we love and share so much in what we love to read online.

    Here’s hoping for an even more successful 2015 for all these bloggers and of course Heart of a Vagabond :-)

  17. Nice list.thanks for sharing this useful list.

  18. Thanks, darling! I’m glad to be in this special list, finally not based purely on numbers (which I bet are great for most of the blogs in here anyway), but that’s not the point. It’s a list from your heart and that’s what really counts :)


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