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Posted by on Nov 14, 2015 in Articles | 15 comments

The shameless sexy Brazilian who revolutionized my life

The shameless sexy Brazilian who revolutionized my life

I could not take my eyes away from that sexy Brazilian who made my life so much easier and happier.

They’re smooth talkers. Somehow they always seem to know what to say, how to move. I wonder if they teach them at school, how to act, how to charm. I bet they do learn this at school, because they seem to master the art once they graduate.

Roberto has been on my path for a couple of years now. I got his phone number at a utility store near by, while I was searching for a new a hand knob. His business card said: “Eu faço tudo”, meaning “I do EVERYTHING”. He was just a handyman, but his card deserved a lot of jokes.

Well, a girl can’t certainly miss the chance to grab the business card of a Brazilian man who does everything, can she?

Roberto, as any Brazilian, seems to always be in a good mood. He’s funny, easy going and very talkative. He loves to chat about everything and anything, relationships and sex included, or he wouldn’t be a true Brazilian man.


sexy brazilian


He has fixed basically everything in my apartment, since the day my African tenants trashed down my house and ran away to Angola without paying, two years ago.

And he does live up to the expectation. He has changed my lock. He has fixed my mail box multiple times. He fixed my burned sockets, fixed kitchen cabinets and more recently; after my last tenant; a con artist who absolutely destroyed my place.

Roberto does everything marvelously but in a chaotic way. We agreed to fix the kitchen and the bathroom, which, in theory would take an afternoon to do. But he’s all over the place and after the recent floods around southern Portugal, he had to do “everything” for everyone else around as well…. meaning a job that would last one afternoon to finish, has been stretched over 3 weeks. He came over basically every day (or every other day) to do tiny things and run out to the next urgent job. Or, if it was the end of the day, for long chats mixed with work. Sometimes more chatting than working to be honest!

But in the mean time, between my angry messages saying I’d strangle him if he wouldn’t finish my place on time and those days I couldn’t take my eyes out of him, we had fun chatting.

And we chatted about everything under the sun. From my failed relationship (he still can’t understand how I dragged an empty relationship for basically 14 years) and his liberal marriage, where he honestly claims: “I’m liberal, if my wife wants to have a one night stand, I’m fine with it. As long as it means nothing and she pretends it never happened”.

We talked about traveling and our funny cultural differences. Although sharing the same language and very strong history and roots, we’re radically different culturally.

The extrovert and laid back nature of the Brazilian, is very different from the more introvert, conservative Portuguese. But I lived part of my adult life with Brazilians to the point of getting the nickname of “fake Baiana” (Baiana = girl from the northeastern state of Bahia). So I kind of know what to expect.

I think a handyman is almost like a hairdresser who loves to gossip. Or a mix of a priest meets psychologist, active with their confessionaries. I bet they flirt with every housewife they visit too.

While Roberto reaches up to hang my lamp, I notice his sexy, luscious body stretching to reach the hook on the ceiling.  As I’m  trying to discretely stare at his hot brown skin he looks at me and laughs.  As if he could almost read my mind he starts his advises: “I think you should write a sex travel blog, what do you think?” I laughed, yes, I had thought about that before.

We share a passion for traveling and crazy adventures on the road. He told me he wants to take me to Brazil and show me Salvador, his city. I smile and think to myself: “what a cheap talker. But I wouldn’t mind going to Salvador”.

I told him about my passion for Asia. For all the beauty and culture Asia, with its diversity of a huge continent has to offer. But Roberto insisted he would love to show me Salvador. He insisted I’m so latina that I need to go to Brazil in order to fully explore and find myself.

And why haven’t you ever visited Brazil, when that has been the one and only obsession you had since you were a child? – he asks.

“Because sometimes daydreaming and longing for something so bad, might actually be more thrilling than to make the dream come true. To have a reason to live for. You have a goal to reach. Once you reached it, what do you do?” I replied. I couldn’t believe i actually said that and felt tremendously embarrassed.

“Ahh, now I’m starting to understand your mind” – He exclaimed. “You’re living in fear. You’re afraid of disillusion and you’re scared once you get something you worked so hard for, it won’t live up to the expectations, so in order to protect yourself, you decide not to risk. But if you never risk it, you’ll never know how it could have been! You will never know what’s on the other side of the rainbow.”

I will never know what’s on the other side of the rainbow, unless I reach for it….. so true. So incredibly true.


sexy brazilian


Some people might enter our lives for just a few hours, but leave such a strong impression, they radically change your path.

I could listen to Roberto talk for hours and hours while he actively fixed something at my place. The fascination this man has over me is really interesting. His words are beyond wise, mixed with sex jokes and practicalities of life.

“You know, I’m not a materialist person” he says. “Death is just around the corner, life is so short. I can barely understand why people waste their time fighting and disagreeing. I don’t need things to be happy. Every moment, every second is already a present of life. If we don’t grab those gifts from life, those chances and precious moments because we’re too busy with material things, life will pass by us without us tasting the most delightful experiences that sometimes, are the smallest and most simple ones. don’t you think Yara?” I nod in total agreement while thinking to myself: “why are you married?? Oh life is so unfair!”

“Same with sex. I’m totally liberal. Life is to be lived fully, if someone feel attracted by another person, why not sharing that moment together? Even if only for one night? It’s all fine. Don’t you agree Yara??” I keep on nodding in total agreement but in absolute silence. Is there’s something written on my forehead denouncing me or something, I thought?


sexy brazilian


“We Brazilians are so much more liberal than you Europeans. Even a guy who’s married… he can love his wife and still have his fling with someone he finds attractive. Don’t you think?” Now I had to disagree. I would never, ever touch a married man (unless his wife would give me written permission!). This time I excuse myself to go to the bathroom to check if I have something written on my forehead like: “Yes, you’re hot, I desire you and I wish you were not married”. Nothing was written, but like I said, Brazilians know this things. They learn it at school I guess.

“I think you should go after your fears, hit them on the nose and enjoy life” Roberto tells me as soon as I return from the bathroom. “I would LOVE to take you with me to Salvador. You’d love the northeast! When are you going?” he asks.

I think that after the emotional turmoil of this last year and the spirituality I felt in Asia…. I might want to indulge in true sin, at the most sensual and erotic country in the world: Brazil.

And why not? If we never try to reach the golden pot out of fear, we’ll never know what’s on the other side of the rainbow. So South America, wait for me!

Can a Brazilian man completely change my path while fixing my kitchen? Absolutely! Yes! I’m going to Brazil, but by myself, no married Roberto to tempt me into sin.

But I’ll be eternally grateful for our long chats and inspiration he has poured into my life. It’s great to feel you have someone to count on to fix your house after a storm while feeding your soul with naughty ideas. We never know who might enter our lives to completely change our route…. Life is filled with surprises and angels who help us find ourselves.


Thank you for this Roberto! And I hope you’ll never read this post or I’ll die of embarrassment!


NOTE: the name was changed to preserve my handyman’s identity. Girls: I’m sorry, but I’m not sharing his phone number!




  1. Great story, Yara.. and thanks for changing my name to Roberto to protect my identity 😉 You will love Brazil… keep your expectations high, just with an open mind.

    • Hahahahahaha Ian, you almost gave me a heart attack! For a second (before I noticed it was you) I almost thought I got caught by my sexy handyman…. I will keep my mind open once I get there, it’s a promise!

      Have you been to Brazil? Are there many handymen there to inspire our lives?

  2. Yara, na qualidade de leitor assíduo e veg, caso abaixe em Salvador ou no Rio, é só falar que tamu junto. :)

    • Oi Leo, eu tou indo pra Salvador sim! Estou pensando em alugar um quarto ou um estudio pequenino e ficar por ai um tempo. Quero ir nos ensaios do Olodum, vamos??

      • Se eu estiver na cidade e o olodum tb, claro. E se vc já estiver procurando lugares, procure pelos termos “quarto e sala”, “kitinete” ou “quitinete” e “temporada”. quarto e sala (ou como dizem em salvador 1/4) é um apartamento onde o ambiente da sala é separado do ambiente do quarto. Já o quitinete é quando a sala e o quarto dividem o mesmo ambiente e a cozinha é praticamente um puxadinho para esquentar água num fogareiro. Imagino que essa seja a definição de “estúdio.

        • Ahhh brigada pelas dicas Leo! Sim, isso é o que hoje me dia aqui se chama de estudio-apartamento. A gente usa a palavra kitchinete aqui tambem, hehe Vamos ficar em contato entao. Salvador, é fácil para quem nao come carne? Tem acarajé vegetariano por ai?

          • Eu quero parecer intrometido, mas se for para conversar sobre a viagem em si, acho melhor que seja por e-mail. Até porque se for para falar de acarajés, preciso ser audiovisual, já que tem abará, vatapá e caruru. Prometo que não sou um faz-tudo sexy catarinense casado, mas um advogado sexy carioca casado… :)
            P.S. acarajé, salada e pimenta = veg. abará, vatapá e caruru = com camarão.

          • Hahahahahahaha Ai que eu morro de tanto rir!

  3. “I think you should go after your fears, hit them on the nose and enjoy life”

  4. You made me laugh hard Yara. You surely had something written on your forehead. Those men are smooooooth!

    • You know what I’m talking about, right Claudia??? Those smooth talkers are trained in this art since they were born. It’s incredible. I’m happy I made you laugh. I have a lot of requests for the “Roberto saga part II” and a few more things in my apartment that need some fixing 😉

  5. Have you gone to Brazil yet? I would love to know about healthy and vegan places to eat in the big cities. Planning to go this winter. Obrigada

    • Hi Erin, no I haven’t. I really want to go there in 2016. If you can read Portuguese I suggest my friend-s vegan blog specialized in Brazil: You can also do a google translation if you don’t understand Portuguese. Daniela writes the most comprehensive guide to being vegan in Brazil. Have fun and enjoy the sunshine out there!

  6. I really feel so inspired for your articles and I really feel your feelings in these moments. naughty girl hehehe(on this one). You are such a good writer. Now I came back for travelling 2 years around the world with the love of my life and now I am settle on my hometown without her, without can moving cause of the money and future expectations and all this shit, and I sometimes I feel lost, but people like you appear in my live like angels as your Roberto said, to open the soul and the hungry to do what I really love and that is what i am going to do. Many thanks for your words full of…(cant describe it with words).

    Regards from Barcelona XOXO

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