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Posted by on Jan 15, 2015 in Nature | 4 comments

Responsible travel – changing the way we see the world

Responsible travel – changing the way we see the world

Responsible travel tours are changing the way we explore the world.

For some, the perception they have of organized groups tours is quite negative. The idea of a group of 40 random people following a guide and storming into different places on a fast pace, starts to dissipate and giving place to a new vision of what tourism can be.



Responsible travel – changing the world, one tour at the time


Small responsible travel and sustainable tourism business with an Eco-friendly approach, offer unique, exciting local and cultural experiences, while empowering local communities and protecting the wildlife.  I’m a strong believer that pioneer tour companies, such as Artisan Travel are revolutionizing the tourism industry.

Why is responsible travel so different from conventional tours?


PRESERVATION OF WILDLIFE – Whale and dolphin watching, spotting wild bears, eagles, caribous and moose… Animal observation will take you to incredible destinations such as Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Norway and Alaska. Wildlife tours will put you face to face with some of the most majestic animals, while you contribute towards their preservation and well being.


responsible travel

Photo: Bryce Bradford CC License


UNIQUE EXPERIENCES – Have you ever dreamed of staying at an ice hotel or sleeping in an Igloo? What about taking an exciting Husky safari through some of the most breathtaking northern forests? Drive down the romantic Portuguese coast, take the photography tour in Gozo, or go out and observe the dance of the northern lights. Some of the most life changing experiences are actually away from the crowds and waiting for you!


responsible travel

Photo: Henning Leweke CC Lincense


SMALL GROUPS –  One of the negative consequences of mass tourism, is precisely the amount of tourists that storm into a destination. Responsible tourism tours, are based in the idea of creating a small, friendly and intimate experience for like minded people who share the same passions.  The dynamics of a small group, where people can get to know each other while sharing precious moments, off the beaten path, will probably make you return for more!


LOCAL GUIDES – No one will ever be able to share the knowledge of a culture more than the locals.  When your guides are local experts, you’ll have the possibility to fully understand the traditions and costumes of your chosen destination. By employing local guides only, Artisan travel is supporting the local communities while providing you with the best service.


responsible travel

Photo: Len Radin CC License


TAILOR MADE HOLIDAYS – This is the best option for the adventurous nature lovers who know precisely what they want to experience at their own pace.  With tailor made tours, you have the freedom to design your dreams within the destinations provided and determine the length and style of your holidays.


Some of the most beautiful and breathtaking spots can only be found away from the crowded, over rated top destinations.  When you’re  surrounded by the unexplored wilderness and experiencing truly unique and exotic cultures, you’ll never look back. So get ready, grab your camera, pack your bags, because the world is waiting for you!


  1. This is the exact field of work I wish to get into!
    I’m passionate about conservation of the environment and our fragile ecosystems, and responsible, educational and unique travel adventures. I love writing and travelling and therefore it’s my dream to combine all of these and put it towards companies which promote sustainable tourism!
    Any tips or advice on how to get in to this business? Thankyou!

    • Me too! I see myself becoming part of a team, either as a tour leader or any other role, that focuses on responsible travels, unique experiences and empowerment of the local communities. I think the best thing you can do, and I know you have your travel blog, is to reach out these companies and send a CV. Most of them have a “jobs” section and there might be a spot just waiting for you!

      I personally believe, being part of a team like Artisan travel, has to be the best job in the whole world (alongside being a travel blogger :).

      • Ah this is so inspiring! Thank you so much! That’s definitely a goal of mine this year, to reach out to companies and see what I can do. Even to do something for free, just to gain the experience and knowledge associated with working/blogging with companies (anyone but myself!)
        Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Very nice post. Keep on travelling and posting…

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