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The Heart of a Vagabond travel blog is a rapidly growing  travel and inspirational website.  It has a strong focus on Eco-traveling, off the beaten path destinations, scuba diving /snorkeling, surf and vegetarian foods for “normal” budget travelers of all ages.


The readers of A Heart of a Vagabond come to read about:

  • Mindful traveling
  • Eco-traveling and Eco-projects
  • Diving and Snorkeling
  • Surf
  • Yoga
  • Global and domestic travel
  • Unique travel experiences
  • Off the beaten path
  • Budget travel
  • Solo female travel
  • Vegan and vegetarian food and restaurants around the world
  • Airline reviews
  • Hotel / hostel reviews
  • Interesting tours and city experiences


The majority of readers come from the US with 19.36%, UK with 8.45%,  Europe, Australia and Canada. The Heart of a Vagabond was rewarded and featured as a Vegan blog of the year and awarded #3 best Vagabond Blogs by the USA Today.

It has been Featured:






One of the factors that distinguishes me from most travel bloggers, is the length of my travel experience. I’ve been on the road since 1999, exploring different destinations, cultures and languages. I’m a slow traveler, which means, I gather a depth of knowledge about the places I visit. My 16 years of constant traveling puts me in a position of expertise, very few can match.


The Heart of a Vagabond has a rate of  78.2% new readers and 21.8% of Loyal readers.

Alexa rank: 233.691

Page Authority: 41

Domain Authority: 33

Moz Rank: 4.65

Facebook followers: 2.705

Twitter: 4.110



Some of my articles turned viral, reached a huge audience of hundreds of thousands. They were republish and translated into several languages  and shared by major online magazines. Writing comes naturally to me and it doesn’t take me more than a couple of hours to write an epic article.

I’ve written for important online communities such as the Thought Catalog, Like Hack, Pick the Brain, Elephant Journal. Most of theses articles were shared thousands of times on social media.

Check this page for samples of my work: Guest posts and articles that went viral




As you noticed, I have a review section on my blog. These reviews aim to inspire and inform my readers about great places to stay and places to eat. I share my experiences in detail followed by great photos and sometimes videos.

Do you have a great hotel, hostel, Yoga retreat, Spa or restaurant you’d like to  have promoted? Then I have great news for you! I will do it for free! Invite me over and cover all my expenses and I will write an honest, non biased review of your business.

I’m always searching for interesting places to share with the world and inspire my readers.



I’m available for press trips that fit my niche of Eco-minded travelers.

On a press trip I’m committed to share photos at least 2x a day on all my social Networks and at least 1 featured length story on my blog (the amount of featured stories will dependent on the length of the press trip)

All travel expenses, including accommodation, transportation and meals, must be provided by the host or tourism board/airline.



In accordance with ethical blogging practices, all reviews/promotion hosted on the “Heart of a Vagabond” in exchange for a travel experience will be 100% truthful and include a sponsorship notation in the footer.


WHERE WILL I BE IN 2014/2015?

Lisbon, Portugal – November / December

Costa Brava , Spain – April/May




Most of Eastern Europe