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I really LOVE to hear from my readers and believe it or not, I reply to every single person who writes me. I write to inspire people, therefore your messages and opinions always count and are more than welcome!

So don’t be shy and write me, either sharing your dreams, your fears, your adventures, your passions on how my blog inspires you or with suggestions :)

* Keep in mind that sometimes I have limited internet connection, specially if I’m working and traveling, so be patient if I take a few days to reply. *

For daily updates and messages, join the Vagabond Facebook page, where I post daily photos and inspiring messages: The vagabond page here


I do love writing guest posts, so if you’d like me to write an article for you, just drop me a line :)

If you’re either a travel blogger and  you’d like to write a guest post for The Heart of a Vagabond,  I’d like to hear from you, as long as it’s NOT any sort of spam or commercial content. I will NOT accept any type of publicity or promotion to labels or business.

* I don’t link exchange or post content for companies for free.  If you are contacting us regarding a partnership, advertising or sponsored content please do ask me for my rates.


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