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Posted by on Dec 16, 2014 in Nature, Portugal | 14 comments

Portugal: 7 Natural wonders

Portugal: 7 Natural wonders

Portugal is a small and unspoiled Mediterranean country still waiting to be discovered. These are our 7 natural wonders!

Portugal is a magical place. Despite being a tiny coastal country, if offers an incredible diversity in climate, nature and scenery. Some of this natural wonders are even quite unexplored by the Portuguese People.



One of the most impressive and breathtaking natural parks in Portugal.  Peneda Geres is famous for the lush green forests, crystal clear water falls, creeks and streams.

Peneda Geres hosts a number of incredible wild animals, including wild horses. This natural park is a must for all nature and trek lovers!




The Douro Valley is now considered one of the most important Portuguese protected UNESCO heritage sites and a Top spot in Europe by Lonely Planet!

The Douro valley is famous for the 2.000 year old wineries and home to the Port wine. Since the 18th century wine has been the main production in the beautiful region and the high quality of this product is worldwide famous.

The rows of wineries resembling balconies, descending the hills towards the river, are one of the most beautiful sights in Portugal and unique in the whole world! After the Douro, experience a bit of Porto city like a local!



Portinho da Arrabida, literally means “Little port of Arrabida”. Located south of the river Tagus, you can find probably the clearest and most turquoise shades of water in the whole country.

Portinho da Arrabida is still a local spot, with very few tourists passing by. It’s a natural gem, combining, a pristine beach, mountain views and a rich forest. A paradise for trekeing and snorkeling lovers!




This very unexplored forest is located in the beautiful Madeira islands, an autonomous region of Portugal

The forest Laurissilva is another protected UNESCO heritage site. The natural park comprises the largest surviving area of primal laurel forest, a type of vegetation that is now confined to the island of Madeira, Açores and the Canaries.




I’ve visited these gigantic caves when I was a kid and let me tell you: I was speechless! The complex system of caves, stalactites and stalagmites will take your breath away!

The Caves are located within the National park of Serra de Aires and  are worth a visit.




Ahhh the Açores or Azores in English…. All the islands could be a natural wonder. Azores is famous for the intense and green lush forests, volcanic scenery and wild flowers.

The Island of Sao Miguel, or San Miguel offers a collection of unique spots, like the Lagoa do fogo and Lagoa das Furnas, which are lagoons formed within the volcano crater and surrounded by lush nature.

The San Miguel island is already on my bucket list for 2015 and I’ll be exploring the region in a couple of months!





The azores islands are of volcanic nature. This fact, offers some of the most unique scenery in the whole country. The island of Pico, specifically, is famous for its incredible landscape. Pico literally means “peak”, in Portuguese, which means the beauty of this unspoiled island actually is in the origin of its name.




There are many natural and Eco-friendly things to do while visiting Portugal.  From swimming with wild dolphins, to whale watching in the Azores Islands. You can trek part of the Costa Vicentina, which is the western coast of Portugal and explore the natural wonders of Alentejo and desert beaches along the way.




Paragliding is another activity for nature lovers to see our beautiful little country from another perspective.

Is water sports are you passion, come and surf our beautiful Atlantic coast. Portugal is the European capital of surf and you’ll find waves for all levels, including the famous Gigantic waves of Nazare. Kite surfing is another growing sport, combining water and wind.

Portugal has something for all nature lovers and Eco-tourism enthusiasts!




Map of Portugal



Portugal is a warm and sunny southern European country. Out climate is mild and even our coldest winter days feel like spring for most of the tourists who visit us.

Portugal is a perfect winter escape destination, thanks to our sunny warm days and one of the top spring and summer holiday destinations, because of all it has to offer that is unique in Europe.




Come to Portugal, you won’t be disappointed! For more info on Portugal visit the official tourism board:



  1. Beautiful photos! I’m so sad now I missed all of the beautiful natural wonders when I visited Portugal this September, especially the Douro region since I was in Portugal. Now I guess have a reason to go back:)

    I have a question – one of the reasons I missed the nature was because I didn’t have a car in Portugal and relied on public transportation. If I returned, I’d love to NOT rent a car because it’s cheaper and more eco friendly:) However, is this any way to access nature with buses, trains, etc? Thanks!

    • I just gave you a few reasons to return to Portugal :) That’s great!

      As far as transportation, that is an excellent question! Because some of these spots are quite remote and away from the city, I think you’ll have a hard time moving around with a lot of freedom without a car.

      You can take public transportation to the nearest city or village, and then either take an organized tour that will guide you through the most incredible spots or just take a taxi from the nearest village. Taxis are very cheap and you’ll save money this way. It’s also more Eco-friendly to do this combination.

      For the ultimate freedom to move around, unfortunately, a car is necessary. :(

  2. Another cool way to visit some natural and unspoiled spots, in Portugal is riding a motorbike. I loved it. It’s a wonderfull way to go real deep.
    You can contact they will take care of everything (motobike, fuel, hotels, restaurants, they will pick you at the airport and guide you the all way,) My next ride wiil be to Sintra.

  3. Clues: 1- Mediterranean: Portugal is only bathed by the North Atlantic Ocean. 2 – Small – Portugal occupies half of the North Atlantic Ocean (11th largest EEZ in the World , 3rd in Europe ) 3 – South: Portugal is the most Western Country in Europe.

    • Portugal is considered a Mediterranean country, even if it’s not directly exposed to the Mediterranean :) I know it’s weird, but seems to be that way, you can check wikipedia:

      Small, well, it’s a small country. It’s a fact.

      Yes, Portugal is a southern western European country. I know that, I’m Portuguese 😉

  4. About 10 years ago, we spent a couple of weeks camping along the West Coast of Portugal. It’s amazingly beautiful and is definitely a natural wonder. (So are the ants there!)

    Sao Miguel looks stunning, it’s going on my bucket list too!

  5. Awesome read, has really got me in the mood for my trip to Portugal in July!! Thank you.

    • Nice to hear it was helpful and inspiring :) I’m sure you’ll have a blast!

  6. This is such a great article! I was born and raised in Portugal and these are amazing tips :)

  7. Amazing places! And thanks for the article. Any advice to join a group or tour if I want to travel alone to Portugal?

  8. Thank you for the great tips. I’m looking forward to my first trip to Portugal to see the land my ancestor emigrated from.

  9. OMG! The pictures are breathtaking and the view looks stunning and terrific, i wish i could go to Portugal someday and treat my eyes with its astonishing beauty. Beautiful article :)


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