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Guest Posts

Here are some articles I wrote for other blogs or magazines, from the very amateurish old articles when I could barely write, to more recent contributions like the Thought Catalog article that went viral and turned into the TC’s most successful travel article so far with  326.000 shares in just a few days and later on leaked into some of the most important South American online magazines!

More will come in 2014!


The Acupuncturist – The British Acupuncture society Magazine, 2011

Ananda Nagar – a free Acupuncture clinic in India


IMPORTANT SOUTH AMERICAN MAGAZINES which took the initiative to publish my super viral article:

7 razones de porque debes viajar solo por lo menos una vez en la vida : (online magazine from Chile)

7 razones de porque debes viajar solo por lo menos una vez en la vida : El País (news magazine from Uguguay)

7 razones de porque debes viajar solo por lo menos una vez en la vida : Politica y sociedad online magazine

7 razones de porque debes viajar por lo menos una vez en la vida: Indicepr (online News from Puerto Rico)

7 razones de porque debes viajar por lo menos una vez en la vida: Periodico 24 (online news magazine from Venezuela)

7 razones de porqué debes viajar solo por lo menos una vez en la vida: Que pasa en Venezuela (online news from Venezuela)



Portugal’s lovely vegan business that thrive in spite the recession in Europe

A 3 day vegan celebration in Lisbon – Veganario fest 2013

Vegan in Chiang Mai studying Thai massage

Swiss vegan foods review



7 reasons why you should travel solo at least once in your life

9 ways to travel for free (or even get paid for it!)

6 reasons why you should travel with your significant other

The 6 step guide to find the love of your life (and keep it!)

25 Paulo Coelho quotes for your daily dose of inspiration

 5 countries with the hottest men in the world


PICK THE BRAIN-  6 little effective secrets that will attract the love of your life

PICK THE BRAIN – How to break free from the vicious cycle of violence and abuse

PICK THE BRAIN – 10 Reasons travel can change your life forever


THE ELEPHANT JOURNAL: A yogi’s healthy diet according to Ayurvedic principles

THE ELEPHANT JOURNAL – 5 reasons to be a vegetarian traveler now!

THE ELEPHANT JOURNAL – Life cycles according to traditional chinese medicine

THE ELEPHANT JOURNAL – turn obstacles into possibilities


LIFE HACK – 5 inspiring reasons why you should dare being a vegetarian traveler

LIFE HACK: 55 inspiring quotes from US presidents that will change your life


GOATS ON THE ROAD: Sunset Sundays – Travel photography

MY DESTINATION – 4 ways in which traveling changed my life

LIVE VEGAN – the only vegetarian in the world

Dumb little man – 7 inspiring reasons to help you follow your bliss

PINK PANGEA – The ultimate guide for the beginner solo female traveler

GOATS ON THE ROAD: Get paid to travel the world as an Au-pair

ETRAMPING – 35 coolest hostels from around the world

INDEFINITE ADVENTURE – The power of seasonal foods according to the Ayurvedic principles of nutrition

ETRAMPING – 30 world’s most beautiful temples

A JOURNEY OF WONDERS –   8 songs to inspire you to travel

CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Break free from the vicious cycle of self defeat

A BRIT AND A SOUTHERNER – Dream destinations

YOGA NOMADS – Travel secrets from the experts

SOLITARY WANDERER – 9 stories of kindness on the road

A TO Z – A bunch of reasons to travel to Portugal

ETRAMPING – 55 selfies from around the world

ANGLO-ITALIAN FOLLOW US: Vegan travel tips from the on the road travelers

LIFE IS A CAMINO – 9 travel bloggers share their best budget travel tips

GOATS ON THE ROAD – Must try meals from around the globe

SOLITARY WANDERER – The best cities for street art in Europe

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