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Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Countries, Portugal | 1 comment

Organic agriculture and permaculture in Portugal

Organic agriculture and permaculture in Portugal

Yes, I’m back home after almost 16 years on the road!

It’s exciting and scary… I’m so happy to see the sunshine everyday! To have all my rescued dogs near me again!

But things changed a lot since I was 18. My friends either got married, changed their interests, became different people or moved.

Things were going to be different this time. There’s a billion things I want to do, a billion projects I want to work on!

Give peas a chance!

I grew up in a farm, near Lisbon.

Back on those days this was a rural area, but within 10 minutes from the city and 15 minutes from the capital, so it was very well located!

Unfortunately today, most trees got cut and replaced by houses and buildings made of brick and cement.

My farm is the last green chunk in this area and I’m very anal about keeping it that way!

100% organic popcorn corn



I really love this piece of land! I love to see all my rescued dogs free and happy, not locket in a small apartment.

Besides, we’re near the beach. The best and least known beaches are located just 3kms away!


What else could you want?

Although everything sounds so nice, my boyfriend detests Portugal. It’s true we don’t know basically anyone here anymore. It’s true we don’t fit with the Portuguese mentality or lifestyle.


People here live for working only and work really hard. They’re quite formal (although, extremely friendly) and … well, that’s the opposite of us!

We work to live, not the other way around. We hate formalities and we like to do things with friends, we love to have communal lunches, dinners, BBQ, etc.


This is hard to happen here as everyone is too busy working all the time..


“chucha tomatoes” a special type for tomato sauce


Well, I know this will be a provisional thing, that soon we’ll hit the road. Specially me, as I’m way more nomadic than Martin, my boyfriend.

But for now I’m having a blast exploring with organic agriculture and permaculture.

I’m seriously inexperienced with this, and I find myself staring at the tomatoes and beans while they grow. As if that would make them grow even faster! Ha ha.

Tomatoes and flowers working in synergy

I’ve been having a blast with the idea that plants, flowers and vegetables can work together to attract certain “good bugs” and repel “the bad ones” without poisoning the earth or harming animals.

It’s been great and a very enriching experience.



These flower work wonders against bugs!




Martin got into the rhythm and decided to plant some watermelons.

But we had serious problems with a strange kind of ants who started to dig massive holes and tunnels near the roots of all our veggies. We found out there’s a huge problem with “Argentinian ants” which are a plague that destroys the other ant colonies and all crops.


We lost basically all root vegetables… Till another problem came out. A fungal disease which took over our tomatoes. Fortunately I managed to pick 90% of them and made great 100% organic tomato sauce with our tomatoes and onions.

One year after, and we’re still using it!


The grapes growing in front of my doorstep


My half kilo onions!


I still managed to plant corn, peas, tomatoes, massive onions, garlic, cabbages, lady fingers, pumpkins, red peppers and gall peppers. I got a lot of aromatic herbs as well.

Besides the fruits and the herbs, we took care of my 4 orange and 2 lemons trees who were very neglected during all these years. ¬†The apple, pear, plum and fig trees are pumping and we don’t really need to buy fruits apart from bananas. For the ones who know me, well, I’m not a fruit lover but Marcin is enjoying the gigantic all organic avocados we have growing in front of my door step.

A year has passed and the travel bug hit me again. I’m going to Thailand, Turkey and Malaysia. By myself!

It’s time to be by myself, challenge my fears, make new friends, broaden my horizons and explore the amazing vegan and vegetarian food in SEA!

Yes, I want to do a vegan travel blog! Different from all the other wonderful blogs out there. Something very alternative, very ME!



The biggest organic red onions I’ve ever seen!



So, i’m leaving my boyfriend and my onions behind to explore the world!

I will have 3 months on my own!

On the next post: Turkish Airlines and their vegan food on board.


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  1. Hi,

    Can you help. My Vegan daughter went to Portugal in the last 2 weeks and we have not heard from her. Her name is Stef Calli.

    She is English aged 27 but looks younger and was travelling with 2 English girls aged 18 and 20. We understand she went to work on a vegan farm.

    Any sighting or how you might spread this message is most appreciated.


    00353 86 241 8312

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