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Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Inspirational | 3 comments

Let the beauty guide your life!

Let the beauty guide your life!

Let the beauty guide your life!

It’s only when we touch rock bottom that we can take the impulse and reach the surface again

It’s only after our tears and our fears that we can appreciate the laughter and show our courage

It’s only after chaos, that a new order can take over

It’s only after total emptiness that we can make space for something new and better to take place

It’s only after a moment of extreme vulnerability that we realize how strong we are

It’s only when we’re struggling that we will finally meet our friends

It’s only after the heavy rain, that the flowers and the leaves can grow and blossom again.

Life is a cycle, of ups and downs, highs and lows, darkness and light.

Those are the extremes we need to reach in order to experience the adventure of our human existence.

An experience that will lead us into a journey of growth, empathy, sensitivity.

And for all this I’m grateful. As every moment and every person led me to where I am right now.



I had a very strange dream last night. I was standing alone at a huge, darkish room with nothing inside but a ladder. The walls were kind of brown or gray… decadent….

A voice started talking to me. It was not a person or an animal. It didn’t have a physical body. It was just a voice, and told me: “You know what I do when I feel desolated? I buy flowers. I buy colorful flowers. They’re the personification of pure beauty and stillness.

Go buy flowers. Buy the most colorful bouquet of flowers you’ll find. Place them in the middle of your dilapidated and empty living room and then you too will be able to see beauty once more. Let that beauty guide you.”

I bought the flowers! Hours after I wrote this post :)


HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY EVERYONE! Let the beauty guide us on this forever travel.


  1. Very lyrical! Reminded me of “you only know you love her when you let her go” 😉 your post was a wonderful reminder to learn from our experiences, the good and the bad. have a great day, too!

    • Sarah, life teach us lessons every single day, I guess we’re just too uptight with our daily life to even pay attention.

      I’m absolutely shocked to find out that one of the worse experiences I had this year (the problem with my apartment being robbed and vandalized) was actually my biggest blessing. It brought me to southern Portugal and forced me to stay. The last few weeks turned out to be the most fulfilling and inspiring of the whole 2015.

      EVERYTHING has a reason to be and a right time to happen.

  2. Really touching post. Life teaches us to value many thing in life which we usually don’t.
    In the end after the bad or good life always wins and we should love our life.

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