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Posted by on Aug 22, 2014 in Articles, Countries, Inspirational, Portugal | 5 comments

When home becomes your favorite destination

When home becomes your favorite destination

Yes, we all love traveling, exploring new places and cultures, but when you find out home is your new favorite destination?

There’s nothing I love more than traveling! Meeting new and inspiring people I would have never meet otherwise, taste new vegan foods around the world, swim in different seas, visit different ancient sites and fall in love in every port.

Koh Lanta

A magical moment in southern Koh Lanta


Yes, traveling is probably the most inspiring, and spiritual thing one can do, specially as a solo traveler. You get to challenge yourself in ways you’ve never thought possible, you find out you’re braver than you thought, that you can take over the world and even realize you’re talented at a certain area you’ve never imagined!


Nepal – 2009


When I packed my bags in 1998  to the other side of the world and on my own, I had no idea of the amazing journey I was about to start! I never stopped since!


New York 2000


But sometimes we travel for so long that home becomes a very vague term. Where is home actually? Is home in Barcelona, a city that hosted me on and off for 7 years? Is it the USA where I left my heart when I was 21?  Maybe home is in Thailand where I fell in love for life again… Maybe home is in India, where every single day was a new challenge. Or maybe home is in Portugal, this little piece of land kissed by the Atlantic ocean, where I was born a few years ago and forgot to see it as home.


Barcelona 2008


For us long term travelers home is wherever our heart is at a certain time and place. Home is where our loved ones are and mine are spread all over the world.

For the moment I’m experiencing a deep sense of peace here in Portugal, near the beautiful cost and some of the most unspoiled beaches in Europe. I’m discovering my own country through the eyes of other travelers thanks to my Couchsurfer friends. I’m exploring parts of this absolutely stunning little piece of land that wows me every single day.


Couchsurfing in southern Portugal


Couchsurfing friends


Right now home is here, not because I was born here, but because here’s where my heart is at the moment. I’m living between my farm and my van. Yes! My van is sometimes my home and the view from my window is always magic!


The view from my second home!


Painting the inside of my van 2014


Many of you send me emails asking: “I’d love to travel but I have no money and very little time. I’m also scared to travel the world alone…”  Well, have you ever thought about exploring your back yard before venturing in the world? We have a tendency to believe the grass is always greener on the other side, but in fact, every country has amazing spots. Exploring regional differences can be just as fun as experiencing internationally different cultures.

And as you will find out with this amazing guide to travel for free, traveling doesn’t have to be that expensive!


Lisbon my beautiful city! Photo credits:


If you’re not ready to go on that long scary trip, take small trips around your home country. You might be surprised by the amount of interesting sites you’ll find. If your home town became boring and monotonous, try to show it around to travelers passing by, using Couchsurfing. It’s so much fun to see our cities and villages through the eyes of other travelers.


Hosting and showing Portugal to a Couchsurfer from Canada


I’ve been away for most of the 2014; I spent the winter in Switzerland and the spring in the US. The summer belongs to Portugal and during the fall, I’ll be heading to Rome and Athens.  I find so much travel inspiration with the simplst things of life!  Any idea where I should head to for the winter??  Leave me with  some ideas on the comment section!



  1. Let us know when you are in Rome! I will show you the best vegan restaurants :)

  2. Hey there, cool blog you have! And totally agree with your post. I always thought my town was boring and not interesting – I changed my mind and now think it’s beautiful, when I started traveling. Travel teaches you to be amazed and see the beauty in things, people, cities.
    If you come in Italy, this fall I’m in Venice (not sure if I can host you, but can let you know) and on weekend I go back to my town if you want to see it :)
    Maria Alice

  3. I am really amazed at hoe brave you are. I get paranoid with strangers especially when you travel to india where female tourists get raped. How do you protect yourself from being a victim of criminals in a foreign land?

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