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Posted by on May 11, 2014 in Countries, Urban, USA | 4 comments

Graffiti street art Philadelphia

Graffiti street art Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the most vibrant artsy cities in the US. and host to an amazing collection of graffiti street art.


I had been to Philly a few times before,  back in 2001. I never had a map or a plan and was a very inexperienced traveler back then. I always felt I didn’t understand the city at all. This time I took a small free map I found at the back of a magazine and planed to explore the famous street art of Philadelphia.

I found a D.I.Y tour I could do on my own. I just needed to download the city graffiti street art map with a specific route and grab my camera. I love street art and had a blast doing a D.I.Y. street art tour while in Penang, Malaysia before.

Philadelphia, today is your turn!


Legacy – 707 Chesnut street


Philadelphia is a very progressive and open minded East coast American city. It’s a city that used to have a lot of problems with criminality and bad areas in general. Seems like the mayor is doing a huge effort to change that image and turn Philly in one of the most vibrant, artsy, and pleasant cities.


Graffiti art

Legacy – 707 Chesnut Street


I fell in love with it!   Here are some of the coolest murals in town (the list is always growing).


Graffiti art

A people-s progression towards equality / 8th and Ranstead street


One of the best ways to take this Mural Arts tour, is by printing the map and guided route through Philly’s street art, it’s free and easy to follow. Here’s the website for D.I.Y. tours: Philadelphia’s Graffiti and mural art tour.


Graffiti art

The tree of knowledge /1301 Market st & Market St.


The city is actually paying graffiti artists to give life and color to the city walls.


Graffiti art

The tree of knowledge


Some of these graffities represent historical or daily struggles and achievements of the locals. Each mural is filled with messages of hope and positivity.


Graffiti art

Finding home 21st st and 13th st.






Many bars and restaurants joined the colorful and hip trend and decided to hire artists to give life to their terraces and esplanades as well. These murals are gigantic and so colorful.



To have a perspective of the size of these graffities, check out the girl sitting on the left corner on the photo bellow.


Graffiti art

Building the city – 12th and moravian st.


I bumped into a few interesting projects of local sustainable vegetable gardens around town. This vegetable garden, was located near  by one of the most beautiful murals in Philadelphia.


Graffiti art

Garden of delight – 230 south with Sairtain st.


The  gray boring walls of most public parking lot’s are being replaced by beautiful, inspirational gigantic murals. Look at the size of this one!


Graffiti art

Philadelphia’s muses – 1235 Locust st with 13th st.



Graffiti art

Women of progress – 1307 Locust st.




The city is not only covered in graffiti art, but also interesting murals made of recycled materials, like little pieces of mirror, glass, and other colorful ceramics.



Have you ever heard about the Magic Gardens?  Well, this is an outdoors mosaic and recycled materials unique experience.  Isaiah Zagar, a Brooklin native, decided to create a unique art space using all sorts of materials, which turned into one of the most spectacular Philliy’s art experience.



For more info on this art project, check out their official website:





Probably the most colorful trash bins I’ve seen during my travels. I was fascinated with the design and color of the trash bins around South Street.






Vegan love! I love this one!



The houses and buildings around South Street are absolutely amazing. So colorful, I almost felt the urge to move to Philly.



Store owners have incredible murals and paintings of their stores. This one was a pet store in South Street.



Philadelphia is one of the most interesting, progressive and artsy cities I’ve visited in the US. I love how much work they’re putting into turning this city into a welcoming place.

If you happen to be passing by, don’t forget to leave a whole afternoon to explore philly’s street art.



  1. Wow, these are some really cool works of art. Clearly a lot of love and attention went in to all of them, and I’m impressed at how well cared for they are – not any sign of ugly tagging on top of any of them. I love street art, so it looks like Philadelphia has to go on my wish list – who knew?!

    • All graffitis are so well kept, it’s true! I’m so amazed with Philladelphia, a city no one talks about, since NYC is around the corner and steals all the attention from such an amazing, progressive and artistic city like philly.

      There’s cultural and food festivals going on all the time and soon there will be the love/gay parade, which will be awesome! I’m definitely going!

  2. Fascinating collection! I especially liked the whole house art of the second last picture. Looks like a street that would be cool for our street documentation project…

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