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Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in Countries, Europe, Nature, Spain | 0 comments

Costa de la Luz- Spain’s best kept secret

Costa de la Luz- Spain’s best kept secret

Costa de la Luz, is Spain´s most pure and unspoiled coast surrounded by nature and beaches.

Have you ever heard of Tarifa, Caños de Meca and Bolonia? No? Wonderful!

Tarifa, Bolonia and Canos de Meca, are probably Spain best kept secret. They’re small coastal spots covered by some of the most stunning landscapes and nature. These are probably the least developed areas of the Spanish coast, that has, unfortunately, suffered from an insane real estate development that basically destroyed all its Ecosystem areas around most of my beloved Spain.


The windmills of Costa de la Luz photo: jpcolasso


I went back and forth wondering if I would ever share anything about these unspoiled gems and hesitated for many years…. why? Because I’m afraid massive tourism will get there and destroy it. It would break my heart into pieces.

But then, I realized why I write. To educate people, to promote responsible and Eco-friendly traveling and if we, as travelers and tourists – make the effort to preserve the places we visit, there’s no reason to fear the fact that some of the most beautiful places sooner or later will be found.


So I promised myself to stop being so selfish and share some of my favorite spots in Andalucia, in the unspoiled Costa de la Luz.


Costa de la Luz

The amazing Costa de la Luz!


I’ve headed to Bolonia, Tarifa and Caños de Meca a few years back, when I finally managed to make a dream come true: to travel by land from Lisbon to Barcelona, exploring all the Spanish coast, from the Spanish border of Ayamonte to the Amazing Costa Brava using my biodisel powered ecological van.

The radical diversity of Spain’s landscapes I’ve seen through my window along my road trip, are impossible to put into words. From massive cities, to the Mediterranean pine tree forests and pristine beaches, to the hidden historical villages no one ever heard about.


Costa de la Luz


Tucked away in the Costa de la Luz, province of Cadiz, in the south west coast of Spain, Bolonia, Canos de Meca, Barbate and Tarifa grabbed my heart immediately. They are special and unique.


Sustainability tip – Costa de la Luz offers the perfect weather to visit all year round.  Tourism can positively impact the local economy and family business. Visit Costa de la Luz during low season and you’ll find kilometers of beaches for yourself! At the same time, you’ll avoid crowds.



Bolonia is stunning. It combines a beautiful Mediterranean pine tree forest by the sea, surrounded by massive white sand dunes. When the wind blows, it caresses the treas and plants as if nature is whispering in your ears.

Bolonia is a playground for nature lovers and it never gets boring. It’s a place that stopped in time and ideal for the ones who want to unwind and disconnect. I parked my van here and stayed for 3 full days.


Costa de la Luz

Who said we can only find beach cows in India? Photo: felizfeliz


Bolonia is fascinating. What other place in Spain could offer incredible forest, unspoiled beaches and well preserved Roman ruins? Yes, that’s right! Roman ruins! They’re called Baelo Claudia and they’re a remain of an ancient dead civilization who turned Bolonia into a huge important port, back in the day. This beautiful historical site is awaiting for you, take your camera, because the views are breath taking.


Costa de la Luz

The ancient Baleo Claudia ruins Photo: Javier Delgado


I drove down the Costa de la Luz, knowing it was was most natural piece of coast, but had no idea I would find so much diversity, history and beauty in here. I wouldn’t be lying if I’d tell you I left part of my heart in Bolonia.



Caños is probably the hippiest part of Costa de la Luz and my destinations when I found out the police doesn’t allow campers to stay overnight for more than 3 days in Bolonia.

Well, caños is calm and relaxed. Hippy families from all nationalities come over to enjoy the sun sea and nature with their cute barefeet and long haired children. Caños de Meca is a great place to connect with other like minded travelers.

If you’re a traveler who, just like me is doing a long road travel, this is the place for you. There are plenty of small locally owned stores for you to get everything you need.

I loved the vibe and energy of this amazing little paradise.



Tarifa is the opposite of Bolonia in many ways. This place is filled with adrenaline and adventure. It’s the European capital for ktesurfing and windsurfing, but on a totally natural and unspoiled setting.

Tarifa is more developed than its sister villages, but still retains it’s magic and charm. If you’re searching for a more urban setting within a relaxed environment, Tarifa is the place for you.


Costa de la Luz

Kitesurf paradise


One of the reasons Tarifa kept its nature, it’s exactly because of how windy it gets. The Atlantic winds blow strong in this areas, making the region quite unpleasant for the general tourism.

And thank God for that!


Costa de la Luz

Sand dunes

Weather in Costa de la Luz

The weather in Costa de la Luz is sweet, inviting all year round, but the proximity with the Atlantic brings strong winds sometimes. I’ve visited Costa de la Luz on low season and the weather was quite warm.


ECO TIP – When visiting Costa de la Luz, try to avoid using plastics and make all efforts to reduce your impact in the nature. Remember this unspoiled areas are not prepared to deal with massive amounts of people.

My time in Costa de la Luz was unforgettable. Although a few years have gone by, I still dream about repeating this experience again, and this time, share it all with you.

Spain is magic, a land of contrasts, friendly people and breathtaking landscapes. Spain is the place where I leave a piece of my heart, every time I pass by. Hope you’ll leave part of yours too!

For more info on Costa de la Luz, visit the Andalucia’s official tourism board

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