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Posted by on Oct 28, 2013 in Countries, Malaysia, vegan / vegetarian | 3 comments

Chinese  Restaurant: vegan restaurants in Penang

Chinese Restaurant: vegan restaurants in Penang

Chinese restaurant and vegan restaurants guide. Georgetown is a vegan’s paradise! Here are the best vegan Chinese restaurants in Penang. 

I’ve studied Traditional and classical Chinese medicine, for more than four years, first in Barcelona (Spain) at a natural health institute and later on, at the London at the University of Westminster.
In ancient times in China, the food or dietetic, was an integral and fundamental part of this medicine. Actually, some schools of thought believed all health is interlinked with the Qi of the stomach, which is the organ who receives all raw energy, transforms it and distributes it to the whole body.

Unfortunately in the west, the classical Chinese dietetics is a less studied and explored branch than acupuncture or Tui-na massage, and why is that? Mostly because westerners want quick fixes and try to avoid changing a whole lifestyle and bad habits.Chinese dietetics is a very interesting and complex science. Each color and flavor is used to either stimulate or sedate each one of the human or animals internal organ, senses and state of mind.
Each and every organ of our body is interconnected to an element, which can influence it and functions ion a very similar level. We are a micro-cosmos of a macro-cosmos.


  • The spleen and the stomach are represented by the earth element
  • the lungs are represented by the metal element
  • the liver is represented by the wood element
  • the kidneys are represented by the water element
  • the heart is represented by the fire element
The famous cycle of elements/movements
Each flavor also influences directly each organ:
  • the sweet flavor influences the sleep/stomach
  • the acidic flavor influences the liver
  • the salty flavor influences the kidneys
  • the bitter flavor influences the heart
  • the spicy flavor influences the lungs
Each flavor has also it’s therapeutic proprieties:
  • The acidic flavor is astringent
  • the bitter flavor drains and dries
  • the sweet flavor nurtures, harmonizes and relaxes
  • The salty flavor humidifies
  • The spicy flavor disperses and helps the flow of energy


Shen Nong  神農 a mystical figure, in thee culture and philosophy of the traditional Chinese medicine, also known as the ” five grain emperor”, lived more than 5.000 ago and taught the most varied Technics of agriculture in the ancient Imperial China, so there was no more need to kill animals.

Shen Nong, the mystical figure
Here in Penang, I had, for the first time the possibility to try 100% vegan food at vegan restaurants without having to worry. Penang is, in fact a paradise for a vegan!

The Chinese community is by far the biggest community in Penang, thanks to the huge number of Immigrants who migrated towards to Penang to work in the mines on the 15 century, originally from the region of Fujian.


Here are the best vegan Chinese restaurants in Penang:

Uma refeicao ronda os 3.5RM
My favorite buffet style vegan place. Supr cheap, clean and with an enormous variety of food. This is a pay per kilo kind of. This place is very popular with locals, which only validates it’s quality.
Expect to pay around 3.5 RM for a meal.
My favorite vegan restaurant of all


Ethically vegan


You choose what you eat


Incredible fresh variety


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Green beans, cabbage with carrots and soy products


Steamed broccoli, carrot, pumpkin, noodles and tofu balls


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Delicious Chinse steamed and stuffed breads

Restaurant near the big Chinese temple

I couldn’t get the address of this one restaurant. It’s located very close to the big Chinese temple, where people make their morning prayers.

It’s a very local restaurant, so don’t expect to see tourists here, but it’s incredibly popular with the locals. The lady doesn’t speak English, but the communication is quite easy. It’s a buffet style, pay per kilo.


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The entrance from the main road


Very delicious food


My lunch, different soy products, rice and spinach

On the next post, we’ll explore the Little India district and the most delicious Indian foods Penang has to offer!




  1. Since you are experienced, could you recommend a good acupuncturist in Penang? thanks!

    • I don’t know of any doctor in Penang, so it’s hard to recommend anyone :( But the Chinese community is huge, I bet they have excellent doctors out there

  2. fantastic article of my home Town. Thanks Yara

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