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Posted by on Aug 1, 2014 in Inspirational | 2 comments

Can traveling fix your broken heart?

Can traveling fix your broken heart?

Does traveling really help you mending your broken heart? 

Many people pack their bags and venture in the world after a break up, a divorce or a big loss. Some, travel to escape what they’re leaving behind, while others decide to run towards something better and bigger. I’ve used this strategy twice to mend my broken heart and I can personally say, it won’t fix the broken heart but it will help you moving on tremendously.




One of the hardest things to deal with, after a break up are the old memories. All the memories will be spread around the house you both shared, the places you used to go together, the friends you’ve had in common. Those memories will constantly bring back the overwhelming sense of emptiness. So for this, traveling can be a great way for you to distance yourself from your past, create new memories and get detached of your old routine. Sometimes this alone can help you heal your wounds faster and easier.




For most of the time when you’re traveling you are distracted. All the new sights and sceneries will take over your attention. Enjoy the Brazilian jungle, the art in Paris or the chill out vibe of Thailand. Live each moment and focus on how lucky you are to have the chance to experience so many beautiful things. You’ll think about your loved one once in a while and might feel sad sometimes, but it’s still better than if you stay home by yourself, recreating the tragedy of being on your won from now on. Each day, will be a new chance to recreate a new life, a new memory and a new future.




When you decide to travel to fix your broken heart, don’t focus only in the fact that you want to escape a bad situation, because you’ll be carrying a burden with you. Think the other way around. Think you’re running towards something better, something new, and more fulfilling. Think you’re opening yourself to the world and giving yourself a chance to have a new beginning. Think of all the opportunities that wait for you instead on focusing on how everything collapsed in you life. Traveling has that power, so grab it with both hands!

Need some inspirational travel quotes?





Sometimes when we’re in a long term relationship, the “I” and the “YOU” melt together into a “WE”. Although this is very important for a life together, we often forget we’re still 2 separate people with our own individual needs, hopes and dreams. Some of us cultivate that individuality within the life as a couple, but others totally forget to nurture themselves, to have their own friends, to have their girls night out or boys night out. Once the relationship is over, you’ll have no one to run to, and you’ll be feeling empty, because you never build a foundation from where to take your strength from. Neither did you write your own story. You feel lost, lonely and broken. Use this time to re-write your story! As hard is at might feel in the beginning, it’s gets better with time. Remember, before you’ve met your ex-partner, you were perfectly happy by yourself.





You will meet new people with a whole bunch of interesting stories to share with you and you’ll probably team up with travel buddies. With time, you’ll realize there are many other interesting people out there, who might be single and might have much more in common with you than your previous partner. Don’t go out forcing yourself to date anyone just as a means to forget your previous relationship or a way in which you think you might make your ex- jealous. This won’t fix your problems and might create a new one. But if you feel you might have met someone magical who shares a lot of interests with you, then don’t be scared to try enjoying your time together. Traveling solo is one of the best ways to meet and connect with other travelers and you’ll be surprised by how many interesting people you’re going to meet.





Yes, learn a new skill. Many people tend to leave projects and dreams behind when they enter a relationship. A lot of people open hand of certain plans for a variety of reasons. Now you have the time. Rescue your old plans and projects. Did you always wanted to learn photography? The go out on your adventure across the world and photograph as much as you can. You’ve always wanted to learn a new language? Well, go and stay at that amazing country for a couple of months and immerse into the culture and the local language. You’ve always loved history? Nothing better than traveling to check out the Mayan ruins, the European castles, the Asian temples. Love nature and animals? Costa Rica hosts an incredibly diversity of Fauna and flora, so does the Brazilian amazon of the African continent. Recycle yourself and your skills!




Don’t book a holiday where people usually go on honey moon or specific destinations for couples. This will only add to your broken heart. Search online for interesting destinations where you’ll find other solo travelers. South East Asia is a good example, so is Europe. Check out the information out there, either at travel forums where you can ask questions or by reading travel blogs.


If you have a broken heart and decide to travel, you’ll be greatly enriched and get some travel inspiration by everyone you’ll meet and by everything you’ll learn. Going back home will be easier. You’ll be stronger and more detchaed from your previous relationship.



  1. Sometimes you get heart broken while travelling, and then it becomes a question of ”What do i do” i think its always best to carry on , keep moving and enjoy the world

  2. I loved this article! I think when you make NEW (and better, more exciting and memorable) memories, you realize that life does move on and you’ll be “ok” – maybe not now but in the distant future. You think you’ll never be happy and then one day…poof! You ARE happy and you didn’t even realize that your heart was put back together because it did so quietly and unwittingly!

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