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Posted by on Apr 12, 2015 in Europe, Romania, Urban, vegan / vegetarian | 11 comments

Bucharest tourism. A city break for food lovers!

Bucharest tourism. A city break for food lovers!

Get on board my Bucharest tourism for foodies!! 

Romania is a country that somehow, has been forgotten. When we think of Eastern Europe, we think of Czech Republic or Croatia for their vibe and beauty. Unfortunately, Bucharest has never been part of our favorite destinations for food and fun.

When I headed to Bucharest, in search for the best Bucharest tourism activities and sights, I had no idea of what to expect. Fortunately, I found out a vibrant, hospitable, friendly and extremely safe city. I can say that Bucharest was one of the biggest surprises I’ve had in many years of traveling.


Bucharest tourism

Bucharest from the 18th floor of the Intercontinental Hotel


Although I’m tempted to not share anything with the world and keep this secret my own, I think Bucharest deserves your love too. So here starts my love story with Bucharest…


Bucharest tourism


Bucharest tourism – the perfect city break for food lovers

Bucharest offers a variety of foods, far superior than many other European countries. While walking around the city, I’ve noticed a huge variety of international cuisine, from local to Greek, Turkish, Italian and Syrian.

There’s something for everyone in this gorgeous city. Vegans and vegetarians will find Bucharest an easy city to visit and devour.

Bucharest counts with three 100% vegan restaurants and many vegetarian only and vegetarian friendly places.



A popular 100% vegan eatery, centrally located in the heart of the city. I’ve passed by a couple of times, since it was located right by the Intercontinental hotel, where I was staying.

The king of this eatery is the falafel and it won’t let you down.


Bucharest tourism

Photo credit Super falafel



If you stay at the Intercontinental hotel, you’ll be presented with a wonderful and varied breakfast every morning. This is one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever encountered for vegans and vegetarians alike.


Bucharest tourism


If you love a real meal in the morning, then the Intercontinental will be your favorite place. With a variety of juices, breads, teas, fruits and even beans and deliciously baked potatoes.

The hotel also counts with a restaurant and buffet service for events.


Bucharest tourism



Bucharest tourism


The food at the Intercontinental is fresh and varied.  Hard not to feel satisfied.


Bucharest tourism


The dessert section was probably one of the most impressive I’ve seen in a long time.  With different options for every taste, from cakes, to fruit pies.


Bucharest tourism


Bucharest tourism



This was definitely my favorite place in Bucharest. The travel oriented decor of the upper floor, the vintage decorations all over the place made the Journey Pub one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve eaten at.


Bucharest tourism


bucharest restaurants


Although not a vegetarian or vegan only restaurant, they’ll accommodate you the best they can. The food was delicious, presented gourmet style.


Bucharest tourism - bucharest restaurants


Although the portions were small, the flavors were intense. We were served 2 dishes and a dessert. We all left happy and satisfied. Definitely recommended!


Bucharest tourism - bucharest restaurants


Hard to choose which dessert looked better. Maybe getting a couple of them is not a bad idea.


Bucharest tourism - bucharest restaurants



The place to be after a late night out at the old town. This place serves extremely delicious Falafels and has a whole vegetarian section, with some original delights, like the aubergine with pomegranate falafel, by far my favorite one!



The portions are generous, staff is super friendly and the vibe is great. Definitely recommended.



Head to Piața Amzel, where you’ll find the local market selling fresh fruits and vegetables.







Near by, there are many restaurants, cafes and bakeries you should definitely explore.



Located right next to the Piața Amzel. This organic cafe is the place to go to enjoy a cup of coffe while watching life go by at the esplanade.


Bucharest tourism - bucharest restaurants



A historical restaurant you can’t afford to miss. It’s not vegetarian oriented, but they’ll accommodate vegans and vegetarians. Service is on the slow side, I waited quite a while for my food, but I believe it was due to the size of our group.

The architecture of Hanul Manuc is breathtaking and its biggest highlight. This is the oldest building in Bucharest and a piece of local history you should experience.


Bucharest tourism - bucharest restaurants



A 100% vegan restaurant in Bucharest, offering some incredible treats for the food lover folks. With many different menus to choose from, you can have a vegan meal that best serves your budget.


Photo credits



Bucharest is an affordable city to enjoy food. With a rich history and influences, Romania will surprise in ways you never expected.

If you’ve traveled around a bit, you’ll notice the influences of the neighboring countries in certain Romanian cuisine classics. You’ll find many bakeries selling snacks similar to the ones found in Greece and Turkey. A great bite for the afternoon or mid morning.


Bucharest tourism - bucharest restaurants


Sneaking in a bakery, I could watch the local ladies preparing the pastries. They were quite nice and happy to be on camera.


Bucharest tourism - bucharest restaurants


Bucharest is definitely a city break paradise in the heart of Eastern Europe. I can honestly say, this city is ranking my top 5 favorite places on earth.

I’ve encountered the friendliest people in Europe, rivaling the bubbly and extrovert Spanish. And here’s my promise, I’ll be back for more pretty soon!



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  1. Bucharest has always been high on my “to go” list – I adore Eastern Europe and have always found the people to be incredibly friendly and welcoming. We are actually heading off to Prague on Wednesday in search of some great vegetarian and vegan places!

    I’ve saved your article and will definitely be visiting some of these places when we finally make it to Bucharest,hopefully sometime next year!

    • Karianne, Bucharest is one of my very favorite cities in Europe now. You should definitely go there and then, let me know if you fell in love with it too :)

  2. Wow, what a great round up! Who knew that Bucharest would be so vegetarian and vegan friendly?! This makes me happy!

    • It is really vegan and vegetarian friendly, no issues with food whatsoever!

  3. You awake my appetite 😀 very interesting post.Thanks for this sharing post. its a fact to my new wish list.
    I Actually a traveler that ALWAYS attracted in food.. 😀 anyway You got my attention. seriously its look delicious I love it , and i also a food explorer. that’s why another reason why i go travel :) .
    I hope more Food post on this blog 😉 just kidding 😀 i’ll keep in touch just keep it great..

    • Hahaha, I’m glad you loved it! Now you have no excuse for not going to Bucharest and try it yourself! Then let me know how you liked it!

  4. Thanks Yara! I head to Bucharest on Monday and look forward to exploring and visiting these places. 😀

    • Wow, so this was very timely for you! Hope you enjoy Bucharest as much as I did!

  5. Bucharest is always one of my city I want to visit. Thanks for sharing and info.

    • You should definitely go and visit Maria, I had no expectations, but ended up falling in love for the city. Friendly people, great vibe, incredible mix of new and old…. It’s a special place and still not taken over by mass tourism, which adds to its authenticity :)


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