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Posted by on Apr 30, 2015 in Europe, Romania, Urban | 11 comments

Bucharest Nightlife. Let the fun begin!

Bucharest Nightlife. Let the fun begin!

Bucharest nightlife was probably the biggest surprise about the city!

What comes into your mind when you think of Romania? When asking this question to several friends, the answer was always the repetitive: “Dracula….” “Vampires” and sometimes the odd: “The nature in Transylvania”. Which you can read on my previous post 4 myths about Romanians.

Now, when asking: “and what comes to your mind when you think about Bucharest??”. Silence……

The most embarrassing thing, is that a few weeks ago, I would be lifting my shoulders and saying: “I have no idea what’s the deal with Bucharest.” So fortunately, I was one of the lucky travel bloggers chosen to explore Bucharest for 6 days, and then, take my own conclusions and share my experiences and thoughts with the world.


So let me tell you about Bucuresti….

This is a vibrant, fun, welcoming and hospitable city that treated me extremely well and surprised me in many ways.


Bucharest nightlife

Our wonderful group Photo by Alin Popescu


Bucharest is a city that offers amazing food, that both vegans and vegetarians alike will love to explore.  Bucharest is a place where people are friendly, hospitable and incredibly warm.


First impressions of Bucharest Nightlife

My first impressions of the city, are intertwined with the nightlife of Bucharest. I arrived late at night, with my two fellow travel bloggers after a 3 hour flight from Barcelona.

No, we didn’t want to go to bed like 3 grandmothers who arrive in a new place. So we headed to the city center.



And that’s when we bumped into an electric and somewhat weird mix of gogo girls wearing, what seemed to be microscopic shorts or even just a thong. Shaking their booties against the large windows of the bars, where the music was pumping up loud and clear, we looked at each other and laughed.

Hmmm, I never thought I would see such wild and crazy stuff in Bucharest, but…. Yes, I’m ready to see in which ways this city will surprise me!


And this is how I got caught up in the…. Bucharest nightlife!


Yes, me… The person who rarely drinks and rarely ends up in bars or clubs, ended up losing her mind in Bucharest. But how could I say no, when the city and my fellow travel bloggers were so much fun??

We were told there was a brand new place in the Old town called the “shoteria”. Yes, you guessed it right, this place was all about shots. And they were good! They were delicious!



So i decided life is too short and indulged into the shot marathon that kept me partying till 5am.


Keep calm, and shit on the grass….

Pardon me for the language, but I have to blame the shit on the grass for my loss of control.

Shit on the grass is one of the many shots they have at the “shoteria”, and it was what sealed the deal for me. I went crazy with that shit and drank it till… I was alcoholically happy, let’s say.


Bucharest nightlife

Caught on camera Photo by Alin Popescu


Everyone at the Shoteria was so friendly and fun, I realized that Bucharest is just another piece of “latinolandia” in the East (Yes, Romanians are latinos, just like us Portuguese, Spanish, Italians or French) and maybe that’s why I connected so easily and related so much to the people.


Bucharest nightlife

A toast to life photo by Alin Popescu


After a wonderful night out with some of the greatest travel bloggers out there, we headed home.¬†Laughing about the fact this press trip was actually a lot of fun and how next morning we had to be up and ready really early….. With a smile!

And guess what?? We did! Almost smiley and almost fresh at 9am next morning, ready to explore more things to do in Bucharest. Hope you’ve enjoyed my story and stick around for the next “episode”.


* * * *





  1. The Old City in Bucharest is great for partying.

    So what’s next? Staying in Bucharest or visiting other parts of Romania as well?

    • Next is Spain! But yes, the old part of Bucharest is an amazing party place, I was amazed!

  2. Seems like you had one of those nights where you realize some truths about life and end up partying and having fun doing justice to it!! Good going Yara and loved the way yur words lead me to imagine my own version of your episodes!

    • I had a blast!!! Seriously, I never expected to have so much fun in Bucharest!

  3. Night life in Bucharest seems like so much fun. I am amazed how fresh you were after your flight and instead of going to your hotel you had a nigh out enjoying and partying with locals!

    • Yes, even I was amazed. I guess I was really excited to visit a new country and I had excellent company to explore the city a little before going to bed. But it was an intense trip! A mix of work and travel.

  4. Hi Yara,
    I have just discovered your blog whilst checking another one, and I’m happy I did. I’m from Bucharest so it was quite funny reading your review of the night life in the capital :). I left Romania 6 years ago and I’m happy to read about my country whilst I’m away.
    I’m a blogger myself (or trying to be) and I’m curently traveling through South America, which is prety amazing.
    I’m covering my trip here and I would love some feedback.


    • So nice to hear form you Cristina, fellow blogger! Yes, it’s always funny when others write about our hometown. I had so much fun in Bucharest, I miss it!

  5. Sadly, I didn’t make it to Bucharest when I traveled through Europe in 1992. Maybe one day I’ll make it back to that part of the globe. It is definitely on my list. Great post!

    • You SHOULD!! It’s the perfect city for a long weekend of fun, food, amazing locals and interesting mix of architecture :) Highly recommended!

  6. I traveled few years back in Bucharest . And I found so much changes in there from your article. Thanks for making me nostalgic.

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