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Posted by on Jan 2, 2014 in Countries, Portugal, Urban | 26 comments

Things to do in Lisbon Portugal – like a local!

Things to do in Lisbon Portugal – like a local!

Things to do in Lisbon Portugal , Europe’s best kept secret.  And here are the best Lisbon travel tips to explore the city like a local!

Things to do in Lisbon Portugal!

There are plenty of things to do in Lisbon Portugal. The westerner southern capital is probably one of the most beautiful, breathtaking and not overwhelmingly touristy European gems.

You’ll fall in love with Lisboa. This is a city famous for it’s Portuguese hospitality, for the friendly welcoming people, the great food, incredible sites and lot’s of history. Portugal has the oldest borders in Europe, therefore a very ancient history.

It was from Lisbon that sailors went out and about to discover new lands, finding the Americas, India and Africa. Come and enjoy a day backpacking in Lisbon on a budget!

Wake up at one of the best hostels in the world and head to the “Brasileira” café and pastry shop for breakfast, in Chiado. A BRASILEIRA Rua Garrett 120, 1200 Lisboa 21 346 9541

Things to do in Lisbon Portugal

One of Lisbon’s historical cafes


The Brasileira is one of the oldest and most beautiful cafes in Lisbon. It opened in 19 of November 1905 by Adriano Telles to sell genuine Brazilian coffee, an unappreciated product by then. This cafe is filled with a magnificent Noveau art decor, used to be the intellectual and artist meeting point in the early 20th century, one of the most famous being Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet whose statue can be found at the esplanade.

Here you can have a fairly affordable Portuguese breakfast and refill your energies for a free walking tour. At 10 am head to Praca Camoes, just a 3 minute walk from the Brasileira and meet the wonderful tour guides of “the chill out tours” for a free walking tour through historic Lisbon.

Chill out Free Tours Free/donation based


Things to do in Lisbon portugal

Praca Luis de Camoes – meeting point for the Free tours


This tour will take you to the areas of Bairro Alto– famous for it’s night life and bohemian vibe.

You’ll visit the neighborhood of Carmo, where you can see the remains of the “ruins of Carmo” that survived the impact of the devastating earth quake and later Tsunami that completely wiped the city out.

You’ll visit the center and head to Mouraria, one of the most picturesque and traditional neighborhoods of Lisbon with it’s little narrow streets and unique architecture. These guys know their city well and will show you magical spots traditional tourist don’t usually see. Free tours are a great asset if you’re backpacking in Lisbon.


Things to do in Lisbon portugal


It should be lunch time by now, so head down hill to the “Food temple” the one and only vegan restaurant in Lisbon.

They serve the best quality vegan food at great prices and you can rest from your previous tour in the quiet little street of the Food Temple restaurant, where you’ll forget you’re in the city center. Or if you preffer, for about 1.15€ you can have home cooked soups at every restaurant and most cafés around town.

Take the tram and head to Belem, home of the most beautiful monuments and sights in Lisbon. Most monuments and museums are FREE during Sunday morning.  If you’re full of energy, rent a bike and ride it along the river. There’s a bike lane all the way through and the road is flat. You’ll definitely have a great experience.

Once in Belem, visit the famous pastry shop “Pasteis de Belem”. You’ll notice the line is absolutely gigantic, but don’t worry! Do what the locals do, go inside and seat at the café, where you can enjoy you pastel de Belem and a coffee without having to wait in line.

This pastry shop is filled with history and you’ll notice its inside is huge. Most tourist just wait in line and then leave, not even realizing how ancient the tiles that cover the walls are, or without noticing you can watch the ladies preparing the pastries through the window glass.


Things to do in Lisbon portugal

Belem, one of the most beautiful parts of Lisbon


Take the whole afternoon to explore Belem.

It’s one of the most interesting parts of Lisbon and it was from here that sailors made their way to Africa and the Americas for the first time in history! Belem has enough monuments to entertain you till late.

Take the tram back to central Lisbon and if it’s a Thursday, head to the weekly vegan dinner for backpackers and couchsurfers I organise at a non-profit organization called the RDA69 (you can contact me for details). If it’s any other day of the week, this Canteen will still be rocking full gas, offering amazing vegan meals on a daily basis. A full meal will cost you 3€  (soup + main dish) and you’ll meet other like minded folks and spend a great evening chatting about traveling the world and other adventures. RDA69 – Rua Regueirao dos Anjos, 69 , Lisboa


Things to do in Lisbon portugal

Vegan food in Lisbon


After dinner, it’s time to party at Bairro alto or listen to some live music.

Bairro alto has all sorts of bars, cafes for all budgets and all tastes, just choose which ones is passing your favorite type of music. Enjoy your evening with a fresh Portuguese beer till late at night.

If you want to experience the traditional Fado, head to Tasca do Chico, where you won’t have to pay entrance and will enjoy one of the very best Fado Vadio night! I’ve been there and had a blast without breaking my wallet!

Tasca do Chico  / free entrance Rua do Diário de Notícias 39, 1200 Lisbon


Things to do in Lisbon portugal

Fado night at Tasca do Xico



 You’ve been enjoying Lisbon for a whole day by now, on a budget and without a boring moment! There are plenty of great cheap things to do in Lisbon Portugal. Exploring in Lisbon is cheap, safe and a lot of fun! Take advantage of this city while it’s still not overly touristy. If you want to add some museums to your trip, but you’re limited on your budget, I have good news for you! Most museums are free on Sunday morning!


If you feel the Lisbon travel tips were useful, share it!



  1. Argh you’re killing me. Portugal and Spain are still on my bucket list -we didn’t make it that far west in Europe!

    • :) The day you visit Spain and Portugal you won’t wanna leave!
      If you ever head over here, let me know, I might be able to show you around!

  2. Liked Lisbon, but it’s full of shady creeps… Isn’t it?
    …it’s full of stray cats as well.
    Great selection of photos you have there, by the way!
    I hope they keep the old trams in Lisbon…

    • I’ve heard people complaining about some “creepy drug dealers” (who happen to be from other nationalities other that Portuguese), who offer drugs to tourists. I see them often, but they obviously don’t come after me, since I’m not a tourist. Mostly they just ask if you want haxixe or pot. They’re not dangerous just annoying. They scam people according to what I’ve heard, they’re not “real drug dealers.

      … stray cats. Cat’s live perfectly well on their own, mostly they’re fed by old ladies who are cat lovers. :)

    • I traveled to Lisbon as a solo female and never once felt unsafe or creeped on. I found the people there to be some of the most genuine, helpful and friendly I’ve ever met.

    • If I’m around, I’ll show you the best spots most people who visit never get to see :) The hidden gems I won’t even writ about in my blog :)

      • Are you still in Lisbon? I’ll be there May 12 weekend and would love to see the sights with you!

  3. I’ll be there May 21st for two days, and I definitely will be stopping by for some vegan yummies!! Thanks for the awesome guide!!

    • Really? Then you’ll have to go for a vegan dinner, or lunch :) 3€ a full meal, can’t get any better than that! Unfortunately, I won’t be here in May, I’ll be traveling, so we won’t meet at those dinners, but I’m sure you’ll have a blast and will meet amazing travelers there.

  4. I want to go back to Lisbon now! Thanks for sharing these amazing tips with us!

    • Come on over! I’ll guide you through the hidden gems of Lisbon if I’m around :)

  5. We really want to visit Portugal, we have been in many places in Europe but not there yet. I can’t believe a vegan meal can be so cheap, just one more reason to get there I guess :)

  6. Olá yara! muito lindo teu blog!! Qual é o nome do hostel em Lisboa?? Obrigada!!

    • Obrigado pela palavras Eugenia! Lisboa tem os melhores hostels da Europa, sao basicamente todos bons, nao especifiquei nenhum :)

  7. I planning a trip to lisbon end of december. Can’t wait really excited. Thanks for th article

  8. Hey!

    Were there any other places in Portugal you’ve been? I have roughly 9 days of free travel at the beginning of my winter holidays, and I was thinking of seeing as much of Portugal as possible. Is there a certain route you would suggest, or certain cities along the coast I just HAVE to see? I’m also a 21 year old female from Canada, how safe is the majority of Portugal?

    Thanks :)

    • Hi Alex, Yes! I’ve been all over Portugal, because I was born here :)
      There are great places you should visit apart from Lisbon. Evora is a small city in southern Portugal you shouldn’t miss! I always take friends there.
      You should definitely visit Cascais and Sintra, which are right next to Lisbon (about half hour away!) and I guarantee, you’ll love it.

      Most tourists and travelers visit Porto as well.

      If you like the beach, surf and yoga, you should visit Vila Nova de Milfontes, where there’s a great Eco-surf school and Yoga classes. It’s not a massively touristy place, so you’ll have an authentic experience (everybody speaks English in Portugal, so your stay will be very easy).

  9. Watch the video “glass walls” with a very important message from Paul McCartney and know what you eat
    Warning: Explicit violent content towards animals

    • And what does that have anything to do with Lisbon? lol

  10. I’m coming to Lisbon today and leaving midday on Saturday. I would love to meet up with locals and am hoping to go to the Thursday night vegan dinner mentioned in the blog post if anyone wants to meet up.

    • i’m not in Lisbon right now, but check out the CS event page, the dinners go on :)

  11. Coming to Lisbon & checking the night life as I’m interested to go to a classy one as I’m 42 and won’t be comfortable going to cheap & younger discos
    Anyone let me know info

  12. Hi Yara, thanks for your lovely pictures & worthy inside information & I sure would like to meet for a little tour as well as more sightseeing info! I’ll be visiting Lisboa from 20 March 2016 till the 26th! It will be Easter time during my visit. Anyway the Thursday & Good Friday! Will there be special events to reckon with & will the shops, restaurants & museums be open for me to visit as well as taking a bus or tram?


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