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Five amazing S. Valentine’s presents

It’s Valentine’s day…. Love is in the air and you know, that even the smallest gesture can melt your better half’s heart. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to express your love and appreciation for the one you love. Sometimes, the most memorable presents, are actually the ones that require some imagination and a little bit of thought.


“Being loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage…” – Lao Tzu

Five amazing S. Valentine’s presents for 2017



Flowers were my very first gift on Valentine’s day. And I know this is probably the most conventional of gifts, however, I truly believe some things are so special, they’ll never get out of fashion.




Why not order a beautiful bouquet of flowers and get them delivered to her place early in the morning when she’s just waking up? If you happen to be traveling around Australia with your sweetheart or if you’re an Australian resident, maybe you’d like to check out Flowers for Everyone. “Our flower delivery service guaranteed in the same day if ordered before 2pm”.  If you wish so, add a little gift with it, like a bottle of wine so you can have a romantic dinner together.



You can either go out for dinner…. or you can forget about the world and simply stay home. Cook a romantic dinner together, and enjoy every moment of it! Put your favorite music on, and rock that kitchen with a delicious organic meal.




One of my most memorable Valentine’s day, was actually when my sweetheart and I decided to stay home and simply spent time together, cooking and dancing in the kitchen.

Simple Chinese wok, spicy Thai, Indian curries, or that forever favorite Italian? If you need some inspiration, check out my vegan recipe section for great ideas of foods of the world. And remember that bottle of wine you sent with the flowers from Flowers for everyone? Enjoy it together!



Imagine the two of you…laying side-by-side, relaxing from the worries of the world, in a warm room with the relaxing sounds of peaceful ocean waves, the aromatherapy of calming essential oils, and the nurturing of a customized therapeutic massage.  It is the perfect environment to enjoy a special bonding session for couples, to indulge in the shared experience of peace and well-being.  You don’t need to do anything except relax and enjoy!






Climb the highest point of your city or village for a magical sunset together. If you have a nice (and safe to climb!) roof top you can go to, surprise him /her with this unconventional spot.  Bring some food and have a picnic together while you watch the sun kissing the sky goodbye.

If you’re traveling the world together, this is a great excuse to explore a new spot together.


Love makes the world go round. With the stress of daily life, we sometimes forget to show appreciation for the ones we truly care for. Taking time to express your feelings, sharing quality time and surprise the other with a little gift, can bring us closer together, make our love grow stronger.

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Save Money by Holidaying Locally

Save Money by Holidaying Locally

If you’re anything like me then as soon as you returned from your first travel experience you immediately began planning and saving for your next trip. However, if you’re also like me, you find yourself feeling the need to escape earlier than your budget will allow. If this resonates with you, I have a few tips to holidaying locally which have helped me keep my sanity in between my big adventures.




Beach Bound

There’s one thing I loved about the Mediterranean and that was the beaches. There were days where I would spend the entire day on the beach without speaking to anybody just enjoying the time to myself. When I felt like I needed this experience again, I found that I could get a similar sense of relaxation from visiting a local beach. With so many to choose from, a relatively inexpensive domestic flight is all it takes to enjoy a similar atmosphere. Load up your tablet with books and music, plug in your headphones and laze the days away on the sand.

Coming Back a Changed Person

The last time that I went traveling I returned home with a suitcase full of new and very different clothes along with a shaved head. No joke. And while this change of look came from a cultural journey I was lucky enough to be taken on, coming back a new person doesn’t require extensive travel. When vacationing locally, spend your budget on getting a haircut and color, completely revamp your closet and, of course, a mani and pedi. Utilizing discounts at Chicago nail salons is a great way to keep your costs down while you continue to save for your next big international adventure whilst still getting a total makeover feel.

Go It Alone

There have been a few times where I’ve taken an overseas vacation with a group of friends, but if I can be honest, I prefer to travel alone. There is a lot more which you can learn about yourself when you are alone with just your thoughts. Instead of a quick weekend away with friends, take a few extra days for some solitary camping. Find yourself a nice secluded camping spot, take a few good books and some music and enjoy the time to yourself. If you’ve been feeling stressed about a number of things in the lead-up, make a list and sort them out while you’re away.

Don’t let a restricted budget get in the way of keeping you sane in between big international adventures. Remember to keep it cost effective, look for discounts, and above all, enjoy yourself.

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Costa Rica: Sand, surf and sun!

We all know Costa Rica is one of the best preserved tropical islands in the world. Ecotourism and environmentally conscious businesses have thrived in this small paradise, turning it into one of the best destinations for nature lovers, adventure seekers and honeymooners.

You’ll find warm weather throughout the year, welcoming locals and beautiful spots that will leave you breathless.  Some have come for a visit and stayed forever. Many others fall in love with the island and return for more year after year.  You can plan your Costa Rica family vacations  in the comfort of your home and simply enjoy your time once you arrive!



Costa Rica is for surfers

Costa Rica is one of the world’s top spots for surfers in search for the perfect wave, but this is also the case for many folks wanting to learn how to surf.

Costa Rica is a well known and well developed surfing destination – especially since featured in Endless Summer 2, that classic surf movie that enchanted the thrilled seeker adventurers. The surfing can be broken into three main areas: The Pacific North (Guanacaste-Nicoya), the Pacific South (Punta Arenas) and the Caribbean. Surf towns are developing in places such as Jaco, Tamarindo and Puerto Viejo. Year round warm water, warm air and offshore breezes (in Guanacaste) make for great conditions.


Costa Rica is for spirituality seekers

If you’re a wellness and Yoga fan, then you’re off to the right place! Costa Rica is the capital of everything spiritual and healthy. You’ll find yoga classes, personal development groups, healthy restaurants and inspiring people who will make you never want to leave this place.


Costa Rica is for the vegetarians and vegans

I have previously shared many reasons why vegans and vegetarians keep on choosing Costa Rica, on my vegan and vegetarian Costa Rica guide.


Tropical fruit – photo free license


Costa Rica is a great place to find exotic tropical fruits. Many of these fruits are native to Costa Rica, but many others were introduced from Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, and North and South America. Almost all are regularly found in the stores and farmers’ markets of Costa Rica.  Most of them are 100% organic and incredibly fresh.

Vegetables are mostly grown naturally in Costa Rica and you can feel the explosion of flavors in every meal.


Costa Rica is for family fun

For about half the price of a top-shelf Disney vacation, you can explore a whole new world with your kids. Kids can swim and splash all they want in ocean surf, swimming pools, rivers, and hot springs. Families are amazed by the tropical wildlife-butterflies, tree frogs, monkeys and toucans-and a treetop canopy tour is not to be missed by kids or grown-ups.




Costa Rica has 800 miles of beaches and coastline and rugged tropical mountaintops over 12,000 feet.

Costa Rica visitors can choose from San Jose International Airport (SJO) near the capital city, or Daniel Oduber International Airport (LIR) near Liberia in the north.

According to Wikipedia, Costa Rica  is home to more than 500,000 species, which represents nearly 4% of the total species estimated worldwide, making Costa Rica one of the 20 countries with the highest biodiversity in the world. Of these 500,000 species, a little more than 300,000 are insects

Costa Rica has no real winter period, and the sun shines here throughout the year. In general the weather can be classified as a dry or high season and a wet or green season. With over 12 hours of sunshine a day, the sun rises at about 5:45 am and sets at about 5:45 pm consistently throughout the year.

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