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Posted by on Feb 11, 2015 in Uncategorized | 6 comments

Amsterdam guide – for the fun and food lover!

Amsterdam guide – for the fun and food lover!

The Amsterdam guide for the food and fun lovers. Enjoy the canals and the flower markets after a great vegan meal!

Amsterdam is one of the most interesting, modern and artistic Europeans cities.  It’s a city that can be explored at any time of the year, without letting you down.

A few things comes to mind when we think about the beautiful Amsterdam city: the canals, the bicycles, the colorful tulip fields. I found this interesting river cruiser’s guide to Amsterdam, one of the top activities for both solo travelers, as well as couples. So, I decided to plan my itinerary for my 2015 visit.


If you’re a food and fun lover, you might enjoy this Amsterdam guide!


Amsterdam river cruising


Amsterdam guide

Photo: Richard Martin CC License


River cruising has to be on the very top of your activities. Why? Well, where else in the world will you be able to explore the rivers, canals and landscapes like in A’dam?

Amsterdam is home to 165 canals and a ton of bridges to help you around them. Amsterdam’s canals protect the city from the North Sea, and they are more than just a modern art lover.

From Amsterdam, and if you have time, you can take river cruises to the near by countries and explore a whole region.


The Bloemenmarkt will leave you speechless!


Wiki Commons License


The Bloenmarkt, as the name says, it’s a floating flower market. This is the only floating flower market in the world, and one of the most colorful and fragrant places of interest in the city. The good news? It’s running all year round!

The mix of colors and perfumes, will definitely be the perfect scenario for the photography lovers. There, you’ll find all types and colors of Tulips and other flowers. The stalls are are actual boats and the whole market visit, is an experience of a life time you can’t miss!


Vegan and vegetarian restaurants Amsterdam


Amsterdam guide

Vegan and vegetarian food Amsterdam



Amsterdam has over 25 vegan and vegetarian restaurants listed in the Happy Cow directory.  That is a feast for all vegan and vegetarian food lovers who are visiting Amsterdam.

This means you can try all sorts of vegan and vegetarian food, from Macrobiotic to Japanese without stressing. Not many cities offer such an amazing variety, turning Amsterdam on of the vegetarian capitals of Europe.


Amsterdam art scene


Amsterdam is quite a small city, but no other city in the world will beat the amazing independent art galleries you’ll find there.

Art lovers are spoiled for choice in Amsterdam. With a number of historical and up-and-coming districts bursting with independent galleries and established museums, the city is home to some of the most progressive and high- quality cultural organisations in Europe.

I’ve found some incredible street art while strolling around the streets. I guess there’s a piece of art for everyone here.


Ride your bike in Amsterdam

When in Rome…. do like the Romans.



Amsterdam might be the most bike friendly city in the world,  According to Wikipedia  “In Amsterdam, over 60% of trips are made by bike in the inner city and 38% of trips are made by bike overall in the greater city area.”

Unlike my home town where the the famous 7 hills, make bike riding the hardest task in the world, Amsterdam is quite flat, you won’t need to work hard to get around on a typical Dutch bike. The bike culture is deeply rooted in the city, you’ll find it a safe mode of transportation.

Eco-travelers will fall in love with this fun and friendly city with so much to offer all year round.




  1. I agree Amsterdam is a very friendly city and so much to enjoy. I don’t know how I missed the floating flower market, that would be awesome. However I did get to walk through fields of tulips just outside the city at Hiloo which was really special. A must is a boat trip around the canals and the art Galleries are certainly worth visiting. Enjoyed your post.

    • Hi Lyn, now you have an excuse to return to Amsterdam, to see the floating flower market.

      Amsterdam has a lot to offer, I really think it’s one of Europe’s most fascinating cities. From the artsy vibe, the beautiful canals, the open mind mentality…

  2. I didn’t realize there were so many vegan and vegetarian places in Amsterdam, when we went there last summer we kept returning to Maoz falafel, I simply love that place :)

    • Do you use the Happy cow directory when you travel? I was checking and A’dam has tons of 100% vegan restaurants.

  3. It’s called Bloemenmarkt, not Bloenmarkt, otherwise a nice post. I am glad you don’t just focus on the marihuana side of Amsterdam!

    • Oppss thank you for the correction! The Marihuana part is not so exotic for me, since I live in one of the most liberal countries in the world, as far as drugs. A’dam has so much more to offer than coffee shops! The art, the food, the colors….

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