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Posted by on Jul 7, 2013 in Countries, Local foods, Thai Foods, Thailand | 0 comments

Amazing markets of Chiang Mai!

Amazing markets of Chiang Mai!

Chiang Mai is the cultural capital of Thailand.It’s impossible to feel bored in this amazing city, where art, culture, health and gastronomy walk hand in hand.

temples chiang mai
I’ve been exploring the famous Chiang Mai markets, the Saturday night market, the Sunday market and regular vegetable and food markets.


markets in Thailand - chiang mai


After those amazing 15 days at the old medicine hospital, I was free to explore and hang out in the touristic center of Chiang Mai; within the Moat.

I was amazed with all the color, the smells the freshness of food here!

I couldn’t even recognize some of the fruits and vegetables around, it was really interesting!


markets in thailand
vegetables and fruit in thailand


There are many organized tours of the markets and cooking classes in Chiang Mai.

If you’re into learning how to cook, don’t let the opportunity escape, as the prices here are much lower than the rest of the country.

Most cooking schools will take you for a market tour, where you’ll learn all about each vegetable and what they’re used for.

Then, you’ll gather at the school and can choose your vegetarian options.



A great variety of vegan products. If you’re finishing your trip in Chiang Mai, go to the market near the Taphae Gate. There you’ll find the best products to take home with you at the best prices.

Unfortunately I was just starting my trip, so I couldn’t take anything with me, but I’ve learned that Chiang Mai offers the freshest and best products in the country!



Saturday night market

The Saturday night market is something amazing for an European or north American!

The whole avenue closes and the crowds take over!

You can buy basically anything there, from clothes, arts & crafts, food, musical instruments, etc.

You find some really strange looking food, some really stinky and gross looking, but that’s the charm of the Saturday night market! It’s so fascinating and exotic!

Bellow is a very short video I made during my visit to the Saturday night market:

While passing by, I noticed a group of people smiling and laughing.  I got close to see what was going on and I found this… a small dog, wearing silly sun glasses and a hat.

I’m not sure what’s so funny about that??!!



Besides the dog with the hat, were 3 sleeping puppies. I thought it was odd. How could they sleep so deeply when it was so hot and noisy?

Later on someone told me, their owner gets them drunk, so they fall asleep so deep they don’t even move. People think they’re cute and give the owner some money.

So please, DON’T give any money to the woman who owns them.



I’ve traveled to Chiang Mai on the hot season, it was always almost 39C!

A night bazaar has it’s advantages, the nights are fresh compared to the hot humid days, but it can get so overcrowded that moving around is slow and complicated. I t took me around 2 hours to get from one tip to the other.

I wish we had night markets in Europe, I absolutely love the concept, specially while living in a hot country, where day markets can be a really unpleasant experience.

If your traveling with your family, you’ll find plenty of activities to do, check out this family friendly guide to Chiang Mai for ideas of what to do.

Next Post: temples in Chiang Mai, they’re amazing!

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