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About me

I’m Yara, a vagabond at heart who left Medicine college behind to travel the world on my own terms… I was born and lived part of my life by the beautiful and sunny Portuguese coast and grew up between a farm, the city and the beach.

I left home in 1998 when I was 18, dreaming about traveling the world, with a bag on my back and a few coins in my pocket. 16 years and many countries later, I found out this is what I love doing the most. Traveling and inspiring others to follow their passions! I like to  travel light, with the least impact possible on the planet.

I didn’t sell all my stuff to travel, nor did I get bored of my 9-5 job, like most travel bloggers. I never had nothing to sell and no job to leave behind. My adult life started in a very unconventional way.

I’ve been a vegetarian all my life and vegan for 14 years. Trust me, being a vegan traveler is not hard! It’s fun to explore local cuisine around the world and find out every culture has at least a vegan dish. If I can do it, you can do it too!

Volunteering in Thailand

Volunteering in Thailand

What makes this blog so different from others??


2 years after starting this blog, in 2015, my life came into a crossroads. I found myself terribly lost between the excitement and independence that traveling offers and the terrible emptiness that a life on the road creates when you lack long lasting solid friendships.

So now, I started a journey of self discovery, of spiritual wander around the world to find myself, to find my tribe, to embrace who I actually am.

I’m returning to my roots in search for health within holistic natural medicines, healthy plant based foods, and Yoga.

You and everyone who crosses my path will be part of this journey.

I believe TOURISM and TRAVELING don’t have to be intrusive and destructive. I believe in responsible traveling, Ecologically and most of all giving back to the community. I love traveling off season and supporting small locally owned business.

My travels attract both the backpacker as well as the luxury travel, and you’ll often see me taking a luxurious ethical cruise or train ride across Europe as well as that cheap bus adventure. It’s all part of the fun that inspires a generation searching for something more and deeper than simply become a passive tourist.

It’s all about traveling with a meaning.





*  If you have a vegan restaurant along my route, contact me and invite me over for a lunch or dinner! I’d love to write a post about vegan options along the way!

* If you have a Hostel, hotel or B&B and would like to host me, that would be awesome!

* If you’d like to buy me lunch or dinner, I’d be more than happy!

* LIKE my FB page and share it with your networks. That will help me a lot!