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Posted by on Dec 28, 2013 in Articles, Inspirational | 34 comments

7 Reasons Why You should love being a solo traveler

7 Reasons Why You should love being a solo traveler

I’ve been mostly a solo traveler for the last 16 years. There are many reasons why I love traveling this way and you should too! Here are 7 reasons why you should love being a solo female traveler.

7 reasons why you should love being a solo traveler


1.As a solo traveler, you’ll build new friendships and meet new people.

When you’re traveling by yourself, you tend to team up with other like-minded people. Because you’ll bump into so many like-minded travelers, these travel buddies can actually become friends for life!



Photo: Joao Raimundo

Photo: Joao Raimundo


2. Nothing compares to the sense of Freedom you’ll experience as a solo traveler

When you don’t have to meet a group criteria, you have the freedom to plan your trip the way you want it to be. You’ll have the freedom to change your mind, change your plans or even forget about planing and just go with the flow!


Scott Sporleder

3. You’ll put your fears and insecurities to the test

Life only happens when you’re out of your comfort zone. Prove yourself you can do it! You’ll find out you’re much stronger and courageous than you thought you were!



4. When you’re a solo traveler, you might find your soul-mate

Yes, when we’re on the road as solo female travelers we meet so many like-minded people who share the same passions and dreams. The chances to meet your soul mate is actually very high!



solo traveler

5. Recharge your batteries and pamper yourself

Indulge into the awesome local foods, explore the local natural therapies, get a massage or just enjoy a magical sunset. Use this time to nurture your self.





6. Recreate yourself  be who you want to be

Be who you always wanted to be. You’re at a neutral space where people have no pre-conceived opinion about you. Explore parts of your personality you’re less familiar with, try things you’ve never dared. No one will criticize you! Remember that traveling can’t make you happy by it self, but the experiences you’ll live, will turn your life around.


solo female traveler



7. Disconnect from the world

 Life is too short, enjoy every single second of it while you’re away. Leave your problems behind, turn off your mobile, forget about the emails. Be your only focus. This is your time, it doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend trip or a one month extravaganza!





  1. Love this list, you make so many excellent points about solo travel! I’ll be doing some solo backpacking in the coming months, and reading this has me even more excited about it!

    • Silvia, nice to hear from you! I love traveling solo it’s so much more rewarding, where are you heading at?
      By the way, I checked your blog, wow! How cool! I’ll keep an eye on your adventures from now on!

      Happy New year by the way!

  2. This made me remember the first time I did “El Camino de Santiago” in Spain. Crossing the pirinees for 3 days and then an awesome month of travel, new people and wonders.

    It is easy to call back to confort zone though. So…lets keep putting more energy for our dreams take shape.

    • Hey John, nice to hear from you!
      You did the Camino de Santiago? I wanna do that with my dogs :) Maybe by bike.
      Yes, it’s really easy to get into our comfort zone, I suffer from that once in a while, I think it’s just a human thing :) But we actually grow more from challenge than from routine, so sometimes it’s important to shake things a bit. I’m going to Switzerland in a week to live with a local family for 2 months, trust me. I’m totally getting out of my comfort zone on this one! I’ll share all my adventures here :)

      • Hello Yara. I did it by bike, two times. The first time from the Pirinees, and the second from my home, using the same routes the people that goes walking takes. I chose that to be closer to nature and experience the way and the connection with the people. And the bike also gave me the freedom to go faster and visit other places when I wanted too. I totally recommend it!

        I’m glad to hear you are walking out of your comfort zone. Welcome to a vibrant life! I’m planning to change countries and fulfill my desire for adventures :) It’s about time.

        • I’ve heard that doing the camino is a lot of fun and you meet really incredible, fun people. How steep is it? I don’t think I will get too close to the Pirinees, because I don’t want to carry my bike up hill all the time. I should tie my dogs to the bike and make it effortlessly, hahaha I think thy’d love to push the bike, I should tie a biscuit to a stick and a string and they’d follow it, like the donkeys follow the carrots :)

          • Hi Yara, how are you doing since our latest conversation?

            I remember seeing all kind of travellers, even one with a donkey that were part of my journey on my latest Camino travel. Definitely you can wait a way for doing it with your dog.

            It is not very very hard as long as you are going are your our rhythm. Listen to your body and rest when needed. There will be days with steep and upward paths, and I remember the time I did it by foot it can be hard for your knees and feet if you are overweight, so take it easy. However, just follow your heart and enjoy it. I remember kindly every day, and the rainy ones were highly rewarded too.

            Best Regards,


          • This is something i really want to do, I’ll have to investigate how hard it will be to eat vegan on the way, I’ve lived in Spain for 7 years and I know how meat is such a strong part of the culture.

            Thank you for your advises, I will keep you posted :)

      • Hello yara!
        How did you know about staying with a family in switzerland? :) sounds amazing!

        • Yes Amanda, they’re really nice and I have a princess bedroom, haha I will write a post about traveling and get paid for it, which should be ready by Monday. Would you like to become an au-pair?

  3. True! Very interesting..I hope you can visit Philippines in the near future.

    • Hey Jason, are you from Portuguese ancestry? Santos is a Portuguese family name :)
      I would LOVEEEEE to visit the Philippines, I actually wanted to do that earlier this year, but I ran out of money :( Hopefully 20114 will take me there :) I hear the people are incredibly friendly and welcoming.

      • No, I am not:) I am a Filipino. Most of our names are of Spanish in origin due to colonisaton long time ago. Are you in any way related to one of my favorite authors, Paulo Coehlo?:)

        You’re right! People are naturally friendly and happy. Be our guest!

        I wish I can also do a lot of travelling like you do.

        • Yes, he’s my uncle! Hahhaha I’m joking, we speak the same language and share the same family name, but we’re not related all all. Not that I know of, at least :)

          The Philippines are very high on my list :)

  4. I loved the list of reasons to love being a traveler alone.
    I identify a lot with the text that you written.
    Happy new year and we see us soon! 😉

    • Vizinha :) Feliz Ano Novo e ja’, ja’ vemo-nos no gelo da Suica! Beijos grandes!

  5. I would also add that solo travel helps to understand and get to know yourself. For me long distance cycling is best, because there’s such a long time to contemplate about things, and it’s travelling at the same time.

    Great post, thanks!

    • Cześć Cez, yes you’re right. I’ve learned more by getting out of my parents house and hit the road when I was 18, than if I’d have stayed for what society expected me to do; go to college, get a job, consume, get a debt and mortgage and die… Seriously, we’re challenged in a way we wouldn’t be otherwise. Maybe “#6 recreate yourself and be who you wanna be” includes that a bit.

      I’ve been thinking about doing the Camino de Santiago by bike with my dogs, that would be an interesting journey :) I might even get them to pull my bike up hill, hehehe

  6. hi yara, felt extremely nice reading your wonderful article. felt a part of me had been shared through your experiences. i have traveled alone to london, south africa, sri lanka, cambodia, malaysia, thailand and vietnam… and nothing can compare to the enriching and diverse experiences I have absorbed coming into contact with the world around by myself. there is a nomad in each of us. a traveler who wants to be on the move at all times. i am sure your article will inspire many to take this path of wanderlust. for if you have not traveled you have not lived. looking forward to reading more from you. and bon voyage! always.

    • Hi Saurabh :) Yes, each one of us has a little nomadic bug living inside ourselves. I grew more from traveling and being exposed to different environments and cultures than when I’m stagnated somewhere.

      I’ve traveled most of Europe by land, I still have to share those adventures here. Some are really funny, I was young and had no money, which forced me to be extremely creative :)

      I’m off to Zwitzerland in a few days, to live with a lovely local family in exchange of helping with the children for a few hours a day. That will be exciting!

  7. While reading you, i saw myself the 1st time travelling alone few years ago, it was an awesome expirience. I kept reapeating to my friends it is safe and NO! im not taken someone with me. I’ll be doing El Nido and Babuyan islands next month…so wish me lots of fun..

    • Hey Dina, good luck on your adventures! That sounds like fun, I wish I could hide inside your bag and go you :) but I’m going to Zwitzerland which should be exciting as well. Stay in touch and let me know how you’re enjoying your trip :) I’ll be sharing my Zurich adventure here.

  8. I have yet to travel alone, but I would love to one of these days. I imagine that it’s an incredibly freeing experience.

    • Yes you should :) It can be scary at first, but it’s extremely rewarding.

  9. Hi Yara,
    Great post! I did almost all my travels by myself and it has been challemging sometimes, but very rewarding. Now I ve been on the road for 19 months and when people ask me if I travel alone I always answer “no, we re seven billion” 😉

    • Ciao Giuliano :)
      Hahaha yes! We’re seven billion, I love that one! Traveling alone doesn’t mean being lonely as a lot of people might think.

  10. Hi Yara, beautiful post! I totally agree! :) traveling with friends is fun, but there is something sexy about traveling alone, plus you get to interact more with other travelers and locals (and you are free to do whatever you want, when you want!) . Everybody should try at least once!

  11. Hi Yara, i LOVE your posts! I’ve been travelling with my boyfriend (not a full time traveller) but this just motivates to get out of my comfort zone and try to travel at least once by myself. I hope i’ll have the guts to do so and maybe start from somewhere familiar.. Lots of love from Singapore! <3

    • Hi Ain, thank you so much for your message! Yes, traveling is wonderful and you don-t even need to go far. Sometimes a short trip is enough to experience a lot of new adventures and get out of our comfort zone. Lots of love from Portugal and let me know how when you venture alone in the world <3


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