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Posted by on Jan 20, 2015 in Europe, France | 0 comments

5 most beautiful villages of Southern France

5 most beautiful villages of Southern France

The 5 most beautiful villages of south France that will steal your heart.

Southern France always seem to offer great weather, the best beaches with crystal clear waters, historical medieval villages and a charming country side. I would dare to say that Southern France has it all!

If you’re a food lover, just like me, then let me put a smile on your face: every village in this top 5, will surprise you with many quality restaurant and cafés.

The best way to experience the beauty of southern France, is by renting a villa. You’ll have that homey feeling away from home and enjoy more privacy than if you stay at a hotel. Rent a car and start exploring the 5 most beautiful villages of Southern France.


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A beautiful historic village with cobbled streets and many beautiful houses. It sits on the river Orbieu, with the famous and very beautiful Abbey of Lagrasse on the opposite side. For the food lovers, this is a great spot for good restaurants and cafes. A great place to visit for an afternoon.



Menton might not be the smallest village in southern France, but it’s definitely my favorite place in the whole country.

Located near the Franco – Italian border, in the French Riviera, Menton is considered the “pearl of France” for its beauty and charm.  Menton offers a colorful old town with superb views over the Mediterranean. Take a couple of hours to explore the old town without a map, have fun getting lost in the narrow little streets.

Menton offers a wonderful beach, my favorite in France, and no matter what time of the day, the waters are always warm and inviting. If you have your sweetheart with you, go watch the sunset together.




Grasse is a commune in the French Riviera and considered the world’s capital of Perfume. When in Grasse, you can’t miss the international museum of perfume, as one of the top attractions. Grasse was also nominated the “Ville d’Art et d’Histoire” (town of art and history).

The main cathedral, dedicated to Notre Dame de Puy, should be part of your itinerary, as well as the Saracen tower, and the church of the Plascassier, built in 1644. Rich in history and tradition, Grasse is a must if you’re visiting the French Riviera.




Uzès is a charming Languedoc town dating back to Roman times. The architecture is beautiful, and the food lovers can appreciate a great lunch at many of its restaurants or cafes. . In Uzès you’ll find Le Duché, an impressive castle belonging to a ducal family of old. An hour-long guided tour takes you through the building, its courtyard and garden, a keep and, of course, the famous ‘Tour Bermonde’ tower – where you can appreciate incredible views of rural France.



A very picturesque town, not far from Montpellier and Nîmes, Sommières sits on a river, crossed by a beautiful Roman bridge. Wandering around the town, you’ll find beautiful houses and lots of good shops and nice cafés. A famous 17th century clock is worth a quick visit (in the Tour de l’Horloge).


Featured image:  Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

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