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Posted by on Jul 5, 2014 in Countries, Urban, USA | 1 comment

Williamsburg Brooklyn: 10 reasons you should visit

Williamsburg Brooklyn: 10 reasons you should visit

Williamsburg Brooklyn, has been one of my favorite spots in the US so far, here are the 10 reasons why you should go there!

Connected to Manhattan by the beautiful Williamsburg bridge, this is one of the most vibrant, artistic areas of New York. Well, Williamsburg is Brooklyn;  smaller, more friendly, more alternative than Manhattan..

This is where most artistic individuals fled after the rents in New York became unbearable. Seems like history keeps repeating itself. Once cheaper  than most Manhattan areas, Williamsburg it is now turning into a very expensive gentrified area.


Williamsburg Brooklyn



The progressive minded, heavily tattooed, free-thinkers moved here and the rest is history! The hip coffee shops, thrift stores, natural food markets opened, the streets became lively and colorful, filled with art. Here, it’s said, you’ll find more hipsters per square meter than anywhere else on earth.


All in all, Wiliamsburg is friendlier than NY.  It still feels homey, laid back and small. The massive food chains are not prevalent here and that’s part of it’s the charm. The Brooklynites, have been resisting the high capitalist mentality and fight to keep the small family businesses and bike friendly streets. Williamsburg is a place that deserves a visit.


Do you want 10 reasons to visit Williamsburg, Brooklyn?


The young and laid back vibe of Bedford Av.


Williamsburg Brooklyn

Bedford Av. where everything happens


Take the L metro Line or simply cross the beautiful Williamsburg bridge and you’ll arrive at the pulsing heart of Williamsburg: The famous Bedford Av.

Bedford Avenue is a world in itself. It’s laid back, colorful, filled with hip cafes, and little family stores.  There’s a lot of energy out there, with art and street vendors everywhere. I wonder if everyone is really that sexy in Bedford Av. or was it my eyes only?


The street art in Williamsburg brooklyn is incredible!

Williamsburg Brooklyn

Stencil on a door


From colorful murals, to stenciled paintings and funny / sarcastic stickers,  the art is everywhere, in every corner.


Williamsburg Brooklyn


Williamsburg Brooklyn

ATM machine / phone booth


You might find funny things, like an ATM stuck inside a British Telephone booth.


Williamsburg Brooklyn


Williamsburg Brooklyn


Williamsburg Brooklyn


The Williamsburg bridge

Crossing the Williamsburg bridge by bike or on foot is a must! There’s a pedestrian and a bike lane on the upper deck of the bridge.

The breeze on a summer day feels like a caress and the amazing views over the river and Manhattan are breathtaking. I crossed the bridge on foot and I have to say, this was one of the highlights of my day.


Williamsburg Brooklyn

Williamsburg bridge and the breathtaking views of Manhattan


Williamsburg Brooklyn

Beautiful sunset


The hip coffee shops in Williamsburg brooklyn are small local owned businesses


Forget about Starbucks and MacDonalds, no one here is interested in that!  You’ll discover small coffee shops with cool interior designs, friendly people and a great atmosphere.


Williamsburg Brooklyn

Photo credits:


The thrift stores of Williamsburg Brooklyn sell cool clothes

My fellow travel bloggers Damon and Joanna from Damon and jo got it right! They went off to explore the famous thrift stores in Brooklyn, a video filled with humor!



The locally owned cool little stores

Forget about the massive chains and multinational mega business… Here you’ll find the little family business, the small stores. It will make you feel miles away from Manhattan because Brooklyn is, indeed, another world!


Williamsburg Brooklyn


The flea market with a view to Manhathan

If you’re a flea market aficionado, then head to Williamsburg on a Saturday morning and enjoy all the cool corky things it has to offer.


Williamsburg Brooklyn

photo credits: travelanthropist


The vegan Ice cream trucks in williamsburg brooklyn

Vegan Ice-cream anyone?  A vegan ice-cream truck, what a wonderful surprise and where else can you find this, but in Williamsburg?


Williamsburg Brooklyn

Vegan ice cream baby?


The parks are vibrant

If you walk along Bedford Av. you’ll bump into a really cool park. When I went there, there was great music, lot’s of people doing some sort of sports and a great vibe. I had lunch there and enjoyed people watching. Too many sexy people around!


Williamsburg Brooklyn


The sarcastic sense of humor


Williamsburg Brooklyn


All in all, this is one of my favorites neighborhoods on the East Coast. I’ve lived in the US for almost 3 years and visited many different places along the way, but I think this is my favorite urban area so far. I left my heart in Brooklyn!  A neighborhood which is proud of it’s progressive mind and laid back vibe. A place for artists and people who are fed up with the money making obsessive Manhattan.


The guys are so hot, it will make you dizzy!

Those heavily tattooed hot hipsters will drive you insane! If they don’t, then you have some serious problem or should put on some lenses.


Williamsburg Brooklyn


Williamsburg Brooklyn, I’m in love  with you!

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